Fashion // V&A's Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear

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           Hey lovelies,
Today's post comes for an interesting read. Simply Be recently did a blog post relating to something big happening in the exhibition world. Yes, I am talking about the fact that the Victoria & Albert Museum, are bringing one of the coolest exhibitions to 2016, and it's all about underwear.

There will be over 200 items featured in the exhibition which will include Swedish underwear brand Acne's gender-neutral underpants to the Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear exhibition. 

                                                                                                                                                                     *source Simply Be*

Three reasons why I'm all for the badass idea of Gender-neutral pants?

1.) I love men's clothes. I tell no lie that quite a number of items in my wardrobe are actually from the men's section of stores. I just find the fit of their tops and hoodies to be so sung. I always look really awkward knowing that all the items purchased are really for me and not a male lover. Having
 Gender-neutral pants is an idea I'm all for because I know nothing would stop me from buying them and it's an item that we can all feel super comfy in.

2.) I do like wearing saucy(?) knickers from time to time but truth be told I like to be Bridget Jones and wear super big undies. They are honestly the comfiest things to date and they may be half way up my stomach but who cares? these ones look like they'd get the seal of approval from Bridget herself. 

3.) We're getting there with the men and women both being just as equal scale. We still aren't where we should be just yet but this is something nice that both men and women can both equally enjoy. It may not be to everyone's fancy but Acne really have done a good job on creating these and no gender is left out on such a great idea.

I really do hope I get to visit the exhibition at V&A in April next year. It's a brilliant idea to take a look at underwear through the years.

Would you consider wearing Gender-neutral pants? and what are your thoughts on this upcoming exhibition?


Beauty // Look Fantastic Black Friday Deals #LFBLACKFRIDAY

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Hey lovelies,
The end of the Black Friday offers is almost near but there's no harm in finding out about last minute offers. I was kindly sent one of Look Fantastics exclusive Black Friday boxes filled with some of the best skincare, makeup and haircare brands that are currently on offer over this cyber weekend on Look Fantastics website. Head over to the Black Friday Deals to still snap up some of the best offers.

Featured Products: Tangle Teezer - The Original*/ Real Techniques - Miracle Complexion Sponge*/ La Roche-Posy - Effaclar K +*/ Eve Lom - Cleanser and Morning Time Cleanser*/ GlamGlow - YouthMud Face Mask*/ Amazing Cosmetics - A Little Amazing Concealer*

I'm amazed at everything that was included in the box. Look Fantastic did a fantastic job with putting it all together. I'm not going into too much detail on all the products as I actually want to test each product then gradually get a full product review up once I have my verdict. 

I think I'm looking forward to getting a little routine going with some of the products featured. Especially the skincare ones. I feel as if my skin has become really awful at the minute and I think that's mainly due to the change in weather and I want to get it back to a good state. My top thing that I've always done has been to exfoliate twice a week and moisturise my face daily but I think I need to add a bit extra to this routine as the weather can be so harsh on my skin. I can't wait to start using the Eve Lom cleansers as I had a cleansing routine going quite a while back and it helped to make my skin feel so soft and fight away dryness. I am a big fan of the La Roche-Posy products but haven't tried the Effaclar K + before but I know its targeted to people with 'combination to oily skin' and 'irregular skin texture' those would be two categories I'd place my skin into, so this will be perfect at hopefully improving that.

I can't wait to finally start using these products and you can expect to see my reviews coming very early on in the new year. Don't forget to check out the Look Fantastic deals, the offers really are worth spending your money on and it's almost Christmas, so treat yourself.

Have you looked at/purchased any of the products from Look Fantastics offers?


Lifestyle // Room Tour + Canon EOS 1100D

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Hey lovelies,
Man, I've missed blogging so much. As usual, life has been pretty hectic over the past few months and there never seemed to be the perfect time to sit down and get some blog posts written until now. Me & Ally officially moved into our new uni house a month ago today. As much as I loved halls and I am so grateful for the experience, there's honestly nothing better than having your own house. It is pretty scary as you become in charge of all these bills, making sure you don't blast out the heating before your dreaded payments start to roll in and not mention the thought while in lectures on whether you turned the cooker off properly or even whether you shut the door properly. I suppose it's just all the things I took for granted while living at home, but in the end it's all a learning experience.

