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A/W Wishlist

My favourite season Autumn is nearly upon us. It's almost time for us to get an extra hour of sleep and for it to start getting dark at around 4pm, eek. As always, with a new season only a few days away, it means I've been browsing so much online for new A/W staple pieces. I don't think I've ever mentioned it on here but I've got a pretty insane shoe collection which I'm definitely going to do a post on very soon! obviously my collection isn't enough as I still do the whole "Oh my gosh, I have no shoes. I'm really in need of quite a few pairs" as I stand looking over my shoes lined up against the wall... 

1 / Warehouse Cut Out Ankle Boots - ASOS
This summer I've been constantly glued in one of my favourite pairs of cut out boots from New Look. I'm so used to wearing socks and tights with boots but I'm loving not doing so with cut out boots. I saw these beauties on ASOS and have mentally purchased them. I go back to university next week and I'm going to be doing so much walking, I love to always have stylish shoes on but I feel like most of mine are more suited to non-university days/nights out, so these would definitely fit the occasion.

2 / MARA Leather Pointed Flat Shoes - ASOS
If there's a pair of shoes I've been lusting over since forever, these are most definitely it. I'd say over the past year I've become pretty obsessed with pointed shoes. I've only got one pair which I got from Topshop nearly a year ago, I need to go get them taken in as they've literally been worn out and I'm not ready to part with them anytime soon. I've seen quite a few bloggers with these shoes and each time I fall more in love. I really like how they aren't in black either, because it's honestly not everyday black shoes. Silver is such a statement colour and I tend to love wearing dark colours/all black errthang especially in Autumn so these would look great giving my outfits a pop of colour. At the inexpensive price of £32.00 how could anyone say no?!

                                        3 / Lillie Ankle Boots - Jones Bootmaker*
These Chelsea boots just give me life. These are the type of boots that just shout "Autumn is coming!!" I am already picturing how perfect these would look with a pair of my ripped jeans and my chunky cardigan, makes me feel cosy just thinking about it. Tan boots aren't something I'd usually go for but I've decided I really do need to inject a bit of colour into my style, as hard as it is to admit. I think coloured footwear is something I find hard to think about styling up but a nice tan colour is perfect to begin with. Also, at only 5'2 #shortgirlproblems I only ever seem to wear boots with quite a high heel to them just to feel that extra bit taller but I really must invest in boots with a smaller heel and embrace the shortness, because us short girls rule!

4 / Black Patent Cleated Sole Boots - TK Maxx
I do love me some TK Maxx. I brought some boots from them just before starting university a year ago and they've lasted so well. I love that they have such a wide selection of footwear and it's one of my go-to websites. I love all types of boots but I'll never love a pair more than I love just your standard black pair. I much more prefer just your normal leather shoes over patent ones but I seem to have come across way too many pretty pairs of patent shoes and think it's time to get my first pair. These are a good choice to start with!

5 / Air Force 1 - Nike
I absolutely love trainers but shockingly only own one pair, which I use when I go on runs.. which isn't very often or has happened in quite a while. Sometimes I don't feel like wearing boots or flats and know I'd feel so much more comfy in a pair of trainers. I've wanted this pair since forever and to be honest, there isn't really a reason as to why I haven't gotten them since I've purchased quite a bit of footwear over the past few months and really and truly I could have got these instead. I think I'm going to make these go right to the top of my mental footwear wishlist because I really need these in my life. In terms of the colour, I have too much black footwear and I think white can actually be just as versatile as black can be.

6 / Gabor Toye S Boots - Shotique*
I've always been a fan of knee high boots and actually own a pair which are in the greatest condition but have sadly never been worn. Like many things, more in reference to clothes sometimes we think certain things won't suit us for reasons such as it won't suit our body shape, the colour doesn't do anything for our complexion or in my case referring to knee high boots, my height. I've learnt to really embrace my height but boots at such a high length always were a no no for me.. Until a few months ago I met up with one of my friends who is round about the same height as me and she was wearing boots pretty much identical to the ones I've chosen and they looked incredible, even with her height and from that day I vowed I'd give knee high boots a go. I'm going to try to stick to that vow and firstly start off over the next few weeks wearing the ones hidden somewhere in my wardrobe and take it from there.

Have you currently got your eye on any A/W footwear?

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