Guest Post* | How to Enjoy a Summer Holiday, on a Budget

It’s understandable that many families don’t manage to get away for a summer holiday during the year. It can cost a fortune if you’re not careful, especially when you have a brood to think about! However, if you know where to look, and you know where to cut costs, you can enjoy a stint in the sun without spending as much as you might expect.

Booking the Holiday
Compare the various holiday websites to find the best dates, destinations and prices for you and your holiday dreams. If you have the flexibility, last minute deals may be the perfect option but, obviously, if you have to base your holiday around school terms and work commitments, this may not be possible.
The flight you book can also have a huge impact on the final cost that you pay – unsociable hours, and mid-week flights, are far more affordable than peak times.

Prepping for the Holiday
Unfortunately, it’s not just the actual holiday that can incur costs – there are other things to think about too. For example, if you have pets that you have to consider, you could end up spending a fortune on kennels, catteries or similar, which can add to the cost of your holiday greatly. Instead, see if you have a close friend or family member who can help you out by taking your pets for the duration of your holiday – treating them to a bottle of wine as a thank you will be a lot cheaper than forking out for the kennels.
You also have to think about the clothes that you are going to take away with you. It’s natural to want to treat yourself to some new gear for your time in the sun, but you don’t have to spend a fortune. Travel light, and mix and match, and you won’t have to buy much to ensure you have enough outfits to last you the holiday. Take a look at the George maxi dresses, for example, which can easily be doubled up for evening wear as well as a cover-up for sunny days. 
Book airport parking in advance, if you’re planning on driving to the airport. You can save a fortune by doing this rather than paying on the day, with various websites available where you can compare the deals, too.

Whilst on Holiday
If you’re staying in an all-inclusive resort, take full advantage of it. All inclusive deals include all your meals and most drinks, so you don’t have to worry about spending money on meals out, which can easily add up - unless you want to treat yourself, of course!
Opt for free activities rather than spending excessively on excursions. If you do wish to explore, make sure you shop around for the good, reliable deals. Or, alternatively, book them before you go to take advantage of advance deals.

Watching your money too closely can take the fun out of the whole holiday experience, but being a little frugal can also mean the difference between enjoying a holiday this year and not! 

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