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It's been ages since I last sat down and wrote a proper post. Over the summer I interned for PR agency CCD PR in Soho, London. I can honestly say I by far had one of the best summers EVER!! They specialise in natural beauty, health, fitness, food and drink. I interned for the beauty team alongside my two colleagues Amber and Amanda, who were incredible to work with. I just wanted to write this post as firstly a way of looking backing on a really great experience and also a bit of a look into what I got up to during my internship, for anyone who might be considering an internship or specifically a Beauty PR one.

How did you get your internship?
I was coming to the end of my second year at university and knew that I really wanted to gain some form of experience in PR, considering next summer I should *hopefully* be in a real adult job after completing my third and final year of university. I finished my second year of university last May and started looking around for internships at the start of that month. I managed to come across an ad on Indeed for a beauty intern at CCD PR, I then sent over an email with my CV and had an interview with the beauty director and a colleague the following week. 

I was only meant to be interning for two weeks but was kindly asked if I'd like to stay on until I started university again in September.

Was your internship paid or unpaid?
Mine was a travel expenses paid internship, which was great because London travel really adds up. The majority of the internships that I came across were either travel expenses paid or a weekly pay. There has been a lot of talk for quite some time now on banning unpaid internships that last over a month, which I highly agree with. Some people may be able to afford to intern without getting some form of pay, but for a lot of people and myself especially, If I wasn't able to get my travel paid for then I definitely wouldn't have been able to intern for as long as I did. 

What did a typical week look like?
Every week was so exciting, I can genuinely say there wasn't a single day where I was bored. Each morning would start off with checking to see if any of the beauty team clients had any coverage for the day in different publications. Then other day to day tasks could vary from writing blog posts for clients, sending out samples to bloggers and journalists, picking up supplies, updating the Instagram, writing communications, liaising with bloggers and so much more. It was so nice to be in Central London too, I really made the most of the beautiful summer evenings after work and met up with friends I hadn't seen for months and also finally got to meet up with the lovely Roxii after literally speaking for years. 

What did you wear?
The dress code in the office was really chilled. So I mostly chose to wear skirts and dresses because it was absolutely scorching HOT. I really felt like I was channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw. There was a really big mirror as soon as you stepped into the building and every morning, I was no stranger to taking a selfie or 10...

Do you have any tips on how to land an internship?
I would firstly say that the best sites I would recommend for finding internships would be Indeed, Internwise, Brighter Box and Fashion Workie, along with searching on Twitter or brands websites. New internships are advertised daily, so just keep on the lookout. It's also such a good idea to link to any of your personal work that your chosen internship might enjoy having a read of. When I applied for my internship I mentioned my blog when I applied and went for my interview. It was great to talk about my blog and how I thought it could benefit me in my internship role.

I had such a wonderful time interning and I am so thankful to everyone at CCD PR for making my internship so enjoyable and for all the giggles!


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  1. Hey Vanese! Thanks so much for featuring BrighterBox in your article. We have a few PR grad roles on our site right now. Stay in touch, would love to help if we can.
    - Charlie J.