I think the thing I was most excited about was fixing up my room and just making it mine. Over summer all I did was read blog posts and watch YouTube videos of room tours to get as much room inspiration as possible. I think my room now is the look I wanted to go for when I lived in halls. Last year I found it really tricky to get my room to how I wanted it to be. Did anyone else feel a big change room wise moving from halls to a house? it's hard to explain but I think my room now just feels so much more cosy. I've accumulated so many books in the last 12 months and they all have the perfect spot around my room and it's the nicest thing to jump into bed after a long day and just grab one and read all night. My artificial flowers really brighten up the room, I couldn't be trusted to get a real bunch just yet. My Game of Thrones canvas not only completes the room but makes for great conversation whenever anyone comes over, it always starts with a "OMG, I love Game of Thrones too" and "ew, why did you choose the Lannister's" which FYI it's more fun having the bad guys on your wall, even though Jon Snow would have made for great eye candy. 

Lastly, you may or may not notice an improvement with my pictures. Since I started this blog back in 2012 I've gone from using a digital camera, an iPhone 4s, an iPhone 5s to... The Canon EOS 1100D. I'm so happy to finally have got my hands on a Canon camera. It's something I've wanted for ages to not only get my blog pictures to a better quality but to also improve on my photography skills. I still haven't quite got to grips with everything but I'm going to dedicate a lot of my free time over the next few weeks to getting to know every detail and feature about it. So watch this space...


Fashion // Wishlist: Summer Isn't Over

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The Summer Isn't Quite Yet Over Wishlist

We're kind of at that awkward stage in the UK, the one where you can feel it's starting to get colder but on occasion have a few really hot days that make you realise you don't need to start packing the summer clothes away just yet. I didn't realise how 'top heavy' this wishlist really is and I don't think I necessarily have many items to last in the really cold winter months. Sometimes in life, especially on the fashion side of things you've just got to say to yourself "What would Carrie Bradshaw do?" and carry on purchasing what you like!

1/ Tie Front Top - Topshop
Every so often... Or more every month I become obsessed with everything currently on offer in Topshop. I'll always find something fair in price that I really like and set myself a goal to make it mine as soon as possible. I'm obsessed with this top and I've seen it on absolutely everyone but still want to own it. They've got quite a few options colour wise to choose from and I'm wanting to get my hands on either the white one or this gorgeous salmon pink one. I love the ribbing on it and then the lace up detail.

2/ Wrap Top - SimplyBe
This top is of course apart of the Sprinkle of Glitter collection for Simply Be. When Louise spoke about the collection before releasing any images, I just knew there'd be something I wanted from the range or pretty much everything. Louise has such a gorgeous and classy style and there's always a pop of colour somewhere and I think that shows a lot within her range. There was something about how Louise was styled up with another skirt from her collection and this top that made me fall for it. I mainly wear skirts over trousers and think I'd be able to style it with so much.

3/ Suzette Cami - Coast
A year on since starting university and my style couldn't be anymore different. I go on quite a few nights out and there's nothing more exciting for me personally than picking out what I'm going to wear. I've found that this year I am feeling so body positive about myself and gorgeous tops like the Cami I've chosen don't need to be covered with cardigans because I'm scared of how my arms look. I love the little v plunge of this top and know I'd definitely style it up with a pair of high waisted jeans and some heeled boots.

4/ Button Front A-Line Skirt - Topshop
I can't even get on to how long I've wanted this skirt for. If you're from the UK, especially London then you'll know this was the skirt of the summer. I spent a lot of time in Westfield during my summer and I was always guaranteed to see at least 10 different people in one of these skirts. They come in a whole variety of colours and I know both Primark and Topshop are known for selling them. Funnily enough I managed to snap this skirt up in the colour white from £30 down to £5.. Absolute bargain and I am completely obsessed with it and am on the hunt for as many other colours as possible. Always keep an eye out online and in store for great bargains. I'll be featuring the one I got in a wishlist post very soon.

5/ Black Stripe Turtle Neck Top - River Island 
If you're one of my friends reading this.. Yes, another stripped top I'm wanting to add to my collection. Me and Ally have a thing for stripes.. Both our wardrobes are full of stripped tops but each different in every way. It doesn't matter what time of year it is but I'll always continue to purchase stripped tops. I found this one online and it's so inexpensive. Thankfully none of the tops I currently own look anything like this one so I can justify my spending. I also love how it's a turtle neck style because especially around this time of year I just want to wrap myself up in anything with a turtle neck. 

