Beauty // Review: Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

                                                                                        Hey lovelies,
Yay, it feels so nice to sit down and write a post! I've just moved back home to London for a few weeks from university and we've been without wifi for a week #struggles I'm excited to commence with frequent posts. I just cannot stop loving everything beauty at the minute and I feel like I have SO many products to share with you all!  today I bring a very exciting post!! I managed to get my hands on three shades in Colourpops Ultra Matte Lip range. Colourpop is an American brand who do a really gorgeous range of makeup and it's also recently been known that the Kylie lip kits are actually made using the same formula.

I remember discovering them on Twitter almost a year ago and having a meltdown because they aren't sold in the UK (UPDATE: they'll be introducing worldwide shipping from July 12th). A few months on and people seem to be finding different ways to get their hands on shades over here in the UK. I was actually lucky enough to get my shades because someone I follow over on Twitter had a few purchases from them but wasn't too much of a fan of the ultra mattes. A UK site called Lustre Cosmetics actually sell them over on their website and delivery is super quick, my cousin highly recommends ordering from them!

I managed to get my hands on three shades in the range which are Lax, Solow and Mars. I think I'm right in saying there were 25 shades when they first launched last year, which they've since expanded. They've also brought out collaborations with a few well known ladies - first being model Karrueche Tran who has her 'Kaepop' range with the brand which is filled with the most amazing deep lip colours I've ever seen and also not long ago did a collab with one of my fav YouTubers Jenn Im.

I think this is probably my favourite shade out of all three. I originally thought it would come out more browny, but its more of a deep red which I am absolutely crazy for. This is a shade I don't think I've ever come across with any UK brands. I love having this on my lips when I'm wearing minimal makeup and want something extra to make it pop! I'm really looking forward to the winter months to pop it on, I have a feeling it'll be my go-to lip.

I really have a big soft spot for Mars. It reminds me so much of one of the shades in the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet range that started off my love for Matte Lipsticks along with 107 from Rimmel London. It's a really nice dark pinky fuchsia colour and really makes a big statement on the lips!

I was a tad disappointed with this shade as I'd gotten it mixed up with another shade called 'Bumble' so sadly it wasn't as dark toned as I thought it would be. Nevertheless, I am growing very fond of this nude pink. It's really nice for when I want to put a bit of lipstick on but don't want anything too in your face.

Formula? Lasting Power? Price?
In terms of the formula, I have nothing but praise for this range. I feel like
 with any matte lip range reviews are always going to be split 50/50 as some people find their lips get on better with them than others do. I don't find this drying in the slightest, I find it feels so lightweight on my lips. I've started wearing creamy lip liners lightly underneath my lipstick just incase of any dryness. I recommend Barry Ms £2.99 range of lip liners more than anything! in terms of lasting power, I've been out for food and drinks quite a lot when wearing LAX. I found that these last for hours. On one occasion I remember it completely staying on my lips and another while eating something heavy, it rubbed a bit didn't make a huge difference. The lipsticks are priced at $6 in the US, which works out as £4.64 in pounds. As I mentioned earlier Colourpop will be introducing international shipping this coming Tuesday, they have yet to say anything on shipping prices but hopefully it'll be reasonably priced.

Are you excited for the UK arrival of Colourpop? Have you got any products from them?

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