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            Hey lovelies,
HAPPY 2016!!! it only took 15 days into the new year but I finally have a new post up. I've missed blogging so much. I say it every year but I really want to try my best at frequently blogging. I've got so many ideas for posts and things to share - life just gets in the way at times.
Crop Top - Topshop
Denim Skirt - New Look
Cardigan - Primark 
Trainers - Nike Roshe One

Christmas is now well and truly over, so I guess I need to go back to normal sized food portions? ha. I spent my second Christmas in a row back at Next, working the crazy sales. It was so nice to be reunited with people from last year and to make some new friends. I genuinely worked so hard with around four days off during the Christmas period. It was tough but I pulled through and the money was definitely worth it!

I've gone a bit cray in the Topshop sale recently. I've accumulated this very crop top in a baby blue. I've realised it's more versatile than I first thought. I planned on having it as one of my many night out tops whilst back at university, but have come to realise that I am able to dress it down - like I've successfully skilled with this outfit. I got the denim skirt in the New Look sale. I find New Look to be very hit and miss, but when Ally spotted it out for me for only £9 I knew it was going to be one of my key staple pieces. It fits perfectly and gets me at the right bits. There's nothing I hate more than a skirt that shows off everything I've eaten for the past five Christmases.. via my waist.

I couldn't wait to share my Roshes on here. I basically only own heeled boots which I'm fine with. I've been thinking that I want to expand my footwear collection this year and add a few pairs of trainers to it. Where better to start than Nike? these babies went from £70 down to £41.99 so a total steal. As you can imagine I've been wearing them a lot, whilst trying to narrowly avoid rain and muddy muddles.  

Did you manage to find anything good in the sales?

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  1. You look super cute, love love this outfit! I am finding it so hard to get into the new year, I need a kick up the backside xxx