What's clothes are currently on your wishlist?


Fashion // A/W Footwear Wishlist

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A/W Wishlist

My favourite season Autumn is nearly upon us. It's almost time for us to get an extra hour of sleep and for it to start getting dark at around 4pm, eek. As always, with a new season only a few days away, it means I've been browsing so much online for new A/W staple pieces. I don't think I've ever mentioned it on here but I've got a pretty insane shoe collection which I'm definitely going to do a post on very soon! obviously my collection isn't enough as I still do the whole "Oh my gosh, I have no shoes. I'm really in need of quite a few pairs" as I stand looking over my shoes lined up against the wall... 

1 / Warehouse Cut Out Ankle Boots - ASOS
This summer I've been constantly glued in one of my favourite pairs of cut out boots from New Look. I'm so used to wearing socks and tights with boots but I'm loving not doing so with cut out boots. I saw these beauties on ASOS and have mentally purchased them. I go back to university next week and I'm going to be doing so much walking, I love to always have stylish shoes on but I feel like most of mine are more suited to non-university days/nights out, so these would definitely fit the occasion.

2 / MARA Leather Pointed Flat Shoes - ASOS
If there's a pair of shoes I've been lusting over since forever, these are most definitely it. I'd say over the past year I've become pretty obsessed with pointed shoes. I've only got one pair which I got from Topshop nearly a year ago, I need to go get them taken in as they've literally been worn out and I'm not ready to part with them anytime soon. I've seen quite a few bloggers with these shoes and each time I fall more in love. I really like how they aren't in black either, because it's honestly not everyday black shoes. Silver is such a statement colour and I tend to love wearing dark colours/all black errthang especially in Autumn so these would look great giving my outfits a pop of colour. At the inexpensive price of £32.00 how could anyone say no?!

                                        3 / Lillie Ankle Boots - Jones Bootmaker*
These Chelsea boots just give me life. These are the type of boots that just shout "Autumn is coming!!" I am already picturing how perfect these would look with a pair of my ripped jeans and my chunky cardigan, makes me feel cosy just thinking about it. Tan boots aren't something I'd usually go for but I've decided I really do need to inject a bit of colour into my style, as hard as it is to admit. I think coloured footwear is something I find hard to think about styling up but a nice tan colour is perfect to begin with. Also, at only 5'2 #shortgirlproblems I only ever seem to wear boots with quite a high heel to them just to feel that extra bit taller but I really must invest in boots with a smaller heel and embrace the shortness, because us short girls rule!

4 / Black Patent Cleated Sole Boots - TK Maxx
I do love me some TK Maxx. I brought some boots from them just before starting university a year ago and they've lasted so well. I love that they have such a wide selection of footwear and it's one of my go-to websites. I love all types of boots but I'll never love a pair more than I love just your standard black pair. I much more prefer just your normal leather shoes over patent ones but I seem to have come across way too many pretty pairs of patent shoes and think it's time to get my first pair. These are a good choice to start with!

5 / Air Force 1 - Nike
I absolutely love trainers but shockingly only own one pair, which I use when I go on runs.. which isn't very often or has happened in quite a while. Sometimes I don't feel like wearing boots or flats and know I'd feel so much more comfy in a pair of trainers. I've wanted this pair since forever and to be honest, there isn't really a reason as to why I haven't gotten them since I've purchased quite a bit of footwear over the past few months and really and truly I could have got these instead. I think I'm going to make these go right to the top of my mental footwear wishlist because I really need these in my life. In terms of the colour, I have too much black footwear and I think white can actually be just as versatile as black can be.

6 / Gabor Toye S Boots - Shotique*
I've always been a fan of knee high boots and actually own a pair which are in the greatest condition but have sadly never been worn. Like many things, more in reference to clothes sometimes we think certain things won't suit us for reasons such as it won't suit our body shape, the colour doesn't do anything for our complexion or in my case referring to knee high boots, my height. I've learnt to really embrace my height but boots at such a high length always were a no no for me.. Until a few months ago I met up with one of my friends who is round about the same height as me and she was wearing boots pretty much identical to the ones I've chosen and they looked incredible, even with her height and from that day I vowed I'd give knee high boots a go. I'm going to try to stick to that vow and firstly start off over the next few weeks wearing the ones hidden somewhere in my wardrobe and take it from there.

