Lifestyle // Things I've Learnt Since Moving In With My Boyfriend

Hey lovelies, 

Long time no blog. Do I even still count as a blogger? Uni life really took its toll on me the last four years and I am so pleased to have officially finished. So whilst I look for the perfect job in Beauty PR, I have more free time to do the things I used to love.

If you don't follow me on social media, you probably won't have seen my continuous postings of myself and my delicious SNACK of a boyfriend, Dan. It's crazy how life works, this time last year I was pining for boys with questionable intentions, wondering if I would ever find love. THANKFULLY, life gave me a break and with the help of Bumble and my opening liner of 'Hey Dan' I managed to secure the ting (lol). Fast forward a few months, we'll be celebrating a year together next month which makes my heart so happy and last month we moved in together! So I thought this post would be perfect as a kind of  memory of what I've learnt so far whilst living with Dan and as a little note to any couples who might not know what to expect when moving in together.

1/ Everyone will automatically assume that you're expecting or engaged
This is certainly not our case. We just both personally felt like we were ready to take the leap into living with each other. Over the past almost year we pretty much spent every day of summer together and every weekend together whilst I was in High Wycombe for uni. We learnt that we loved being together but we were desperate for our own space. However, this doesn't stop us being asked constantly whether we're expecting or when wedding hats should be bought... Not anytime soon.

2/ Relationship weight gain is REAL
My goodness, when my friends talked about gaining weight whilst especially in their first year of a relationship, I didn't realise how much I would relate to it. On my first date with Dan we went to a food festival and I refused to eat because I was so nervous, as well as it taking me five hours to finish a cider because I was so damn shy (I didn't even finish it). Our first few dates were pretty much spent awkwardly playing around with food and deeming ourselves 'not hungry' when we both knew it was just nerves. I honestly thought I would never be able to eat properly in the relationship but that suddenly changed.

 I am literally so greedy, I inhale my food, Dan's food and still have the cheek to tell him I need more food. Thankfully I don't deem this as a bad thing at all. I am glad that we're more than comfortable eating around each other and that a Deliveroo or Just Eat are ok to eat more than once a week.... :)

3/ I always seem to be cleaning
This is more of a shady point for whenever Dan reads my blog. I am someone that pretty much can't handle a plate sitting in the sink over night, so I prefer to get all the cleaning out the way. However, how many times am I going to have to tell this boy to help out. I always seem to be washing his dirty pants or something whilst he sits and plays GTA. In all honesty, I got a bit stressed at first but thankfully Dan came through and helps out more. Plus, cleaning has its perks of receiving flowers or getting a Chinese bought for you!

4/ It was the best decision!
Lastly, I've come to realise that moving in together was honestly one of the best joint decisions we've ever made. As anyone would, I thought about the possibilities that things could instantly go wrong, however I am loving every minute of living with my best friend. It genuinely feels so exciting going to bed together and waking up together. Even little things like having dinner and talking about how both our days were. If you both agree it's what you want, then bite the bullet and go for it!

Do you and your partner live together yet? 

What's your opinion?