Cooking With Vanese // Homemade Pizza In 10 Minutes

                  Hey lovelies, 
A bit of a different kind of post from me today. I'll come out and admit it.. I freakin' LOVE food!! I've always wanted to add cooking posts to my blog but just never got round to doing so. Now, I am in no way the next Nigella Lawson and todays post is literally the simplest of the simplest but hey, you've got to start somewhere. Hopefully putting this post up will give me the motivation to continue dabbling with all things food and cooking.

Right, you'll need a few ingredients but what I love is the fact this is your own personal pizza so you can literally add whatever you want to it. (Side-note: I know I've saved time by not actually making my own base but that's always something you could do if you prefer.) 

My Ingredients - 
* Dina Garlic & Coriander Naan Breads
* Cream Cheese 
* Grated Cheese 
* Salami

I started off by spreading cream cheese over the naan bread (a bit too much if you ask me, ha) then I started to put the rest of my ingredients on one by one. I really took my time with it, I wanted it to look as presentable as possible. I added my cheese and sweetcorn then added on my pieces of salami. I literally just then popped it in the oven for ten minutes...

End result?

Ta-da! I don't think It looks as great as the other one I made last week and posted on my Instagram. Nonetheless it still tasted absolutely delicious. I do make more time consuming meals but this is a great one to make when you want to whip something up nice and quickly. I feel I've made so many meals since moving to uni and I love trying out new meals weekly!

Ally, also made her own vegetarian pizza topped with olives, avocado and Quorn pepperoni style slices.

What do you think of our pizzas? would you make your own?

What's your opinion?

  1. OMG that looks amazing, I have only just eaten but clearly could again now hahaha xxx

    1. It tasted SO good. Haha, if you get the chance you should definitely make your own! :D


  2. Omg this has made me so hungry, looks so good!