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Hey lovelies,

I've been at university for quite sometime now. In my first year I didn't have a job and I found it pretty difficult as I'm a girl who loves all the food (chicken nuggets are my loves), clothes and every piece of makeup there is. Being a lover and over spender of all these things really took its toll, especially on my bank card. 

Last year however, I decided it would be sensible to get some form of job, so I did exactly that. I worked two jobs throughout the year one being a student ambassador job and the other being a retail worker during the periods of Christmas and the new year. I'll go into more detail along the way, but balancing your time whilst having a job/studying isn't as hard as you'd think. There are some really good sites out there to that are specifically tailored to students looking for jobs such as e4s which I've been signed up to for over a year and savethestudent also post some good opportunities over on their site. 

- Student Ambassador 
I couldn't be more thankful that I'm a student ambassador for my university. I basically get to do some pretty fun jobs like working open days and talking to people about how I'm finding my course and what student life is like, all whilst getting paid. There are so many jobs for student ambassadors and it's nice that you can take jobs around your free time, instead of feeling like you have to take every job. I'm pretty certain that most universities have paid student ambassador jobs but it honestly helped me so much last year - not even just in the financial sense but it's a real confidence booster too.

- Retail 
Oh retail. I have such a love/hate relationship with it but yet I still find myself back during the holidays. I think this is probably the most popular job for people to do whilst at uni. Yet again it's another job that you can work around your studies. Retail is a job where you know something is going to go down each shift and you'll have so much hot gossip to tell your housemates after. I've experienced a lot, from accidentally smashing a few too many nail polishes for the Boxing Day sale prep, oops! to dealing with the most difficult customers. Another which was always an absolute nuisance was customers with clearly very fiddly hands who liked to take off tamper proof labels as if I somehow wouldn't notice.. Yes ma'am, I noticed. Fresh Plaza recently posted about this with a conducted survey by Data Label around this topic with 49% of people also agreeing that they find them a pain. I do understand the benefits but it also doesn't make your job any easier when customers try to be sneaky with either switching labels or taking them off completely. All these things have made my retail experience far more interesting. 

- University Paper
I'm really not sure if it's exactly the same at all other universities but any article you write for my university newspaper that gets published gets you £10 which I think is really good. You could write a few articles for a month then maybe get three published and you've already racked up £30. I haven't written for my uni newspaper since my first year but I loved coming up with all these ideas and having my friends tell me how much they enjoyed them (thanks friends!!) it wasn't until after I had my articles published that I was made aware that I'd be paid for my contributions.

- Online(Freelance/Blogging/YouTube) 
More and more people seem to start their blogs/get into making YouTube videos whilst at university, which is so nice because you do get a lot of free time at uni and it's really nice to feel so productive. When I started my blog I had no idea that you could even be paid for doing something as your hobby. Fast forward five years and I've been lucky enough to work with some really great brands/get paid for writing about the things I love to talk about! I don't make a regular income from blogging which I'm completely fine with because I blog because I love it and not to receive any form of benefits. 

- Bar Staff
As well as retail, I think bar staff jobs are also one of the most popular routes to go down. My student union is always buzzing during the day right through to night. One of my friends currently works doing bar staff at my student union and she really enjoys it! you aren't just limited with your choices, as there are always so many pubs, clubs and bars that you could also apply to and it's just another thing to add to your CV!

Did you or do you currently have a job whilst studying?

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  1. Everyone needs a part time job while they are in university, to get more experience for an actual job. This guide is very helpful. Thank you for sharing.