Lifestyle // Photo Diary - Northern Ireland

Hey lovelies
My first post of 2018. I've given up trying to apologise to myself and anyone who continues to stop by, for my declining rate of posts. Life is busy, especially considering there's just weeks to go until i am finished with university life forever. Anyway, i will save that for another post.

Two weeks ago was a big weekend for me, I went on my first EVER HOLIDAY. Aside from a family trip to Great Yarmouth that i vaguely remember when i was younger, holiday's haven't really been a thing for me. This was such a special holiday for me, for many reasons. Not only was it a first proper one, which meant actually going to an airport and getting to explore the whole of duty free. It was so special to me as it was my first holiday with my boyfriend and a special occasion to meet family members of his that i hadn't met before. *SIDE NOTE: who knew going through security could be so weird? during our first security search through Heathrow i was told by a member of staff to lift my hands up and say 'Tupac is alive... and during my security search in Belfast i got stopped as i forgot to put my hand sanitiser in with my liquids.. Oops.* 

We were so lucky to be greeted with sun as soon as we touched down in Belfast. It pretty much stayed sunny for the majority of our weekend, aside from a few rainy spells. We stayed in the cutest little pink Airbnb in Dundrum with the most gorgeous view of the beach out back. We really made the most of our holiday with so much exploring and SO much food. I had the most amazing breakfast and dinner cooked by Dan's family and on the day his family were all heading back home, we stopped for lunch at a place called The Bucks Head, I've never had such an amazing three course meal in my life! If any of you ever find yourself over in Dundrum, you must stop by!

My boyfriend has been to Northern Ireland on a number of occasions, so we definitely weren't short of places to visit. One of my favourite places to visit had to be Castlewellan Forest Park and trying to find our way out of the Peace Maze.. yeah, i sucked at trying to get us out. We almost headed to Tollymore Forest Park which some scenes of Game of Thrones were filmed at, but the bad weather let us down.

One of my favourite things about this holiday was getting to be behind a camera. Whilst my blogging hasn't been the best over the past few months, i feel like my photography skills are getting somewhat stronger. I had such an incredible time and i'm hoping it isn't long until i'm back in Northern Ireland or onto my next adventure!

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