Beauty // Review: Savisto 32 Piece Makeup Brush Set

                                                                                    Hey lovelies,
When the lovely team over at Savisto got in touch a few weeks ago about picking something to review for le blog, I just knew I'd be picking something from their health & beauty section. There were so many options to pick from and all at such reasonable prices that it took me a while to decide what to pick, in the end I decided to go for their incredible 32 piece makeup brush set and I am so happy with my choice.

My collection of brushes and sponges is coming along quite nicely - I'm not fussed on big name brands for brushes - as long as I am happy with the quality of them and how they apply, that for me is a job done and with these brushes I got exactly that! It also comes with a roll storage pouch which is a nice leather material and really comes in handy as finding storage for my brushes is quite the pain and with my storage pouch I can just keep them in there and know they are safe.

32 Piece Makeup Brush Set - Savisto £16.99*

The set comes with 32 brushes from powder brushes, lash and brow brushes, eyeshadow brushes and even small precision brushes. I think my two favourites have to be the fan brush as you get both a small and large one and as someone who is so obsessed with highlighting I've seen such an improvement in the way my highlight has started to look. I am also really happy with the amount of brushes I got for eyeshadow/blending it out. I've really got my eye on the Morphe Brushes 35T Taupe Palette.. It's right up on my Christmas list! I think with all my brushes and that palette I'd be able to make the most amazing eye looks!

I would really recommend this set as the perfect Christmas gift for someone who may just be starting out with makeup or even someone who has been a long time lover of it! It's always nice to have a big collection of makeup brushes and be able to mix and match with each. I think for me personally 2016 has been the year where my love for makeup has just continued to grow and grow. I want 2017 to be my year where my love continues to grow, along with my collection (and my bank account LOL) and that I hopefully get more confidence in creating different makeup looks.. Maybe I'll start posting them on here?!

What was the last makeup brush or set that you purchased?

What's your opinion?