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Hey lovelies,
Long time no blog... My first semester at University has gone by so quickly. A blog post has well and truly been needed but with my amount of uni work, it's been pretty impossible. I am finally back on my post writing, which well and truly excites me. 

A few weeks ago I was kindly contacted by the lovely Kate from Simply Be informing me on the new Simply Be campaign #simplybereal where they want people to talk about their fashion mishaps to show that we are all real people and embarrassing fashion mishaps are inevitable... Well for me anyway, ha. I of course jumped at the chance because my life is full of awkward moments and embarrassing tales. Very kindly me and quite a few other bloggers who are on board with the campaign have had illustrations to go along with our stories, which were designed by up and coming illustrators. So thank you very much to Lauren for mine, it's not only amazing but really does describe my story in picture form, haha. 

It was rather hard to just pick one story as I really am little miss clumsy and have so many #fail moments... (did I really just put #fail? um...) Anyway, the story I have decided on is from summer just gone, I was so excited to have secured myself a job for the summer working at my local NEXT store. This was such an exciting time for me as I've always wanted to get my foot in retail and this would be my first bit of retail experience. I was really excited not just for the experience but also that I had my twin sister Ally, right by my side. I walked into the store on the day of my induction feeling like I'd assume Carrie Bradshaw would after getting another pair of shoes to add to her collection. 

Me and Ally were greeted by one of the lovely employees and directed to the staff room while we waited for others to arrive. There were already two members of staff sitting inside chatting, I walked in to go take a seat and couldn't help but notice they were both looking at me in a puzzled way and it was in that moment that Ally pushed me into the cloakroom on the left, that I'd realised my skirt had been tucked into my knickers since walking in. It was honestly so embarrassing and was made worse by the fact I had to walk past those same two staff members again after. It's now made me always double check that my skirt is in the right place. 

I'd love to hear of your fashion mishaps in the comments and if you also decide to tweet it on Twitter then make sure to include #simplybereal in your post. :)


Fashion// Christmas Party Dresses Wishlist

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                                                                                    Hey beauts,
The Christmas season is upon us once again and it's that time of the year where as well as ticking everything off your xmas shopping list, we start to think about outfits we can where to those special occasions leading up to Christmas. I've put together a little wishlist of dresses I've got my eyes on this year. I have no idea whether I'll be doing anything that requires a fancy outfit but it's always good to be prepared nonetheless.

Untitled #34

1 - Cobalt Bardo Dress - Asos
I love the structure of this dress, it's classy but has a sexy edge to it. Cobalt is a colour I have recently fallen in love with as it's so bold and really stands out, which is something I think most people looking for a dress for a certain occasion tend to go for. I'd say as the neckline is so far up you wouldn't really need to accessorise it up too much. A nice pair of earrings would be perfect, but if you'd still prefer to rock a necklace with it then something dainty would be spot on.

2 - Green Glitter High Neck Dress - Topshop
No matter what occasion, Topshop always have the perfect dresses for everyone occasion. This high neck just has everything I look for in a dress down to a t. This is a really lovely looking high neck and I honestly think no necklace is needed at all. I could see some bangles looking gorgeous with it.

3 - Navy Sequin Dress - George
I'lll always be a lover of glitter but I think I love it just that extra bit more around this time. I love the simplicity of it. Navy isn't really my first choice of colour for a dress as I either love to go for plain black or something really colourful. I'm not really a big fan of the top of my arms either so I really like how it's neither sleeveless or too long. These would look amazing styled with some heeled boots.

4 - Deep Plunge Split Maxi - Asos
This is honestly such a daring dress and I'd really have to put a lot of thought into whether I could pull it off or even just wondering whether it's too fancy or not to what I am attending. It's amazing to take risks sometimes, especially with fashion and your own personal style. When picking dresses I like to stick with not having everything out at once and this pushes that a bit as there's cleavage and a thigh split, but I think it's perfectly fine whether you choose to go for one or both.

5 - Printed T-Shirt Dress - Asos
This is definitely something a little different from what I'd usually go for as it's a t-shirt dress. I really like it because I don't think it's my typical christmas party style dress. Unlike the other dresses I've picked, I think this one would be great to style again for other fancy events that aren't christmas related.

