Lifestyle // Life Update + Mini University Wishlist

   Hey lovelies,
It feels good to finally be blogging again! Firstly, my camera lead is broken and I am yet to purchase a new one so I've been unable to post any outfits. Anyway, hopefully I'll have a whole load to blog about in the next few weeks. Aside from not having blogged for a while, I found out some really exciting news last month.. I GOT INTO UNIVERSITY AHH! That was probably a little overreaction but heyho. I'd done so much college work but convinced myself there was no way I'd be going, I couldn't have been happier to see a surprise email from UCAS telling me I had been accepted into my first choice University to study Public Relations and Marketing Communcations. I have just over four weeks until I move into halls, which is so exciting. This week I am starting my shopping for all my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen bits which of course means I am heading to... IKEA yasss! Ally and I have also been doing lots of shopping in preparation for Freshers fortnight where we finna TURN UP, eyebrows on flick! (sorry for that outburst) not to mention, Wheatus are playing on one of the days. I am super nervous and excited to meet my housemates and start my course. Hopefully both will be lovely! Next month I should hopefully have lots of freshers outfit posts to blog about. These are a few things on my wishlist that I hope to bring along with me to uni. :)

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Lipstick Holder - I had one of these that I actually gave to Ally a while ago. I purchased a new one on the weekend which arrived very quickly. Mine holds 24 lipsticks which is less than my actual lipstick collection but I plan on having my most favourite/most used lipsticks in each holder. I love my collection of lipstick's and use them on a day to day basis so didn't want to just keep them hidden in a makeup bag and also when people visit my room, I want them to see my collection and know that I am a hardcore lipstick lover!

Skull Shot Glass - It wouldn't be a University wishlist without something alcohol related throw in too, right? ;) you see the standard shot glass everywhere and I thought why don't I pick something a little different. Especially as I think it helps to not make any confusion with me and my housemates over who owns what shot glass. 

Lamp - I already know about what the space in my room is like. I have so many empty surfaces that I want to fill up. Lamps are seriously so inexpensive and are great for when it's later in the evening but you don't really fancy having your main light turned on. I've been looking at lots on the Ikea site and loads of them are really cool shapes.

Fairy Lights - These were probably the first things that me and Ally discussed getting as soon as we found out we were going to university. Fairy lights are literally one of the nicest things you can have in your room to jazz it up. Plus, they really are a nice touch for when that festive season comes along.

Ikea Plant Pot - You are most definitely guaranteed to have seen these pots in many bloggers storage posts. Even though these are plant pots they make for good storage use for makeup brushes and many other things. I plan on getting myself at least two of these to use for my growing makeup brushes collection and other little bits such as bobby pins and hair bands. 

Are you heading to University in September and is there anything else I should add to my list?

What's your opinion?

  1. Congrats for getting into uni you are going to have an amazing time, I really need some of those clear make up holders they are great xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. Thank you so much Jessica :'D they are honestly the best things to help you organise all your makeup!