Have you currently got your eye on any A/W footwear?


Lifestyle // 5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Starting Uni

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                 1) Student Loan:
A lot of people depend on their student loan to help pay for their rent, food, alcohol etc... Myself included. You're told months in advance that you need to get your student loan application done pretty quickly as it can take up to six weeks to process and find out how much you'll be getting overall in your year. Procrastinating (when in fact it's not to much of a long process) can really mess you up money wise when you start. I personally filled in my application form at the right time but there was still a bit of a kerfuffle as I didn't realise you wouldn't actually get paid on the day you thought as you'd have to enrol first. I enrolled in the middle of the week, so it took a while for my loan to actually come in. It was all so confusing and it meant I was living on a very small sum of my own personal money until I could finally stop refreshing my online banking and my loan was in! My Voucher Codes recently conducted a survey on student loans and found that 38% of students had trouble getting their loans on time, not to mention that some students had to wait up to sixth months, I'm not sure how I'd be able to cope if I were in that situation. It's always good to have a Plan B just incase everything doesn't quite go to plan.

2) Everyone is in the same boat:
This is something I heard as soon as I got to university, but it still took a while for it to sink in. I couldn't help but think I'd be the only one feeling nervous, when in fact everyone was in exactly the same boat. Nerves are a natural thing, so don't spend your time worrying about not making friends or that your new housemates won't like you. Everything will plan out fine in due course and the most you should be worrying about is whether you need to order that Topshop top for freshers in one or two colours.

3) Budgeting:
This is one of the most important tips. It couldn't be more important to budget. I really had my ups and downs when it came to my own personal budgeting. I was the worst in my first term, we had an event in our shopping centre which was a student lock in (discounts on my dream shops such as Topshop and H&M) I didn't think about if I should have set myself a budget to spend and withdraw money, I went straight in for the kill and spent over £100 in Topshop, in fairness I'd wanted a pair of Joni Jeans for ages but I just practically blew my money in an instant without thinking. You'll make your university experience so much easier on yourself if you set yourself budgeting limits and in that case you won't be worrying about having to ask your parents to lend you money before your next loan drops.

4) You won't need as much as you think you will
My goodness, I wish I could go back and someone tell me this. I went in hard with my university shopping and most of it wasn't worth it. I think my brain forget I'd be around a shopping centre when I moved to uni, incase I forgot some vital things. Of course you don't want to seem unorganised and yes, there is quite a lot you need but over the course of the year you'll realise either everyone else in your flat has it and you're all sharing one or that you're packing up your kitchen things when you're moving out and realised you never used (and never were) going to need all the baking supplies you accumulated.

This one is a bit of a lie because all anyone ever said when they knew I was heading to uni was to "keep up to date with all my work but also have the best fun ever" looking back at some of my first year memories, there were many times when I stressed out over such little things. University is pretty stressful, but at the same time you'll never get an experience like it again. Problems occur and sadly you can't change everything, sometimes you've just got to take a couple of deep breathes and relax. University is very life changing for a lot of us, soak it all in and have the best time you could ever have.

Do you have any tips for anyone heading to university?


Lifestyle // An Open Letter

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I'll just come out and say it, you're a bitch. You're an even bigger pain in the ass than the guy on Tinder who just won't accept I don't want to "Netflix and Chill" (I'm more into Anime and scoffing my gob with never ending slices of pizza!) 

You're a physical and mental challenge for me. How is it possible that in an instant you can ruin things that mean so much to me? over the course of two years, you've managed to ruin a lot for me.. Do you even realise that? sometimes I find it hard to even do things on my own, it's a struggle to go out by myself, meet new people and recently even stupidly give me struggles to EAT actual food. You make me scared everyday, especially for the future. Scared to turn down fantastic opportunities, get into a relationship and even just to be myself. 

But you know what? in a way you've done something incredible, that I couldn't see until you came into my life. You've made me realise what a STRONG and BEAUTIFUL person I really am. You've tried to knock me down so many times and you most probably think you've succeeded... Right? ha, you couldn't be more wrong. Yes, I'll cry because it's hard, because I've ended up in hospital again just to be told "it's just anxiety" because at 20, I feel like I'm in a constant battle with you but just know, you will NEVER define me in any way, shape or form. 

