Lifestyle // Lying To Make Yourself Look Better?

                                                                                                                     Hey beauts,
We're all liars, whether we like to admit it or not. We all lie.. It can be anything from a small lie such as pretending you aren't full to get some of that delicious looking cake for desert or it can be something bigger such as not completely telling the truth about the grades you got in school or college which just so happens to have made it into the Metro's list of 10 lies we all say to make ourselves look good which was conducted by

 I thought I'd join in on the discussion and give a round up of my own personal top 6 lies. I would have thought with the fact that I watch Pretty Little Liars and we all know that on that show all lies are uncovered that I'd be a little hesitant to lie.. Clearly not.

My Top 6 Lies 

1.) I have the worst habit of stretching the truth about compliments I've received.. Oh, so a stranger said she loves my coat? I can't necessarily remember what she exactly said, so we'll go with something else..

2.) Most of the time I'd say I'm on time for plans. Occasionally (maybe more than occasionally) I'll let my alarm snooze for a little longer and have a frantic rush when really and truly my bus is due in the next 10 minutes and I haven't even had a chance to think about whether the weather goes with my outfit or even what choice of lipstick I'm going for. So.. When I get that dreaded call from a friend to say they've arrived a little bit earlier than planned I'll tell a little fib that I'm just about to leave the house. Surely I can't be the only one who does this?

3.) I know a lot of us are guilty for this next lie because it's something I have a discussion on a lot. Sometimes we'll make things look greater than they actually were, especially on Snapchat & Instagram, when really and truly it wasn't as great as we've all made it out to be. Filters help contribute to this.

4.) Maybe this one isn't much of a lie? I love a good desert after a meal but most of the time I am so full from my main meal that I really have no clue how I'm going to fit anything else in? I do it often and it's one lie I'll openly admit I won't stop doing.. Yes, I am full but I'll always make room for desert whether I've got the space or not.

5.) Being in university I am so focused on getting my degree and that means studying and actually leaving a decent enough time to get my assignments in.. Occasionally (clearly my favourite word) someone will ask me how the studying is going or how far into my assignment I am.. Most of the time my response will be a little far stretched... "Yeah, so good. Just finishing up on my reference list" when really and truly I've just about got onto my methodology, ha.

6.) I am a lover of shopping. Always have and always will be. I wouldn't say I'm one to spend crazy amounts on clothes and makeup (LOL) but all I'm saying is Mum, I wasn't exactly honest when I said that top and lipstick were such bargains.

I had so much fun thinking of my top lies. I honestly try not to lie much as honesty really is the best policy but some things we lie about are absolutely hilarious. 

What is your most common lie told?

What's your opinion?