Fashion// Christmas Party Dresses Wishlist

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                                                                                    Hey beauts,
The Christmas season is upon us once again and it's that time of the year where as well as ticking everything off your xmas shopping list, we start to think about outfits we can where to those special occasions leading up to Christmas. I've put together a little wishlist of dresses I've got my eyes on this year. I have no idea whether I'll be doing anything that requires a fancy outfit but it's always good to be prepared nonetheless.

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1 - Cobalt Bardo Dress - Asos
I love the structure of this dress, it's classy but has a sexy edge to it. Cobalt is a colour I have recently fallen in love with as it's so bold and really stands out, which is something I think most people looking for a dress for a certain occasion tend to go for. I'd say as the neckline is so far up you wouldn't really need to accessorise it up too much. A nice pair of earrings would be perfect, but if you'd still prefer to rock a necklace with it then something dainty would be spot on.

2 - Green Glitter High Neck Dress - Topshop
No matter what occasion, Topshop always have the perfect dresses for everyone occasion. This high neck just has everything I look for in a dress down to a t. This is a really lovely looking high neck and I honestly think no necklace is needed at all. I could see some bangles looking gorgeous with it.

3 - Navy Sequin Dress - George
I'lll always be a lover of glitter but I think I love it just that extra bit more around this time. I love the simplicity of it. Navy isn't really my first choice of colour for a dress as I either love to go for plain black or something really colourful. I'm not really a big fan of the top of my arms either so I really like how it's neither sleeveless or too long. These would look amazing styled with some heeled boots.

4 - Deep Plunge Split Maxi - Asos
This is honestly such a daring dress and I'd really have to put a lot of thought into whether I could pull it off or even just wondering whether it's too fancy or not to what I am attending. It's amazing to take risks sometimes, especially with fashion and your own personal style. When picking dresses I like to stick with not having everything out at once and this pushes that a bit as there's cleavage and a thigh split, but I think it's perfectly fine whether you choose to go for one or both.

5 - Printed T-Shirt Dress - Asos
This is definitely something a little different from what I'd usually go for as it's a t-shirt dress. I really like it because I don't think it's my typical christmas party style dress. Unlike the other dresses I've picked, I think this one would be great to style again for other fancy events that aren't christmas related.

Apologies for the awful quality but I hope this post has given a little insight and perhaps inspiration into ideas for what to wear in the coming weeks leading up to christmas... And possibly new years events. 

What kind of dresses do you like to wear to Christmas events?


Lifestyle// Taking A Confidence Leap Into University

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                                                                                                            Hey lovelies,
It's currently past 3am in the UK and I feel now is the perfect time to get a post going. I've already had a little boogie in bed to Taylor Swift (boogie?) and I feel I am now in my creative hour. Remind me again to never fall asleep at 11:30 because I'll be wide awake until the early morning. This is my first personal post I've written since being in Uni and it feels so odd to be in new surroundings. As I briefly mentioned in my last post, Uni for me is currently like one big roller coaster which I'm not ready to get off.

Before leaving home for halls, I had a long hard think to myself about what it is that I want to achieve whist at University. My main goal of course is to get a degree that will hopefully open many doors and exciting opportunities for me. Aside from that, I had a think about some personal goals I wanted to set myself. The first thing that instantly stood out in my mind was confidence. I don't think I've ever really spoken about it on here but I really lack confidence and can be ever so shy a lot of the time. I've always wished I could just break out of it and ooze with confidence but it just isn't that easy. Since September 21st (the date I moved to uni) I feel I have made the biggest effort to keep that goal up. I have said yes to so many new things and that honestly makes me feel so good because looking back a few months, or even weeks ago I wouldn't have pictured myself like this now. 

The actual point of this post is to actually talk about the fact that I have dived right into the deep end and I am loving it. 1. I volunteered to work at an open day for my Uni where I talked about my Public Relations and Marketing Communications course and met lots of lovely people hoping to enrol onto it next year. It was such an enjoyable day and from this I met a lot of new people and have been asked to work the next one. 2. I have said yes to many things without making excuses as to why I can't do it. I am a planner and have to have a lot of structure in my life. So when someone invites me to something last minute, It really just throws me into panic mode and there have been so many times in the past where I have missed great opportunities or chances to bond with the people I love. University has made me break that structure down a lot, which I thought was impossible.

3... I totally wrote for my Uni newspaper.  

This will mean nothing to a lot of people but to me this is such a big achievement. I've always wanted to get my writing out there some how and blogging is an incredible platform to be do that. I also wanted to look for other places to write other than my blog and that's where the newspaper fit in. You're able to write about anything you want and it is available online to read and in physical form around campus for all to see. The fact I got to talk about my love of fashion and didn't try to wriggle my way out of a great opportunity just makes me happy. What I am basically trying to get at is it's so rewarding to set yourself goals and see them unfold right before your eyes. I am still not exactly sure where I want to be on the confidence scale but I am doing a heck of a good job, if I do say so myself. 

Have you set yourself any goals recently?