Lifestyle // Loneliness.

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 I am lonely and I have been for a while. Does this make me upset? Sometimes, but I feel like I've accepted the fact that I, like many others get lonely sometimes. I feel alone, but does this make me sad? No, I've tried my hardest on countless occasions to put myself out there but it just doesn't work. I wish I had more genuine friends. But am I going to dwell on it? Nope, not a chance. This is the strangest post I've ever written but I just feel like since my blog is mine and I not only want to talk about fashion and beauty, that I need to write more personal lifestyle posts. I recently found myself feeling so angry and upset about how my life is now at the age of 19, in terms of how I feel compared to 2-3 years ago. If I was to go back in time, I'd never imagine myself to feel like this today. This is not me feeling sorry for myself. But this is me saying that I honestly don't mind feeling lonely sometimes. 
 I guess what I am trying to say is, I've learnt that it is actually okay to feel lonely at times. I'm lucky, I'm very lucky... I have an amazing and supportive family and even if we get into little arguments I'll never stop loving them. I don't have half as many 'friends' as I did around two years ago, but at least I have a few people who'll always pick me up when I'm feeling down and make me feel super happy because I know they truly care about my wellbeing, as I do there's. And yes, I may only be able to count those few people on one hand but that doesn't matter to me. Life is short and well all know that. Deep down I'd be so upset If I continued to waste my time on situations and people that just don't matter. Loneliness for me isn't isolating myself away from everybody, loneliness makes me come to the realisation that sometimes life is going to throw so much things at you, that you feel you can't handle but eventually you'll get through it and it's not a bad thing to not want to put on a brave face all the time.


Fashion // OOTD: I Put Diamonds On My Promises.

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                                                                                           Hey beauts,
It's been a while since my last post but I've really just been trying to enjoy my summer as much as possible  watching Season 2 of OITNB & listening to Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey. Two pretty cool things have happened since I last blogged, firstly I got my nose re-pierced. It's actually been six weeks since I got it done but you just couldn't see it properly in my last post. I am so happy to have had it done again as last year not even a week into it, my stud fell out and my nose closed up really fast, oops. Secondly, me & Ally both got summer jobs working in our local NEXT, eek! we start on Thursday and I am completely dreading it as I get super nervous before basically doing anything but hopefully it'll be a good few weeks getting some retail experience.

Dress - eBay/ Fedora Hat - Primark/ Chelsea Boots - Depop/ Lips - Bourjois - Ole Flamingo 

I've had this gorgeous dress hanging up on my rail, waiting to be worn for over a year now. Firstly I won a bid for it on eBay just as the sun went away last year and I've also been waiting to get a hat to pair it with. It's the loveliest blue colour and has summer written all over it and I love that it's got a little pattern going on. I always complain about my height as I am only 5'2 but I feel like this dress is the perfect length for my height. (P.S excuse my hot dog looking arms).

I did a bit of shopping this weekend and Ally got this fedora from Primark for only £8. I was a little tempted to pick it up myself but resisted, up until we got home later and Ally seriously looked stunning when she posted this Instagram with her hair down. The next day, seeing as we had to return back to the shops again, I found myself back in Primark, hunting down for this fedora. Luckily, I got the second to last one and have not regretted my decision to go back for it since. I always say I want to put my hair down but only if I have a nice hat to go with it, it's nice to not have my hair up all the time. So, probably expect to see all my outfit posts for the rest of the summer with my hair down wearing my fedora, haha. On my lips, I am wearing Ole Flamingo from Bourjois' Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick's. Expect a full review of it in the next few weeks, but without going into too much detail about it in this post... I am in LOVE. ;) 

Have you purchased any key pieces for summer?

Song In Title: Josh Record - For Your Love 


Fashion // OOTD: I Want Money, Power And Glory.

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                                                                                    Hey lovelies,
 This feels like the oddest thing sitting here actually writing a post. I haven't written a post since May, which is crazy. I had so much college work to do that blogging just had to take a backseat for quite a while. I'm completely finished with college and can't believe that two years of it has well and truly come to an end but I'm half anxious and half excited to see what's to come now (definitely more anxious). Anyway, my summer has officially started and that means, more blogging! :)

Turtle Neck Top - Matalan/ Skirt - Asos/ Chelsea Boots - Depop/ Cat Ring - H&M/ Above Knuckle Ring - The Bohemian Collective  

I haven't been in a while, but every time I go shopping I just have to pop into my local Matalan and without a doubt, I always spend more money then I intend to but I always walk away a very happy customer with new clothing and accessories I know I won't stop wearing. I got this turtle neck top from there a while ago and I really haven't been able to stop wearing it. I've been after a turtle neck jumper for a while but I am so pleased with this top. I think it's better than a jumper as it's really light and with the ever changing weather in the UK, It doesn't get unbearable to wear when the sun comes out.I think the mustard yellow of my skirt and the white really go well together. 

H&M have really got their accessories on point. A while back I went in there and picked up some cat rings. This was one of them and love wearing it to jazz up a simple outfit. 

Are you a fan of Matalan? 

Song In Title: Lana Del Rey - Money Power Glory