Fashion // OOTD: I Put Diamonds On My Promises.

                                                                                           Hey beauts,
It's been a while since my last post but I've really just been trying to enjoy my summer as much as possible  watching Season 2 of OITNB & listening to Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey. Two pretty cool things have happened since I last blogged, firstly I got my nose re-pierced. It's actually been six weeks since I got it done but you just couldn't see it properly in my last post. I am so happy to have had it done again as last year not even a week into it, my stud fell out and my nose closed up really fast, oops. Secondly, me & Ally both got summer jobs working in our local NEXT, eek! we start on Thursday and I am completely dreading it as I get super nervous before basically doing anything but hopefully it'll be a good few weeks getting some retail experience.

Dress - eBay/ Fedora Hat - Primark/ Chelsea Boots - Depop/ Lips - Bourjois - Ole Flamingo 

I've had this gorgeous dress hanging up on my rail, waiting to be worn for over a year now. Firstly I won a bid for it on eBay just as the sun went away last year and I've also been waiting to get a hat to pair it with. It's the loveliest blue colour and has summer written all over it and I love that it's got a little pattern going on. I always complain about my height as I am only 5'2 but I feel like this dress is the perfect length for my height. (P.S excuse my hot dog looking arms).

I did a bit of shopping this weekend and Ally got this fedora from Primark for only £8. I was a little tempted to pick it up myself but resisted, up until we got home later and Ally seriously looked stunning when she posted this Instagram with her hair down. The next day, seeing as we had to return back to the shops again, I found myself back in Primark, hunting down for this fedora. Luckily, I got the second to last one and have not regretted my decision to go back for it since. I always say I want to put my hair down but only if I have a nice hat to go with it, it's nice to not have my hair up all the time. So, probably expect to see all my outfit posts for the rest of the summer with my hair down wearing my fedora, haha. On my lips, I am wearing Ole Flamingo from Bourjois' Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick's. Expect a full review of it in the next few weeks, but without going into too much detail about it in this post... I am in LOVE. ;) 

Have you purchased any key pieces for summer?

Song In Title: Josh Record - For Your Love 


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    1. Thanks lovely, love how bold it is! :D

  2. Love this dress, I love styling up hats especially in summer xxx

    1. Thanks Jessica, I'm looking forward to styling this bad boy up, espcially now with such sunny weather. :)


  3. We've basically been up to the same things recently haha! I love Ultraviolence, I was so lucky to see her perform live at Glastonbury, Yay for jobs! I bet you'll end up spending your wages on the clothes, it's tough working in retail. ;) I have that hat too! It looks so cute on you. :)

    Tara x

    1. Ahh, so jealous you got to see Lana live. Bet she was amazing! :D Funny you should say that, definitely spent a lot of my wages on clothes... But what else would we get wages for? ;) so glad I purchased it, such a great hat. :)


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