I am beautiful, bubbly, funny, a daughter, a sister, a niece and a friend to amazing people who have helped me through so many issues you've caused and not to mention a compete and utter weirdo but these are the things I love most about myself.

I'll continue my therapy sessions and find ways around you trying to destroy me but just know I will NOT give up this fight. 


Lifestyle // 10 Likely Things To Happen When You Become A Fresher*

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                                                                                                                        Hey beauts,
It's been forever since I last blogged. How is it possible that we're in August already? crazy. I literally finished university at the end of May for my summer and it's almost time to go back. It's going to be a big day for those who have just finished Sixth Form and College on Thursday in the UK. Results determining whether they have been accepted into university or not will be released. I remember this time last year for myself, it was a little odd as I'd finished college all the way back in June and was eagerly waiting to find out my results come August. Surprisingly I actually got my letter confirming I'd been accepted into university in July which was such a relief. 

Personally I always fell in and out of love of the idea of going to university when I was in secondary school. Once I hit college, I'd decided I was going to start doing internships rather than go to university. My personal tutor made sure I applied anyway just to be on the safe side. I'm really glad that I went for it and have spent the last few months enjoying living in halls and being a typical fresher.

1.) Spending a ridiculous amount on what exactly?
 Honestly, when it came to packing up my room in halls that was my great little space for the past few months, I came amongst no word of a lie, hundreds of shopping bags filled with receipts inside. Okay, so many of the receipts were McDonald's, Nando's and Morrisons's related. *shifty eye emoji*

2.) Netflix will become your bestie 
 If you think uni is wild parties every night, you have another thing coming. Well, it may be like that for some people but I'm not afraid to confess some nights were just ridiculously boring. The best way to get through a boring night is to find a film to fall asleep to.. Then that just leads (for some) to questions of why you're watching a film alone/are a singleton/aren't sure when bae will make his big grand entrance into your life.

3.) You'll be really proud of all your home cooked meals 
Cooking wasn't new to me at all coming to university, but prior to coming to university and basically having to become an adult in a short period of time, it meant actually cooking for myself 24/7 (aside from when a Domino's was getting ordered etc...) I'm not really a big fan of ready meals either, so it meant getting my Nigella Lawson on in the kitchen. This was one of my all time favourite meals, it was a chicken korma and rice. I remember before anyone could tuck in, I had to snap a photo and send it to my mum because I was so proud. (Towards the end, the novelty of doing your own cooking starts to wear off and you just countdown the days until your mums home cooking, ha.) 

4.) You'll realise you came way too prepared 
The idea of coming to university and being in a whole new environment and making new friends was always a personal scary thought for me. Another thing that always played up in my mind was that I wouldn't have come prepared, boy was I wrong. I spent hours upon hours reading up on university checklists and making online orders. I mean, I'm still waiting to get my Mary Berry on with my baking supplies... It just didn't quite work out. The good thing is you won't really need to buy much for your second and third year as you'll be pretty prepared.

5.) You'll make a flat group chat
Once you and your housemates have gotten through your shy stage, it's inevitable that someone will suggest creating a flat group chat. It becomes so easy to communicate rather than knocking on everyone's door to ask who's turn it is to get the washing up liquid. I remember one of the handiest times was when I needed help because I'd cut my hand badly on a can of corned beef (LULZ) and also wanted the ketchup for my meal. One of my housemates came out in a flash and everything was resolved. 

6.) You'll get way too excited when your student loan comes in 
I remember the first time my student loan came through. I was ridiculously excited (more so before I had to pay for my rent *cries*) I just loved the idea of knowing I was in full control of my money. One thing you must remember is that your loan comes in every three months.. So that means surviving three months at a time until your next payment. I most probably should have got that into my head when I started in September. A whole mix of buying outfits for themed nights out, alcohol buying and that damn student lock in meant that by October I was already really broke and getting ready to live off beans and toast until January. Luckily, I actually scored a job working in next around Christmas time and it meant being able to justify my splurges because I was a "working girl" and it felt so lovely being able to treat myself to a cheeky little Chanel trip. (P.S clearly forgot to stock up on nail polish, chipped nails aren't the one.)

