Beauty // Primark Beauty Lipsticks Review

Hey lovelies,
I guess I'm a blogger again? hello and welcome to my blog. I'm Vanese a 24 Londoner and I've been blogging on and off since 2012. I kind of fell out of love with blogging and got busy trying to figure out proper adult life after uni. However, the past few weeks I just couldn't help but notice that there was such a lack on platforms giving suggestions to WOC on beauty products. 

I have always been a beauty lover and I seem to accumulate so many beauty products every year, so I really wanted to create my little space on the internet that could potentially help other women looking for great beauty recommendations. 
PS... Vintage Rose £1.50
PS... Naked Flame £1.50

I am literally such a fan girl for anything and EVERYTHING Primark. I've had a few of their beauty products over the years but I'd say the last year or so Primark's PS... beauty section has really come thruuu. The prices and the quality of the products I've tried have truly been amazing.

I picked up these two shades whilst picking up some last minute holiday essentials. I'm actually quite surprised at just how much I've used these. As you can see, I've used Vintage Rose a heck of a lot and Naked Flame only once, I just find that Vintage Rose went a lot more better with my makeup looks, which is usually a bold pink look. It's weird to me because when I was around 16-18 I enjoyed spending my weekly college money on makeup, I'd always try to save for brands like MAC because I thought the higher the price, the better quality. Ha, I remember when I got my first job in my first year of uni and spent £26 on a Chanel lipstick that was so overpriced and just not that great. However, nowadays I live for Primark, Revolution, NYX and Fenty Beauty... just to name a few. I've realised it's not about the price but the actual formula itself.

These were such a steal for £1.50 and I also got two lip liners to go with my shades too. The lip liners are so creamy and just glide on so beautifully. I can feel that big things are coming for Primark! So, my overall thoughts? I would rate these 9/10. My reasoning is because they feel just as great as high end brands I've tried. I wasn't really sure what to expect when I picked them up but they've given me the urge to do an ultimate PS... splurge. The only criticism I could give is that they are meant to be matte but the formula isn't that matte. I usually test this theory by kissing my boyfriend when we part ways to work (l o l) on the occasions I've worn one of these shades, my boyfriend ends up with a fade of rosy lips.

Have you tried any products from the PS... range?

What's your opinion?

  1. Hello vanese I really enjoy reading your blog oh how the gang has missed you blogging over the last year,I'm also a big fan of Primark bank puppy I almost most the whole stock. Don't stop blogging and welcome back I hope you have a nice holiday where ever your going. All the best jules@blogatme