March Wishlist!

                                                                                            Hey beauts,
My blogging has well and truly been all over the place these past few months. I'm hoping that with the second half of university well underway, I'll be able to balance everything properly this time round. Anyway, strangely even with my birthday this coming Thursday, there isn't really much I want. (Probably because I am a broke student and food is of high importance lulz.) So here goes my rather delicious current wants...
March Wishlist!

1) Black Wide-Brim Hat - Primark
It's actually impossible to describe my love for this hat. Rather a few weeks ago, I visited my local Primark a few too many times in one week. I saw this hat and there was something about it that I really liked, but at the same time.. I don't always have the best of luck with hats I like (#bigheadproblems) anyway, Ally decided to try it on and it looked so gorgeous on her. I got my favourite and only trusty fedora from Primark last summer, so it's only right I invest in this one too.. Right?

2) iPhone 6 Cat Case - Zazzle
A whole two years since I joined the iPhone hype has come round so quickly. No matter how many times I'm told I should look into getting a Samsung for my next upgrade, the more I fall in love with the fact my mind is set on an iPhone 6. My 4s has been such a little beauty to mother these past two years, but it's most certainly time to see how strong iPhone 6's selfie game is. I found this case and thought why not get something that best describes me, ha. Plus, the fact I personalised it to say my name is awesome.

3) Grill Brogues - Jones Bootmaker*
With Spring only a few days away. It's time for me to start thinking about the pretty shoes I'll want to invest in. I think I have such a lovely selection of shoes at the minute, that will be amazing to go with all the skirts and dresses I plan on wearing. I saw these beauties online and want need them in my life. I am really into the grey - even though brown is an option too. You can honestly never go wrong with a good pair of brogues.

4) Brow Zings - Benefit
It's honestly time I get my brow game together. Every time I open Instagram, I cry a little bit over how incredible everyone's eyebrows look. It's time for me to have fab eyebrows too. I've seen quite a few people using this and the reviews have been really good. So now I must get my little mitts on this and watch it hopefully work its magic. 

5) Dance All Night/Sleep All Day Pillowcases - eBay
I remember seeing someone tweet about these a while ago. This pretty much sums up my life.. My rather bad dance moves to Beyonce then my rather interesting sleeping habit choices. University has made me really get into homeware and these are definitely on the top of the list.

6) Rouge Edition Velvet 'Nude-ist' - Bourjois
I am going to make a big statement right now.. Bourjois are currently my favourite makeup brand for lipstick and I don't care who knows! I've built up quite the collection of Rouge Edition Velvet lippies but I was after more of an everyday. Quite a few weeks ago while *ahem* looking in Boots,  discovered one I never knew they even did it's called '09 Happy Nude Year' I literally feel like Kylie Jenner everyday wearing it. Plus, topped with my Rimmel lip liner. *emoji heart eyes* Anyway, I am currently loving nudes a lot and Ally has Nude-ist, so I need to get my hands on all the nudes Bourjois offer. Side note - as someone with dark skin it's been such a struggle in the past to find a nude I love that goes with my skin complexion. So 100 points to you Bourjois you little babes. 

7) Warehouse Soft Peg Pants - Asos
In University I am surrounded by some of the most well dressed ladies, if I do say so myself. Especially, my housemates. A while ago my lovely housemate Rebecca *shoutouts* went out for a rather fancy meal and her outfit was everything. She'd paired an amazing turtled necked cropped jumper with the most incredible peg trousers (I think they were peg trousers anyway) then.. to top it off added a gorgeous caramel coloured coat to make me even more jealous. From that day, I have been on the hunt for the perfect peg trousers and honestly, Asos are providing me with tons of inspiration. 

What is currently on your wishlist?


  1. Nice list, love the hat & trousers.
    I don't have a lot on my wishlist at the moment but I have my eyes on bucket bags recently ^^ x

    1. I think both the trousers and the hat would look so lovely together! love, love bucket bags.. Perfect for Spring. ^_^ x