Review: Pearlys!

              Hey lovelies,
First off, dark evenings mean my pictures in this post are pretty bad quality (annoying times). I'm here with my first review of the year. A while back I was sent some some products from Pearlys. I received the Pearlys Teeth Whitening Foam and the Pearlys Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder. My mums pretty much bought Colgate in my house for as long as I can remember and even though it does work great on my teeth, recently I've wanted to try out new toothpastes/products to help my teeth stay white. I am pretty skeptical when it comes to teeth whitening products but I tried these products out for a few weeks so I could see whether they did wonders for my teeth or not..

Pearlys Teeth Whitening Foam*

I really enjoyed using this foam as it was such an easy process. You use this daily and are instructed to just apply a layer over your toothpaste and brush for 2-4 minutes. As I already said, I am pretty skeptical when it comes to teeth whitening products but being completely honest, I was so surprised when around three days after using the foam I really started to see a difference in the colour of my teeth. My teeth stayed whiter for longer and even when I didn't use it as often, I still noticed that my teeth were a lot whiter than they usually are. This foam really did make an amazing impact on my teeth.

Pearlys Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder*

I think out of this powder and the foam, I preferred this one by a tiny little bit more. You only need to use this powder once or twice a week instead of your normal toothpaste. Through the weeks I used it, I only used it once a week and started to see a really big difference in my teeth straight away. This powder definitely makes your teeth feel and look really clean. It contains sodium bicarbonate and green tea to help polish and freshen (green tea literally has so many good benefits).

I literally couldn't rave about these two Pearlys products anymore. I think they are fantastic for anyone looking for inexpensive products to use to help whiten your teeth. Both products are priced at £12.50 each and are available to purchase on the Pearlys website.

Have you used any teeth whitening products and if so, what were the results?


What's your opinion?

  1. Wow, im pretty impressed this lot worked! I'm so sceptical when it comes to teeth whitening. I've found the Oral B strips do work (the strongest ones) and I had my teeth professionally whitened about 5 years ago but I haven't really tried many products since then. I am tempted to try this because my teeth have never been naturally white even though I take a lot of care when it comes to my teeth!

    Tara xo

    1. Same here so it's always great when you find products that actually work really well! :'D I've heard really good things about the Oral B strips so really want to give that a go too! I honestly recommend trying these products out! :)


  2. Nice review, it sounds like a good deal but I’m not sure about using powder. I stick with my Stella white strips :)