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Hey lovelies,
How we've already reached August is beyond me. This time two years ago I'd found out I'd been accepted into my chosen university and that by the end of September I'd be leaving the nest to make some of the most amazing university memories. A lot of people will be receiving their college/sixth form results this month and as much as it is exciting to be heading off to university in a matter of weeks, the idea on what to pack can all be a little daunting and stressful, if you ask me. I've written this little guide in the hopes that it will hopefully be seen by some of you who may be feeling a little stuck on what to bring. Now, I couldn't possibly put everything but these are things that really helped me. Remember to check out your universities 'what to bring list'.

Davpack* - I personally think the most difficult thing about packing is finding enough room to store everything. I had quite a lot of things before coming to university, and I didn't really think a van was necessary. If you didn't know, myself and Ally are twins and started the same university at the same time and I honestly have no idea how we managed to pack all our things into our mums tiny car. Anyway, boxes would have come in handy and made it easier to pack. Not just that, but you can continue to use your boxes throughout university when you accumulate more things (trust me, you'll leave with more things than your came with) and of course you can reuse them when you leave. These Davpack ones are super handy as you receive 10 boxes from small, medium and storage ones. It's perfect because whether it's your clothes or magazine collection, there is a box for everything. For anyone who may be interested in purchasing these, I was kindly given a 10% discount which you are more than welcome to use. Just pop 'STUDENT10' into the discount section.

Vacuum Bags - These babies are an absolute dream. From my blog you'll know how much I love fashion. That reflects highly on my wardrobe and shoe collection. (A post is in the pipeline) whenever I'm packing to come home for the summer or moving back to university, it takes me a ridiculously long time to get my clothes and shoes packed up. I brought my first set of vacuum bags from Argos and also ASDA and they couldn't have been more of a bigger help. If you didn't already know, you basically fill up all your clothes (I put my shoes in some too) into one of the bags, I had two sets of jumbo vacuum bags so I could fit so much in. Then you use a hoover to suck up all the air within the bag and it makes the bag smaller and so much easier to move around. There's no need to worry about your clothes getting damaged, it doesn't affect anything like that, it just helps to get rid of all the air.

Decorations - I first started off in university halls when I started two years ago. I shared a flat with six others and had my own en-suite. I loved my room, it was a good size and had a double bed. I made it feel super homely by getting some of my Instagram pictures printed out and putting them on my wall and getting other little decorative stuff like posters and the cutest little butterfly decorations that I stuck around my room. I felt pretty homesick when I first moved in but by making my room how I wanted it to be and by having pictures of family and friends up, it helped to make me feel better. Most university rooms are so bland to begin with but by adding your own touches really helps. Don't be put off thinking that it'll be expensive, eBay and Amazon are great for things like this.

Bedding - I think bedding was one of my favourite things to hunt for and purchase. There are quite a few things to include in your bedding essentials. A mattress topper, a bed sheet, a duvet, pillows and a duvet and pillow set. That's quite a few things but I purchased all of mine from Wilko & Argos. University is as expensive as it is and I didn't want to spend a fortune with buying all of this. My top tip would be to buy two duvet sets so that you can wash and switch between them both each week. You may also already be provided with a mattress topper, so it isn't always necessary for you to buy your own.

Kitchen Essentials - I wanted to save this part until the end. I think kitchen essentials are probably what most universities students spend a fortune on before even arriving and I really don't think it's at all necessary. I remember just adding so many kitchen essentials to my basket as if I was about to move into my first family home with my husband and three children, haha. I became a bit of a reckless spender and anything and everything was added. I got baking essentials.. Have I even baked since being in university? nope. As much as you want to be organised, remember to take into consideration that unless your university is up in space, you can just pop to your local shopping centre when you arrive at uni if there's thing you didn't bring but need. My university halls included a kettle and toaster which came in handy and was one less thing for me to purchase. You'll hopefully build up a really great friendship with the people you live with and all be ok with sharing some of each others things. If I could go back, I would honestly only purchase cups, mugs, plates, bowls, cutlery and trays. Remember everything isn't always needed.

I really hope you found this guide to be somewhat helpful. I looked at so many guides when I made my list of what to bring and it helped me to feel less stressed about it all.

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  1. Really great ideas I wish I had read this before I moved to Uni, I totally need to take some of these tips now though as I am moving from my own place to a shared house xxx