Beauty // Review: Cleopatra's Kiss Sleek Highlighting Palette

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Hey Lovelies, I am so obsessed with highlighting that it's no surprise I am blogging about this beauty from Sleek! I remember watching one of Jaclyn Hills Snapchat stories quite a while back and talking about this palette, as soon as she opened it up and swatched the goodness, I just knew I had to have it! it didn't take long before Sleek announced a release date online and in store - on the first it was released in Superdrug, I rushed down to get mine and the rest is history!
Sleek Highlighting Palette in 'Cleopatra's Kiss' - Superdrug £9.99

I might as well just end my post here as the platte just speaks for itself. Sleek honestly got this highlighting palette so spot on, from the stunning gold compact and mirror that always comes in handy to the four gorgeous shades. The top left and bottom right being velvety powders and the top right and bottom left being gorgeous creamy formulas. I couldn't bring myself to use it for the first few days after purchasing it as I couldn't get over its beauty but once I finally got over the initial shock of its goodness, I took brush to palette and the results were even better than expected. 

The term 'a little goes a long way' springs to mind when I think about applying it - with just a swipe or two so much product goes onto the brush and is more than enough to cover each area you want to apply it to. To me this personally feels like such an expensive product when it was only £9.99 Sleek is one of the first brands that I started out wearing when I first got into makeup and it's a brand that I will continue to support and purchase from. Sleek provide amazing quality products for such reasonable prices - I always used to think that higher end brands/more expensive products were the way forward, but I was so wrong on that. It really doesn't matter on the price whether it be expensive or in expensive - It's really just how you personally feel the makeup performs for you. This is probably in my top 2 of favourite beauty products I've purchased in 2016! 

Have you managed to get your hands on this gorgeous palette?


Beauty // KIKO MILANO New Store Opening Haul

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Hey lovelies, I absolutely love being from London as it means I am surrounded by some of the best places to purchase beauty products. I currently go to university just outside of London in the lovely town of High Wycombe! it's somewhat of a small town but I've loved being able to call it my home for the past two years. We've had some great new openings over the past few months, many food related places with my favourite being Bill's (the sweet potato fries give me life). I loved trips to Bill's in London before I moved to Wycombe, so it reminds me so much of home.

Now, it was recently announced that we'd be getting a KIKO MILANO store here and I couldn't have been any happier. Being a lover of makeup, KIKO is now just another place for me to spend the money that I don't have, oops. I popped into the store last Friday the 21st. The buzz in the store was amazing - so many excited makeup lovers under one roof swatching products like there was no tomorrow. I spent quite a while in store deciding what I really wanted to get my hands on - I had the lovely help of a sales assistant in store who basically just felt like a friend I'd gone shopping with while we talked about popular products and products that I really wanted to try!

Hydra Pro Glow Moisturiser + Pure Clean Exfoliating Powder -

I've already been using these two products and they were definitely well worth the money. The moisturiser gives such a glow to the face, almost as if I was wearing highlighter. It's recommended to all skin types but I did personally find it a little drying at times - which i'd say is due to the fact that I have quite dry skin, especially around the colder months. I topped a bit of my Nivea essentially enriched body lotion in 'dry to very dry skin' and found it helped in the dryer areas. As the KIKO moisturiser feels light on, it didn't feel like too much on my skin when I applied Nivea on top.

I've been in need of a new exfoliator for a while, so I was pleased to get my hands on this one! over the past few months I've really made a change with the way I look after my skin and have made sure to add exfoliating into my routine at least twice a week. I am used to using gel based exfoliators and this one is different as it's powder based and foams up when apply water to it. I've really enjoyed using it so far!

Maxi-Mod Mascara + Sparkling Trail Eyeshadow

I swear I've been on the hunt for the perfect mascara for months now. I have quite short eyelashes but with the right mascara it gives it the perfect length. I've been using one of Rimmel Londons new mascaras which I've been pretty impressed with. However, I was recommended the maxi-mod mascara whilst in KIKO as it has a tiny brush. I love tiny brushes on mascaras as I think they work best at giving extra length to my lashes. This one certainty didn't disappoint and is my new go-to. I can tell that it's going to be an on going purchase of mine.

Now, I actually purchased the sparking trail eyeshadow for a completely different purpose. I wanted to get my hands on one of their highlighting products and I was shown some of their creamy highlighting sticks which I didn't think looked too bad, but the sales assistant gave one of her recommendations which was to use the sparking trail eyeshadow in '01 Modern Ice Rose' but apply it as a highlight instead. I am so glad she recommended that as it is actually the perfect highlight. It has a nice creamy feel on and gives the perfect sparkle to my cheeks.

Wet and Dry Eyeshadow in '10' + Power Pro Nail Lacquer in '30 Taupe' + Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick in '317 Wine'

I feel like watching YouTube tutorials has really helped me to get better at being able to apply makeup. I'd say I am pretty good at applying most makeup on myself. The one thing i really need to get better at is using and applying eyeshadow. I think in order to get better I need to purchase shadows and palettes that i'll actually use. I have a few now but i'm not very fond on the colours. I really liked the look of '10'. It's a gorgeous brown which i think will be perfect for an everyday look.

