Fashion // OOTD: Wishing I Was At Coachella

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                                                                                                                           Hey beauts,
I write this post with a mint magnum in one hand and the blazing sun shining in from outside! it's always surprising in the UK when we get sun, especially when it lasts for a good few days. Even though I am absolutely loving the weather, I can't help but wish I had a pretty flower crown on and was amongst everyone at Coachella this weekend just gone. :( 
Coat, Shirt, Skirt & Hat - Primark/ Boots - River Island 

I find that my favourite outfits are the ones where I'm wearing a number of clothing pieces and accessories from the same brand. Today's outfit happens to just be a very Primark-esq one and I love it! each item featured was purchased on different shopping trips and I seem to have got everything for such a bargain. Lets start with my shirt, while innocently browsing Primark and convincing myself I didn't need anything, I saw this shirt just hanging on its lonesome. You know when you have that moment in a shop where you see something you love, then hope that when you approach it'll be in your size? well, luckily for me I saw this beauty and it just so happened to be in my size. The pattern is super cute. 

The skirt was purchased while looking for a birthday outfit last month, I got it for the small price of £3 and I can't deny my absolute love for it. It really does make a change from my usual black skirt with everything. The beautiful coat was £5 down from £25 *emoji heart eyes* I am literally OBSESSED with it. And lastly, the boots are a recent purchase from the River Island sale, the perks to having size 7 feet is that you'll always find the most beautiful pair of boots in the River Island sale and the sales assistants will always tell you just how lucky you are to have made such a fabulous purchase (side note: these were £10 down from £45 yaaaas). There are still lots of sizes of these boots online, I've linked to them above, even Ally couldn't resist getting herself a pair.

Are you good at finding bargains in store?


Cooking With Vanese // Homemade Pizza In 10 Minutes

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                  Hey lovelies, 
A bit of a different kind of post from me today. I'll come out and admit it.. I freakin' LOVE food!! I've always wanted to add cooking posts to my blog but just never got round to doing so. Now, I am in no way the next Nigella Lawson and todays post is literally the simplest of the simplest but hey, you've got to start somewhere. Hopefully putting this post up will give me the motivation to continue dabbling with all things food and cooking.

Right, you'll need a few ingredients but what I love is the fact this is your own personal pizza so you can literally add whatever you want to it. (Side-note: I know I've saved time by not actually making my own base but that's always something you could do if you prefer.) 

My Ingredients - 
* Dina Garlic & Coriander Naan Breads
* Cream Cheese 
* Grated Cheese 
* Salami

I started off by spreading cream cheese over the naan bread (a bit too much if you ask me, ha) then I started to put the rest of my ingredients on one by one. I really took my time with it, I wanted it to look as presentable as possible. I added my cheese and sweetcorn then added on my pieces of salami. I literally just then popped it in the oven for ten minutes...

End result?

Ta-da! I don't think It looks as great as the other one I made last week and posted on my Instagram. Nonetheless it still tasted absolutely delicious. I do make more time consuming meals but this is a great one to make when you want to whip something up nice and quickly. I feel I've made so many meals since moving to uni and I love trying out new meals weekly!

Ally, also made her own vegetarian pizza topped with olives, avocado and Quorn pepperoni style slices.

What do you think of our pizzas? would you make your own?


Lifestyle // Jar Of Happiness

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                    Hey beauts,
I am opening up about my anxiety a lot more as of recent. I have also noticed a lot of positivity within myself and often feel optimistic about the future. I am not entirely sure where this change has come from but I really like it.

University for me has had its ups and downs. Each week varies and while one week can be spent with a lot of spontaneous fun, others can be spent curled up in bed with my anxiety on the rise. When I am sad, I often have no idea how I can shake the feeling off.

Around a year or two ago, I'd seen a lot of things online about making 'Jars Of Happiness' for when life is getting you down. I'd always wanted to make my own but just never did. Until February, I had been having a whirlwind of a time in life and the weeks leading up to a specific date were truly wonderful. Long story short a freshly blossoming romance unexpectedly came to a halt and I was losing the love I'd had for my course. Three weeks of feeling sad and dragging myself out of bed for a course that felt more like a chore rather than something I really wanted to get a degree in had passed and I'd never felt so drained in my life, I decided it was time to pull myself together because it's no fun when you personally aren't having fun.

One evening I was feeling very spontaneous, so set up a little arts station in the kitchen filled with coloured paper, scissors, a pen and a big mason jar (much to my housemates surprise). I knew it was time to shake off all the negative vibes I'd been feeling and that's where my beloved little Macy (Mason Jar) came into the picture. I decided I was going to add in notes of things that would cheer me up if I was having a bit of a rubbish day. It was difficult to begin with because I am in no way used to writing things I like about myself, or others like or even good things that have happened recently to me (too much of a pessimist) but once I got started, It felt really good. I also decided I wanted to have other people write little notes for me inside (those notes are all coloured and my own personal ones are just plain white). Some of my housemates have written me notes and I remember one day just needing my spirits lifted a little bit so opened up each note.. Even though it's a bit of writing on a piece of paper it actually makes me tear up reading the really nice stuff said about me by others AND the lovely things I say about myself. I am looking forward to adding and receiving more notes for Macy. It'll be awesome to look back in a years time to a hopefully well full jar. 

My number one goal for April is to continue to fill up Macy. It's so fun reflecting on all the positive things that are currently happening in your life to add into a jar full of all the other wonderful things. People have different methods of cheering themselves up and this just so happens to be one of mine. I think it's something really great to do and honestly has left me feeling a lot more positive than previous times. 

Do you have a Jar Of Happiness?