Apologies for the awful quality but I hope this post has given a little insight and perhaps inspiration into ideas for what to wear in the coming weeks leading up to christmas... And possibly new years events. 

What kind of dresses do you like to wear to Christmas events?


Lifestyle// Taking A Confidence Leap Into University

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                                                                                                            Hey lovelies,
It's currently past 3am in the UK and I feel now is the perfect time to get a post going. I've already had a little boogie in bed to Taylor Swift (boogie?) and I feel I am now in my creative hour. Remind me again to never fall asleep at 11:30 because I'll be wide awake until the early morning. This is my first personal post I've written since being in Uni and it feels so odd to be in new surroundings. As I briefly mentioned in my last post, Uni for me is currently like one big roller coaster which I'm not ready to get off.

Before leaving home for halls, I had a long hard think to myself about what it is that I want to achieve whist at University. My main goal of course is to get a degree that will hopefully open many doors and exciting opportunities for me. Aside from that, I had a think about some personal goals I wanted to set myself. The first thing that instantly stood out in my mind was confidence. I don't think I've ever really spoken about it on here but I really lack confidence and can be ever so shy a lot of the time. I've always wished I could just break out of it and ooze with confidence but it just isn't that easy. Since September 21st (the date I moved to uni) I feel I have made the biggest effort to keep that goal up. I have said yes to so many new things and that honestly makes me feel so good because looking back a few months, or even weeks ago I wouldn't have pictured myself like this now. 

The actual point of this post is to actually talk about the fact that I have dived right into the deep end and I am loving it. 1. I volunteered to work at an open day for my Uni where I talked about my Public Relations and Marketing Communications course and met lots of lovely people hoping to enrol onto it next year. It was such an enjoyable day and from this I met a lot of new people and have been asked to work the next one. 2. I have said yes to many things without making excuses as to why I can't do it. I am a planner and have to have a lot of structure in my life. So when someone invites me to something last minute, It really just throws me into panic mode and there have been so many times in the past where I have missed great opportunities or chances to bond with the people I love. University has made me break that structure down a lot, which I thought was impossible.

3... I totally wrote for my Uni newspaper.  

This will mean nothing to a lot of people but to me this is such a big achievement. I've always wanted to get my writing out there some how and blogging is an incredible platform to be do that. I also wanted to look for other places to write other than my blog and that's where the newspaper fit in. You're able to write about anything you want and it is available online to read and in physical form around campus for all to see. The fact I got to talk about my love of fashion and didn't try to wriggle my way out of a great opportunity just makes me happy. What I am basically trying to get at is it's so rewarding to set yourself goals and see them unfold right before your eyes. I am still not exactly sure where I want to be on the confidence scale but I am doing a heck of a good job, if I do say so myself. 

Have you set yourself any goals recently?


Intellicig #FreshersEssentials + Giveaway

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                                                                                                                          Hey beauts,
It's been well over a month since I last posted, I've missed blogging so much. As I mentioned quite a few times over the summer, I am now a Uni girl. I am nearly three weeks into being a fresher and I am honestly loving it. If you'd asked me five or even a year ago, there would be no way I'd imagine myself sitting typing this post up in my bedroom in halls. Life is crazy and has been a total Roller Coaster these past few weeks but I am loving it.

The lovelies over at Intellicig kindly sent me some essentials to get me through freshers week and at the end of this post there will be a chance for you to enter my giveaway to win everything I got from Intellicig. The Cold & flu relief has been so handy as in the first week I came down with freshers flu and needed quick things to make me feel better and this along with vapour rub helped both my nose and throat. Everything has just been so handy and has saved me having to go out and look for all these things individually.

        My tips for Freshers?

1. It's okay to feel nervous - I can get pretty nervous for things, but the nerves for University were on a whole different scale. Looking back now, I honestly had nothing to worry about but I think I am lucky because I've met some of the most amazing people in such a short amount of time and it really worried me that I wouldn't make any friends or that my teachers would be mean but it's truly okay to feel nervous but just know that once you're all settled in, you'll start to relax a lot more.