I've currently got quite the nail polish collection built up and I am always on the hunt for unique colours to add to my collection. This one is the most gorgeous taupe. It'll most likely be the colour I have on all the time!

Lastly, I obviously couldn't leave without getting myself a matte lipstick. This one is the most gorgeous wine pink - something that I don't actually own, even though I have quite the lipstick collection. It felt odd to be purchasing a matte lipstick rather than a liquid matte lipstick. Even though I am really into my liquid lipsticks at the moment, matte lipsticks will always have my heart!

Have you ever made a KIKO purchase?


Fashion // Payday Treats #1

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                                                                                 Hey lovelies,
I am really looking forward to having this payday treats type of post as a regular end of month feature to my blog. I feel like I kind of drifted away from my love of fashion for a while, nothing was really catching my eye and as you'll see from some of my previous posts, I've gone quite beauty crazy recently. Thankfully lots of sites seem to be serving up the best fashion at the minute and just in time for my fav seasons autumn & winter. These are just a few things that I've really been wanting recently and luckily I've manged to purchase a few!Payday Treats #1 
1/ Floral Embroidered Jeans - New Look
I absolutely love wearing jeans but I find they are the one piece of clothing that I find hard to shop for. Being 5ft1/2 I feel I have to take so much into consideration like 'is the length too long' 'will my stomach look too big' and 'will it give the illusion that i have a big bum'. I was a really big fan of ASOS' ridley ones but then i found after a few washes they'd become really loose and baggy on, then i fell in love with Topshop joni's all over again but after noticing on my second pair that the colour tends to fade pretty quickly and that the middle wears off (literally) right in the middle of the thighs i vowed that i wouldn't spend my money on another full priced pair unless i somehow managed to get them for a cheaper price. Fast forward two weeks of trying jeans on in store and not getting anywhere i saw New Look tweet the link to these babe of jeans and that's where the love story began. I was a bit nervous as I'd ordered them for a click and collect and as I've never owned or tried on a pair of jeans from there I just wasn't sure whether the sizing or length would be what I was after. Thankfully I tried them on and I couldn't be happier. The flower embroider detailing is amazing and i decided to go for 30 in the leg and for a shorty it's the perfect fit.

 2 / Topshop Striped Mensy Peg Trousers - Lyst*
I feel like I've been feeling quite daring recently with my style. I'm getting a bit bored of playing it safe all the time with my fashion and am looking to venture out a bit more with things i buy and wear. I've wanted a pair of peg trousers for as long as i can remember but for me personally they are quite the fashion statement. I saw them in real life recently on one of my few accidental.. trips to Topshop *shifty eyes* and then over on Lyst, then ever since then I've seen them a lot online. They're currently in the sale which is really tempting me to just bite the bullet. I think they'd be a pretty good purchase!

 3 / Nike Meadow 16 Txt Trainers - ASOS
Ever since I got my first pair of Nikes last year I've been obsessed, so obsessed that it didn't take me long to purchase the same Roshe One in a different colour (to be fair I got my first pair in the sale for £41!!!) now i can't really justify spending £70+ on a pair at the minute but whilst browsing the 70% off sale on ASOS i came across these babies. They are currently £34.00 down from £57.00 which is quite the bargain if i do say so myself. I am so pleased i made the purchase as they are even more gorgeous in real life. The thing I love about new Nikes is that for a while it just feels like you are walking on marshmallows but in a really comfy (non sticky) way. It does scare me quite a bit as they are white and being the mess that i am (my friends would agree) i need to be careful not to ruin them and they also have a bit of suede detailing at the front and suede + rain = no no and being the time of year that it is in the UK the weather can be pretty crazy. I'll report back in a few weeks in what condition they are in.
4/ Miss Selfridge Grey Longline Duster Coat - Lyst*
I was in ZARA last week and i absolutely fell in love with all the duster coats on display, it took quite a lot for me not to purchase one until Ally pointed out the price tag (lulz). This Miss Selfridge one is a little more reasonable. I have a pink duster which I've had for 4 or 5 years now and i cannot get enough of it, so i know purchasing a new one would actually be a good investment. I love the check detailing on this one and how cosy it looks!

5 / New Look Nylon Zip Detail Backpack - ASOS
This was another purchase that i made in that fab ASOS sale. I've racked up quite the collection of backpacks that i hope to feature in a post soon. I'm the type of gal who will take everything and the kitchen sink with me. tissue? check. snacks? check. other items that i probably didn't need to carry with me? check. i really liked how spacious it looked and at only £7.50 i just couldn't say no. It actually arrived this weekend and it's a dream. Sadly i took it out for the first time today (with barely anything inside) and something on the front that makes the front flap close fell off. I've looked online and and can see it's still available to purchase so i'm going to return and hope that i can be sent a replacement as it really is a lovely bag.

Are there any payday treats that you want to get your hands on?