Fashion // Summer Wishlist!

                                                                  Hey lovelies,           
    I feel like a bit of a fraud just writing this post up considering it doesn't even look like the UK will be getting a summer this year, typical. I suppose you've just got to be prepared for the unexpected days of sunshine that we'll *hopefully* get. I think this is by far one of my favourite wishlist's that I am excited to share with you all! 

Summer Wishlist!
I am still obsessing over everything sandals. I feel as if this is one of the best years for sandals in terms of there being a whole range of styles and colours. I really feel as if there's something to suit everyone and their preferences. There's just something so simple about the pair I've picked and I think the grey and silver really work well together. I'm not really a fan of having my feet on show but I think these really cover up the main parts I am not that comfortable in showing and the simplicity of the colours means I hopefully wouldn't draw too much attention in these.

2 / Cream Backpack - Debenhams
Since finishing uni a few weeks back, I am currently just relying on Netflix for company. I just started a new series called 'Scream' on recommendation from Ally. Before you ask, yes, it is actually based off the Scream movies. As always, the American fashion just gives me so much inspiration. One of the main characters has the most amazing go-to backpack which is pretty similar to the one I've chosen. It's also very similar looking to one of the Chanel bags I've seen, considering this one is only £30 I'd say this is pretty much a bargain!

3 / Cut-Out Shoulder Shirt - ZARA
I wouldn't say this is something I'd normally go for but ZARA are one brand that could probably convince me to buy the whole shop in one trip. I love the cut out on the shoulders and just think this is a really unique summery piece. I say it all the time on here, but I am a big fan of anything that can be worn in a casual way or dressed up and I think this is a top that would easily look really nice either way.

I don't remember the last time I wore a pair of sunglasses, which is due to the lack of sun and that I'm not a big fan of a lot of sunglasses available today. I really liked this pair that I've picked out due to how simple they are. I think sunglasses really do come in handy, so I wouldn't mind paying that bit extra as I know only having one pair would suit me fine.

5 / Off-The Shoulder Top - ZARA
I actually already own this exact top but mine is grey and white. Last month my university had a three day festival type event and I panicked as I'd left my outfit shopping to the last minute. I couldn't have been happier to walk into ZARA and find such a nice top that fit perfectly and looked really nice. I think it's the fact it's off the shoulder that I really like it. I know it's a top I'm really going to overwear when it gets hotter but that's completely fine with me. You can also get it in a yellow and both of the other colours have been reduced to £7.99 so I really hope I can purchase them in time.

What do you think of my summer picks?

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