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It's been forever since I last blogged. How is it possible that we're in August already? crazy. I literally finished university at the end of May for my summer and it's almost time to go back. It's going to be a big day for those who have just finished Sixth Form and College on Thursday in the UK. Results determining whether they have been accepted into university or not will be released. I remember this time last year for myself, it was a little odd as I'd finished college all the way back in June and was eagerly waiting to find out my results come August. Surprisingly I actually got my letter confirming I'd been accepted into university in July which was such a relief. 

Personally I always fell in and out of love of the idea of going to university when I was in secondary school. Once I hit college, I'd decided I was going to start doing internships rather than go to university. My personal tutor made sure I applied anyway just to be on the safe side. I'm really glad that I went for it and have spent the last few months enjoying living in halls and being a typical fresher.

1.) Spending a ridiculous amount on what exactly?
 Honestly, when it came to packing up my room in halls that was my great little space for the past few months, I came amongst no word of a lie, hundreds of shopping bags filled with receipts inside. Okay, so many of the receipts were McDonald's, Nando's and Morrisons's related. *shifty eye emoji*

2.) Netflix will become your bestie 
 If you think uni is wild parties every night, you have another thing coming. Well, it may be like that for some people but I'm not afraid to confess some nights were just ridiculously boring. The best way to get through a boring night is to find a film to fall asleep to.. Then that just leads (for some) to questions of why you're watching a film alone/are a singleton/aren't sure when bae will make his big grand entrance into your life.

3.) You'll be really proud of all your home cooked meals 
Cooking wasn't new to me at all coming to university, but prior to coming to university and basically having to become an adult in a short period of time, it meant actually cooking for myself 24/7 (aside from when a Domino's was getting ordered etc...) I'm not really a big fan of ready meals either, so it meant getting my Nigella Lawson on in the kitchen. This was one of my all time favourite meals, it was a chicken korma and rice. I remember before anyone could tuck in, I had to snap a photo and send it to my mum because I was so proud. (Towards the end, the novelty of doing your own cooking starts to wear off and you just countdown the days until your mums home cooking, ha.) 

4.) You'll realise you came way too prepared 
The idea of coming to university and being in a whole new environment and making new friends was always a personal scary thought for me. Another thing that always played up in my mind was that I wouldn't have come prepared, boy was I wrong. I spent hours upon hours reading up on university checklists and making online orders. I mean, I'm still waiting to get my Mary Berry on with my baking supplies... It just didn't quite work out. The good thing is you won't really need to buy much for your second and third year as you'll be pretty prepared.

5.) You'll make a flat group chat
Once you and your housemates have gotten through your shy stage, it's inevitable that someone will suggest creating a flat group chat. It becomes so easy to communicate rather than knocking on everyone's door to ask who's turn it is to get the washing up liquid. I remember one of the handiest times was when I needed help because I'd cut my hand badly on a can of corned beef (LULZ) and also wanted the ketchup for my meal. One of my housemates came out in a flash and everything was resolved. 

6.) You'll get way too excited when your student loan comes in 
I remember the first time my student loan came through. I was ridiculously excited (more so before I had to pay for my rent *cries*) I just loved the idea of knowing I was in full control of my money. One thing you must remember is that your loan comes in every three months.. So that means surviving three months at a time until your next payment. I most probably should have got that into my head when I started in September. A whole mix of buying outfits for themed nights out, alcohol buying and that damn student lock in meant that by October I was already really broke and getting ready to live off beans and toast until January. Luckily, I actually scored a job working in next around Christmas time and it meant being able to justify my splurges because I was a "working girl" and it felt so lovely being able to treat myself to a cheeky little Chanel trip. (P.S clearly forgot to stock up on nail polish, chipped nails aren't the one.)

7.) You'll make use of all the opportunities to dress up 
Now, one piece of advice is it's so not worth spending the big bucks on fancy dress for themed nights out. Really and truly you'll only wear most of the things once and regret it. I'm glad I tried to make the most of it when it came to theme nights but by the time it had hit the end of October and freshers fortnight was well and truly over, I just knew I wouldn't be spending crazy for any other events. Before I knew it, the Halloween Ball was approaching and I was outfit-less. I decided to go as a cat (original of course) and the only thing I paid for was my £1.99 cat ears and £10 contact lenses, I decided to look in my wardrobe for my outfit which cost me a lot less.

8.) You'll figure out your got-to drink
Unlike others, I didn't go out too much on nights out before starting university. When I did have a night out the pre-drinks would always start in Weatherspoon and I'd always go for a double voddy and coke or a cocktail pitchers because I like to keep it classy. Any who, cocktails are my favourite but in reality I don't really know how to make my own and the price starts to add up when you continuously buy them on nights out. I went through phases each term on trying to figure out which drink I thought actually tasted pretty damn good/I could get a little more than tipsy on. Eventually I figured out pink lemonade and vodka is what hits the spot for me and it's so pretty.

9.) You'll start being sensible with your food shopping
The idea of being in charge of your food shop and not having to confirm with your mum that you're adding a few packets of malted milks and the new issue of Cosmo with the mega babes cover girl Kendall Jenner into the basket without her giving you the side eye feels pretty darn good. Now, the first few shops you'll find it hard to pull away from all the exciting offers (Ben and Jerry's I'm looking at you) but eventually when you're down to not much money and you have to sacrifice another tub of ice cream because you know the necessities are way more important, you'll feel great. From then on you'll be able to determine what actually makes it to the checkout. 

10.) You'll realise there's so much help and support in anything you need
Now, I'm not sure if everyone will agree on this last point but for me it definitely couldn't be more true. Starting university really gave me the opportunity to reflect on who I am as a person and really find myself. It may sound cliche but it helped me for the better. I don't think I would have been able to figure out what It is exactly that I want out of life without it. I've got quite a long way to go before I'm at the confidence level that I want to be at but I really do have to hand it to myself for these past few months. Advice I would give to anyone struggling with confidence issues and is heading to university in September, don't be ashamed or afraid in the slightest. It's a really hard thing to deal with but there is so much help and support out there that your university provide. For those who are really looking to get their foot in the door with experience for their future chosen career industry there are so many cool opportunities you can be apart of, this mentoring scheme is just one of the ways. 
Just don't sit in sadness and think nothing can be done, someone's always there to help with literally anything. It doesn't even have to be university related, but you've just got to make the first move and speak out. 

Are you heading to university in September? if not, what advice would you give to upcoming freshers?

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  1. OMG this is amazing and so true although I am not sure I have ever got that drowned in receipts i like to throw away quickly and pretend they don't exist haha! netflix is awesome and my cooking sucks but every meal is an achievement xx