Lifestyle // The One With The Ripped Jeans

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I'm 20, in the past few months I've met quite a few guys. All of which clearly never led into anything more. A few drinks here and there, chats from time to time and even one of the most humours drives back home when the thought of the the possible 4am cheesy chips in hand walk home seemed unbearable. 

I've never met a guy like the one I recently met. Now, I've not known him for all that long at all but he's had such an impact on my life. It was obvious there was some form of connection there. Maybe it was that we lay for hours just opening up about life and telling each other things we couldn't ever imagine even telling our closest friends, maybe it was the spark when we kissed and we both admitted we could do it for hours, maybe it was the fact we deal with similar things on a day to day basis that we find hard to explain to other people, or maybe it was even the fact that I believe everyone comes into your life for some reason and I'm figuring out what the reasoning for him was.

Things have been pretty bad health wise of recent. Way too many calls to 111, hospital visits and endless tears but in my hour of need he was another person I could count on. He held my hand and hugged me reassuring me everything was going to be alright. Again, all this from a guy who didn't have to. 

Just before we said our goodbyes, we pinky promised that wouldn't be our last encounter. I have no idea whether there was any truth on his part, but I don't break my promises. Life works in the strangest of ways. Who knows whether I'll see him again? I just needed to write about him because I don't think anyone has ever managed to make me laugh, smile or feel less anxious in the small time he managed to accomplish that. 

I don't know if I'll see the guy with the ripped jeans again but should he ever come across this, know those few hours were ones I'm going to treasure.


April Wishlist!

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                                                                                           Hey lovelies,
Happy May 1st. How is it possible that we're almost six months into the year already. Time honestly waits for no one. I finish my first year of university in a few weeks time and I really am wondering how time has managed to speed by so quickly. Anyway, before I start to cry about how much work I have left to complete... Here is my April inspired wishlist...

April Wishlist

1.) Strap Lace Bralet - Topshop 
My local Topshop always seem to have a good sale on which I always have to browse. On the last two occasions I've popped in, this amazing bralet which is currently down to £7 always manages to catch my eye in my size. I am yet to take the plunge and try it on because having a big bust is a bit of a problem with bralets but I think this is a little bit too precious not to purchase for a steal price.

ASOS and Topshop will forever be my two trusty brands where I get all my jeans from. They both cater to my 5ft2 jean needs. Now, I don't have the largest selection of jeans but of all the ones I do have, they are ALL ripped. I'm not actually sure if I'll ever be able to go back to normal non ripped jeans again. I've had my eyes on this gorgeous pair for a while, I just love the trail of rips and jeans go with everything, yay!

3.) Clarks Brown Ankle Boots - Brantano*
My obsession with footwear is becoming a bit out of control.. Especially boots. At some point, I'll have to show you how my footwear collection looks in my room. I love this pair because not only do they look  a lot different from all the boots I own, but these are brown. No word of a lie, basically my whole footwear collection is kind of all black. I heart black footwear because it makes it super easy to style up with outfits but brown is such an underrated colour and I definitely need to back away from the black and invest in some brown. 

4.) Face Form - Sleek
Every year when summer is just around the corner, my love for makeup picks up again. I don't have the most exciting makeup routine. All it consists of is the basic eyeliner, mascara and lipstick but I've been loving my Sleek bronze block all over again. Sleek are my all time favourite brand to go for with anything to do with my cheeks. I absolutely love the look of their face form which consists of contour powder, highlighter and a bronzer. Has anyone got their hands on one?

5.) Sin - MAC
I basically want every lipstick by MAC but the one that I constantly have been thinking about as of recent has to be Sin. One of my friends Sophie recently bought Sin and I am forever complimenting her when she wears it as it just looks so gorgeous on. It really is a fantastic dark plum and the matte finish just makes it all the worth more buying.

What gems are currently on your wishlist?