7.) You'll make use of all the opportunities to dress up 
Now, one piece of advice is it's so not worth spending the big bucks on fancy dress for themed nights out. Really and truly you'll only wear most of the things once and regret it. I'm glad I tried to make the most of it when it came to theme nights but by the time it had hit the end of October and freshers fortnight was well and truly over, I just knew I wouldn't be spending crazy for any other events. Before I knew it, the Halloween Ball was approaching and I was outfit-less. I decided to go as a cat (original of course) and the only thing I paid for was my £1.99 cat ears and £10 contact lenses, I decided to look in my wardrobe for my outfit which cost me a lot less.

8.) You'll figure out your got-to drink
Unlike others, I didn't go out too much on nights out before starting university. When I did have a night out the pre-drinks would always start in Weatherspoon and I'd always go for a double voddy and coke or a cocktail pitchers because I like to keep it classy. Any who, cocktails are my favourite but in reality I don't really know how to make my own and the price starts to add up when you continuously buy them on nights out. I went through phases each term on trying to figure out which drink I thought actually tasted pretty damn good/I could get a little more than tipsy on. Eventually I figured out pink lemonade and vodka is what hits the spot for me and it's so pretty.

9.) You'll start being sensible with your food shopping
The idea of being in charge of your food shop and not having to confirm with your mum that you're adding a few packets of malted milks and the new issue of Cosmo with the mega babes cover girl Kendall Jenner into the basket without her giving you the side eye feels pretty darn good. Now, the first few shops you'll find it hard to pull away from all the exciting offers (Ben and Jerry's I'm looking at you) but eventually when you're down to not much money and you have to sacrifice another tub of ice cream because you know the necessities are way more important, you'll feel great. From then on you'll be able to determine what actually makes it to the checkout. 

10.) You'll realise there's so much help and support in anything you need
Now, I'm not sure if everyone will agree on this last point but for me it definitely couldn't be more true. Starting university really gave me the opportunity to reflect on who I am as a person and really find myself. It may sound cliche but it helped me for the better. I don't think I would have been able to figure out what It is exactly that I want out of life without it. I've got quite a long way to go before I'm at the confidence level that I want to be at but I really do have to hand it to myself for these past few months. Advice I would give to anyone struggling with confidence issues and is heading to university in September, don't be ashamed or afraid in the slightest. It's a really hard thing to deal with but there is so much help and support out there that your university provide. For those who are really looking to get their foot in the door with experience for their future chosen career industry there are so many cool opportunities you can be apart of, this mentoring scheme is just one of the ways. 
Just don't sit in sadness and think nothing can be done, someone's always there to help with literally anything. It doesn't even have to be university related, but you've just got to make the first move and speak out. 

Are you heading to university in September? if not, what advice would you give to upcoming freshers?


Fashion // OOTD: Nouvelle Rebelle*

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                                                                                                           Hey lovelies,
The UK weather has been r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s recently. We've been experiencing highs of 35 degrees and It's pretty unbearable. I like the summer, I do. The way in which I like the weather to be is pretty sunny but with lots of cool breeze at the same time. I've been hiding out inside to keep myself cool and also packing up my university room as I'm moving back to London for the summer this week until I start a new university chapter in September. I am ridiculously excited to get back as I've been away for 11 months with around three-ish visits back home. London is my favourite, it's my home and I love to do a lot of exploring there, even though I've lived there my whole life. Plus, I'm really looking forward to catch ups with friends and family who I haven't seen in ages and hopefully making some good summer memories.

Top - ASOS/ Duster Cardigan - Charity Shop/ Skirt - Primark/ Shoes - New Look/ Lipstick - Rimmel 'Indian Pink' Lip Liner and Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet '46'

I'm currently sorting through my wardrobe on what clothes I'm taking home and what I'm putting into storage such as winter bits that I'll take out once I'm back at uni in September. Sorting through your wardrobe means finding loads of gems that you totally forgot you had. I got the duster cardigan (not really sure what to call it?) in a charity shop around a year or two ago, I kind of got it on a whim. I've accumulated a lot of clothes over the past two years, so at the time of purchasing it I didn't really have anything that I think looked good to pair it with. I can't stop wearing it recently as I've got so many outfits that go well underneath. 

