Lifestyle // Room Tour + Canon EOS 1100D

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Hey lovelies,
Man, I've missed blogging so much. As usual, life has been pretty hectic over the past few months and there never seemed to be the perfect time to sit down and get some blog posts written until now. Me & Ally officially moved into our new uni house a month ago today. As much as I loved halls and I am so grateful for the experience, there's honestly nothing better than having your own house. It is pretty scary as you become in charge of all these bills, making sure you don't blast out the heating before your dreaded payments start to roll in and not mention the thought while in lectures on whether you turned the cooker off properly or even whether you shut the door properly. I suppose it's just all the things I took for granted while living at home, but in the end it's all a learning experience.

I think the thing I was most excited about was fixing up my room and just making it mine. Over summer all I did was read blog posts and watch YouTube videos of room tours to get as much room inspiration as possible. I think my room now is the look I wanted to go for when I lived in halls. Last year I found it really tricky to get my room to how I wanted it to be. Did anyone else feel a big change room wise moving from halls to a house? it's hard to explain but I think my room now just feels so much more cosy. I've accumulated so many books in the last 12 months and they all have the perfect spot around my room and it's the nicest thing to jump into bed after a long day and just grab one and read all night. My artificial flowers really brighten up the room, I couldn't be trusted to get a real bunch just yet. My Game of Thrones canvas not only completes the room but makes for great conversation whenever anyone comes over, it always starts with a "OMG, I love Game of Thrones too" and "ew, why did you choose the Lannister's" which FYI it's more fun having the bad guys on your wall, even though Jon Snow would have made for great eye candy. 

Lastly, you may or may not notice an improvement with my pictures. Since I started this blog back in 2012 I've gone from using a digital camera, an iPhone 4s, an iPhone 5s to... The Canon EOS 1100D. I'm so happy to finally have got my hands on a Canon camera. It's something I've wanted for ages to not only get my blog pictures to a better quality but to also improve on my photography skills. I still haven't quite got to grips with everything but I'm going to dedicate a lot of my free time over the next few weeks to getting to know every detail and feature about it. So watch this space...


Fashion // Wishlist: Summer Isn't Over

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The Summer Isn't Quite Yet Over Wishlist

We're kind of at that awkward stage in the UK, the one where you can feel it's starting to get colder but on occasion have a few really hot days that make you realise you don't need to start packing the summer clothes away just yet. I didn't realise how 'top heavy' this wishlist really is and I don't think I necessarily have many items to last in the really cold winter months. Sometimes in life, especially on the fashion side of things you've just got to say to yourself "What would Carrie Bradshaw do?" and carry on purchasing what you like!

1/ Tie Front Top - Topshop
Every so often... Or more every month I become obsessed with everything currently on offer in Topshop. I'll always find something fair in price that I really like and set myself a goal to make it mine as soon as possible. I'm obsessed with this top and I've seen it on absolutely everyone but still want to own it. They've got quite a few options colour wise to choose from and I'm wanting to get my hands on either the white one or this gorgeous salmon pink one. I love the ribbing on it and then the lace up detail.

2/ Wrap Top - SimplyBe
This top is of course apart of the Sprinkle of Glitter collection for Simply Be. When Louise spoke about the collection before releasing any images, I just knew there'd be something I wanted from the range or pretty much everything. Louise has such a gorgeous and classy style and there's always a pop of colour somewhere and I think that shows a lot within her range. There was something about how Louise was styled up with another skirt from her collection and this top that made me fall for it. I mainly wear skirts over trousers and think I'd be able to style it with so much.

3/ Suzette Cami - Coast
A year on since starting university and my style couldn't be anymore different. I go on quite a few nights out and there's nothing more exciting for me personally than picking out what I'm going to wear. I've found that this year I am feeling so body positive about myself and gorgeous tops like the Cami I've chosen don't need to be covered with cardigans because I'm scared of how my arms look. I love the little v plunge of this top and know I'd definitely style it up with a pair of high waisted jeans and some heeled boots.

4/ Button Front A-Line Skirt - Topshop
I can't even get on to how long I've wanted this skirt for. If you're from the UK, especially London then you'll know this was the skirt of the summer. I spent a lot of time in Westfield during my summer and I was always guaranteed to see at least 10 different people in one of these skirts. They come in a whole variety of colours and I know both Primark and Topshop are known for selling them. Funnily enough I managed to snap this skirt up in the colour white from £30 down to £5.. Absolute bargain and I am completely obsessed with it and am on the hunt for as many other colours as possible. Always keep an eye out online and in store for great bargains. I'll be featuring the one I got in a wishlist post very soon.

5/ Black Stripe Turtle Neck Top - River Island 
If you're one of my friends reading this.. Yes, another stripped top I'm wanting to add to my collection. Me and Ally have a thing for stripes.. Both our wardrobes are full of stripped tops but each different in every way. It doesn't matter what time of year it is but I'll always continue to purchase stripped tops. I found this one online and it's so inexpensive. Thankfully none of the tops I currently own look anything like this one so I can justify my spending. I also love how it's a turtle neck style because especially around this time of year I just want to wrap myself up in anything with a turtle neck. 

What's clothes are currently on your wishlist?