Fashion // March Wishlist


Hey lovelies,
It's finally starting to feel like Spring is upon us in the UK. I absolutely love Spring, it starts to be less cold and we're treated with some of the warmest days. I feel as if in Winter my style is quite all over the place, this Winter was one of the coldest meaning it was always a 'jeans and jumper day' but with Spring officially a weekend away, I can get back to  really putting some thought into what I wear!

1/ Cat Pinafore Dress - Lazy Oaf
I am absolutely gutted that this dress has sold out. This is a combination of my two favourite things, dresses and cats. This is the ultimate S/S piece. I wouldn't even be ashamed to admit, If I owned this all my fashion choices would be 'which of my many striped tops am I wearing underneath this bad boy today.' It also comes in the cutest pink shade too, but I think black is personally easier to style. I predict that pinafores will be just as popular this year.

2/ Roll Neck Stripped Top - French Connection
You can never have too many stripped tops.. I say this as I look over at my numerous striped tops hanging on my rack. *shifty eyes* but that is one fashion statement to live by. I find that stripes honestly go with everything, that's the reason I own so much. I spotted this one over in the French Connection sale and the fact it's a 50% saving makes me so happy. Everyone loves a good sale. It also didn't cross my mind until just now at what a perfect combination it would be styled with the pinafore.

3/ Bright Tartan Check Shirt - Topshop
Every S/S will always consist of wearing tartan shirts. When we start to have warmer days and the coats are left hanging up at home, this is the only comfort I need. For pretty much most years I went through an issue of really hating my arms, so that meant during some of the most hottest days I'd cover myself up in checked shirts. I've since passed that issue and fully embrace my arms but no matter what I'll always love throwing a tartan shirt on underneath. The brightness of this one is what attracted me to it.

4/ Metallic Shoes - Zara
I love Zara. So many of my tops are from there and the quality and design of each is just perfect. I'm especially in love with their TRF collection, everything is always super affordable. One thing I'm still yet to try is their footwear, the reason being is that I'm a size 7 and I always manage to find the dreamiest footwear in my size in most stores.. But Zara is one of the difficult ones for my size in store anyway. So when I came across these online and in my size.. I knew they were for me. 

5/ Cord Mini Skirt - Topshop
These a-line skirts were so popular last summer. My summer was spent back home in London and I was often over at Westfield a lot, I can't even begin to describe how many of these skirts I saw around. I myself own a black one from New Look and a white one from Topshop and I love them. They are super easy to style and I really find that they compliment my shape. Now, when I really love something it means that I basically need it in every possible colour that it comes in!

What is currently on your wishlist?

What's your opinion?