Fashion // OOTD: Wishing I Was At Coachella

                                                                                                                           Hey beauts,
I write this post with a mint magnum in one hand and the blazing sun shining in from outside! it's always surprising in the UK when we get sun, especially when it lasts for a good few days. Even though I am absolutely loving the weather, I can't help but wish I had a pretty flower crown on and was amongst everyone at Coachella this weekend just gone. :( 
Coat, Shirt, Skirt & Hat - Primark/ Boots - River Island 

I find that my favourite outfits are the ones where I'm wearing a number of clothing pieces and accessories from the same brand. Today's outfit happens to just be a very Primark-esq one and I love it! each item featured was purchased on different shopping trips and I seem to have got everything for such a bargain. Lets start with my shirt, while innocently browsing Primark and convincing myself I didn't need anything, I saw this shirt just hanging on its lonesome. You know when you have that moment in a shop where you see something you love, then hope that when you approach it'll be in your size? well, luckily for me I saw this beauty and it just so happened to be in my size. The pattern is super cute. 

The skirt was purchased while looking for a birthday outfit last month, I got it for the small price of £3 and I can't deny my absolute love for it. It really does make a change from my usual black skirt with everything. The beautiful coat was £5 down from £25 *emoji heart eyes* I am literally OBSESSED with it. And lastly, the boots are a recent purchase from the River Island sale, the perks to having size 7 feet is that you'll always find the most beautiful pair of boots in the River Island sale and the sales assistants will always tell you just how lucky you are to have made such a fabulous purchase (side note: these were £10 down from £45 yaaaas). There are still lots of sizes of these boots online, I've linked to them above, even Ally couldn't resist getting herself a pair.

Are you good at finding bargains in store?

What's your opinion?

  1. Stunning outfit! I love how much colour the coat adds to your outfit! x

    India Charlotte♥

  2. LOVE the coat and shirt and so impressed its primark one of my favourite shops you look fab! Wish I was at coachella too twitter makes me so jealous xxx