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Hey lovelies,

When I was contacted to ask if I'd like to write a post about the Schwartz Chicken Casserole Mix, I knew full well it was an offer I just couldn't refuse.
I've wanted to start incorporating cooking posts on my blog for so long now. So, here we go...
Schwartz Chicken Casserole Mix - Tesco

So the briefing for this collaboration was to use one of the not just follow the instructions word for word, but to actually try to do something different with it.

At first I wasn't too sure, then my idea finally came to me. I properly started getting into cooking when I started university, I knew I didn't just want to live off frozen and ready meals during my time as a student as I genuinely enjoyed making meals and cooking for my friends.

One of my all time favourite uni meals was fresh chicken with veg and rice - which meant I really got into trying out different seasonings. So I knew instantly that instead of using the seasoning in the way as instructed that I'd rub it over the chicken, leave it to fry a little bit and then roast it in the oven for an hour.

- 5 x boneless chicken thighs
- Vegetables 
- Olive oil
- Dumpling mix
- A weak stock
- 1 x  Schwartz Chicken Casserole Mix

Step 1: I seasoned my chicken with my normal seasonings and poured my casserole mixture into a bowl. I took each boneless chicken thigh and coated it into the mixture. At the same time, I had some olive oil heating up in a frying pan. Once sizzling, I popped each chicken thigh into the pan and let them brown a little on both sides.

Step 2: Whilst waiting for the chicken to brown for around 10 minutes, I saved a little bit of casserole mixture and added into my dumpling mixture, to come back to 35 minutes before the chicken and carrots would be done.

Step 3: I then used another hob to create a slight watery weak stock mix, so that the chicken wouldn't dry out in the oven and to retain as much flavour as possible.

Step 4: It was then time to preheat the oven as the chicken and stock mixture were almost ready to be combined. For this I set my oven to 190 fan or Gas Mark 5.

Step 5: I combined everything together, ready to cook for 1 hour before being served.

Step 6: When there was 35 minutes left, I then began to knead the rest of the casserole mixture, dumpling mixture and water together to make a dough. I managed to make four large dumplings all together, all in all it took under 10 minutes to prep. I then took the food in the oven to turn over the chicken and add all four dumplings to the top of the mix.

Potentially not the most delicious looking but I can assure you both my boyfriend and I absolutely loved it. As there was just two of us eating and the portions were rather big, we didn't have anything else with it - however if I was to create this meal again for more than just two of us, I would have most likely served it with either rice or new potatoes (all the carbs).

We loved how all the flavours just worked so well together. Agreeing equally that the chicken was so juicy and flavoursome but our favourite was hands down the dumplings - there was a hint of spice we felt that the casserole mixture added to the dumplings, which is why we loved it!

Have you ever made a casserole?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Schwartz, however all opinions are my own.

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