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Hey lovelies,
Long time no blog... My first semester at University has gone by so quickly. A blog post has well and truly been needed but with my amount of uni work, it's been pretty impossible. I am finally back on my post writing, which well and truly excites me. 

A few weeks ago I was kindly contacted by the lovely Kate from Simply Be informing me on the new Simply Be campaign #simplybereal where they want people to talk about their fashion mishaps to show that we are all real people and embarrassing fashion mishaps are inevitable... Well for me anyway, ha. I of course jumped at the chance because my life is full of awkward moments and embarrassing tales. Very kindly me and quite a few other bloggers who are on board with the campaign have had illustrations to go along with our stories, which were designed by up and coming illustrators. So thank you very much to Lauren for mine, it's not only amazing but really does describe my story in picture form, haha. 

It was rather hard to just pick one story as I really am little miss clumsy and have so many #fail moments... (did I really just put #fail? um...) Anyway, the story I have decided on is from summer just gone, I was so excited to have secured myself a job for the summer working at my local NEXT store. This was such an exciting time for me as I've always wanted to get my foot in retail and this would be my first bit of retail experience. I was really excited not just for the experience but also that I had my twin sister Ally, right by my side. I walked into the store on the day of my induction feeling like I'd assume Carrie Bradshaw would after getting another pair of shoes to add to her collection. 

Me and Ally were greeted by one of the lovely employees and directed to the staff room while we waited for others to arrive. There were already two members of staff sitting inside chatting, I walked in to go take a seat and couldn't help but notice they were both looking at me in a puzzled way and it was in that moment that Ally pushed me into the cloakroom on the left, that I'd realised my skirt had been tucked into my knickers since walking in. It was honestly so embarrassing and was made worse by the fact I had to walk past those same two staff members again after. It's now made me always double check that my skirt is in the right place. 

I'd love to hear of your fashion mishaps in the comments and if you also decide to tweet it on Twitter then make sure to include #simplybereal in your post. :)