I got the top for a really good price of £16 from ASOS a few months back in one of their sales. Speaking of, there are currently some really amazing summer sales and deals on at the minute. Last week I picked up this amazing striped popper front crop top from Topshop that I had been lusting after for ages. FashionBeans are also another great site for fashion discount codes. Since coming to university and being a broke student, the only way I can justify my spending is only to purchase items when I find a good decent code to reduce the price. Oh, I did actually have a bit of a dilemma with this top the university washing machines somehow managed to stain it pretty badly, luckily I managed to get it back to normal after a further two washes. P.S I am loving having my legs out, it's way too hot to put tights on in this heat because of men little boys who can't seem to stop their ridiculous wolf whistling whenever they see a pair of legs around this time of year.

PS. How cringe is my attempt at doing YouTube in 2012? I can't stop laughing at what a fail it was and how chubby my cheeks were. Enjoy!

Have you found any old gems hidden in your wardrobe?


Lifestyle // Review: Veet Hair Removal Cream

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                                                                                                                       Hey beauts,
Happy Friday!! This week has gone ridiculously fast and I can't believe we're now in July. Where has this year gone? I literally say this every year, but honestly I blinked from January and now the months have sped by. 

Every summer I vow that I won't be getting my legs out. I don't know if anyone else feels the same, but as a woman I can't help feeling so vulnerable when the sun comes out and I have my legs on show or arms on display. In all honesty, over the years I've been scared of being wolf whistled at or men starring at me with their beady eyes and making me feel uncomfortable. But this summer is one of the hottest on record and I'm already putting my insecurities behind me and leaving the tights in my draw.

Anyway, with going barelegged means needing to get rid of those pesky little leg hairs. I don't think I'm quite ready to #freetheleghair anytime soon. I've been testing out Veet's hair removal cream and I have to say I've been loving it. Since coming to university, I've used quite a few hair removal creams as I got to the point where I realised I just didn't have the patience or enough plasters to continue using razors anymore, haha. I noticed with a lot of the previous creams I was using, they left a really horrible smell which was really overpowering in my room. 

Veet contains grape seed oil which I think helps to give it such a great smell. The instructions couldn't be easier. All you have to do is use the spatula provided inside the box and use it wherever you want to get rid of hair. I just used it on my legs and spread the cream all over, then waited for five minutes before jumping into the shower and washing it off. I was extremely surprised with the results, in all honesty I expected to still see little bits of hair that didn't take well. To my surprise, both legs were hairless... Honestly, like one of those little bald cats. Afterwards, I had to stop myself from getting friends to feel how silky smooth my legs had gotten. I really don't have a bad word to say about this hair removal cream. I feel like it's taken a few not so great ones to find my new go-to one. 

Have you tired this hair removal cream before?


Lifestyle // The One With The Ripped Jeans

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I'm 20, in the past few months I've met quite a few guys. All of which clearly never led into anything more. A few drinks here and there, chats from time to time and even one of the most humours drives back home when the thought of the the possible 4am cheesy chips in hand walk home seemed unbearable. 

I've never met a guy like the one I recently met. Now, I've not known him for all that long at all but he's had such an impact on my life. It was obvious there was some form of connection there. Maybe it was that we lay for hours just opening up about life and telling each other things we couldn't ever imagine even telling our closest friends, maybe it was the spark when we kissed and we both admitted we could do it for hours, maybe it was the fact we deal with similar things on a day to day basis that we find hard to explain to other people, or maybe it was even the fact that I believe everyone comes into your life for some reason and I'm figuring out what the reasoning for him was.

Things have been pretty bad health wise of recent. Way too many calls to 111, hospital visits and endless tears but in my hour of need he was another person I could count on. He held my hand and hugged me reassuring me everything was going to be alright. Again, all this from a guy who didn't have to. 

Just before we said our goodbyes, we pinky promised that wouldn't be our last encounter. I have no idea whether there was any truth on his part, but I don't break my promises. Life works in the strangest of ways. Who knows whether I'll see him again? I just needed to write about him because I don't think anyone has ever managed to make me laugh, smile or feel less anxious in the small time he managed to accomplish that. 

I don't know if I'll see the guy with the ripped jeans again but should he ever come across this, know those few hours were ones I'm going to treasure.