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Hey lovelies,
Well, my favourite season is finally upon us. There is nothing I love more than the lead up to Christmas and all the cosy little nights in. I wanted to write this post and give you guys some recommendations and inspiration if any of you are stuck on what to do for nights in.

- Netflix 
I think I have near enough watched everything on Netflix, no joke. I just finished watching season 2 of Stranger Things the other week and am living for the weekly episodes of Riverdale (highly recommend) recently I have loved getting super cosy up in my room when my sister or boyfriend have been over, with a warm hot chocolate in one hand and my 10th snack of the day in the other (LOL, I wish I could say I was kidding) along with the super cool multicoloured lamp gifted by my bae and some speakers to make the experience even better. If you too want to make your Netflix binge watching experience even better, than I recommend checking out some of the Panasonic Wireless Speakers* to help with just that.

- Meal 
I have really fallen back in love with cooking over the past few weeks after moving back to uni. After getting together with my boyfriend over the summer and him probably thinking that my diet really does only consist of chicken nuggets (partly true) and no cooking, it's been nice showing him what I can actually whip up in the kitchen. One meal that we have both recently been obsessed with is our own take on Nando's chicken thighs, peri salted chips and garlic bread. It's a cheaper alternative and taste even better knowing that we made it.

-  Christmas Prep 
Did I already say how freakin' excited I am for Christmas?? sorry to mention the fact that I actually have a BOYFRIEND again.. (another human actually thinks I'm beautiful and wants to spend his time with me shock...) but his birthday is a few days before Christmas, so I have been having the time of my life sorting out what to get him for both occasions.. He is in for a real treat! with it being so cold outside, it's nice to just be inside and start planning for Christmas! 

How do you like to spend your Winter nights in?


What's your opinion?

  1. Netflix is surely the best thing on this list haha. I'm going to invite a few friends of mine over and we are going to watch a series in one night. Wish us luck.