2. Get to know people - As someone who is ridiculously shy at times, I can't believe how confident I've become in these past few weeks. I now find myself trying to get to know as much people as possible and volunteering myself to take part in things. I understand and get that not everybody is friendly, which is fine but it doesn't hurt to start up a conversation. Even a smile here and there will go a long way. 

3. Budget - It is honestly so easy to overspend while being at University, especially in your first week or two weeks of freshers. Budgeting will help you to stay on top of your money and know how much you have to spend on foods shops, a new outfit, drinks etc... I am yet to try this but I think if you set yourself a weekly amount you can spend then withdraw that money so you don't take your card everywhere with you, so when you walk past Topshop and see those boots that you really like but don't need, you'll know you don't even have your card to pay for them.

4. Every shop is your best friend - Honestly, once you've paid your rent for the term you aren't really left with much so when it comes to food shopping you can't really buy anything too expensive and most of the branded things you're used to buying are now the stores own brand, which is completely fine. I am in no way ashamed to admit that a lot of things I have are own brand items (had to stick with Bisto Gravy though). You're still having a good meal so it doesn't even matter. By all means, buy branded food if that's what you prefer but it doesn't hurt and it is so much cheaper to get the same can of beans at a cheaper price. 

5. Stay on top of your work - There are times when I forget I am actually at University to get a degree and not here just to turn up every night. Everyone wants to have an amazing time at University but just don't forget where you want to see yourself after you graduate. Make sure you make time to actually do some reading and look at assignment briefs, as well as actually doing the assignments. 

6. HAVE FUN!!! - My most important piece of advice is honestly just to have fun. As everyone keeps telling me, your three or so years will speed by and life can be so hectic at times but just remember to enjoy yourself. University is apparently the best time of your life so enjoy every minute of it.

* I don't usually have terms and conditions in giveaways but as an electronic cigarette is included in the essentials pack, this will only be an 18+ giveaway. + UK only.


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Lifestyle // The One Question I Hate Being Asked.

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We all have those questions that we hate being asked. Whether it's "what do you want to be when you're older"? to "why are you always on your laptop"? my most hated question would without a doubt be, how have you never had a boyfriend? some of you are most probably thinking that there isn't really anything wrong with this question; which yes is quite true, but without exaggerating hands down I can tell you I've been asked this question on every occasion I find myself talking about love and relationships with people. 

Honestly, I've had this question go round and round my head for so long now. Not to be big-headed or anything but I think I'm a pretty decent human being. Not in look wise because I understand I'm not everyone's cup of tea. I see myself as the type of girlfriend to enjoy cuddling up on the sofa with someone watching the same film we've watched over 50 times, and still managing to tear up at all the sad bits and having those 2am chats about life and our hopes and dreams for the future. I don't know why I've never had a boyfriend and I don't know why the most affection I've ever gotten is from a dreamy guy who looked a lot like Ryan Gosling, I giggled as we danced along to a few songs out one night and as we swayed from left to right to one of the many slow songs, he looked into my eyes with his perfect green eyes as every sound and person around me started to fade as if it were just me and him alone, at this point his face was pulling in closer and my eyes began to close and my lips began to get ready for this romantic film like moment, in which then I realised his lips had gone past mine and um, he'd given me the wettest kiss on my ear. Life, ay.

In my very early teen years when I'd barely even hit puberty, I thought that something was wrong with me. All my friends were in relationships and meeting that guy they'd spent weeks speaking to on Bebo. While I, on the other hand, struggled to think why I was doing the typical pre-teen things. Fast forward to me now aged 19, I find myself wondering how that couple sitting opposite me who barely look like they've hit puberty are on a date but I'm still questioning my relationship status, exactly like I did as a pre-teen. The moral of this post I guess is that I don't know why I've never been in a relationship or even been asked out on a date, but frankly I'm learning that I don't really care. I'm so glad that I didn't pressure myself into rushing into a relationship or doing something I'd live to regret now with a guy that I wouldn't have even known all too well. So to next person that ask's me why I've never had a boyfriend, as much as I know you don't mean any harm, I honestly couldn't tell you why and I'm fine with that. I'd rather be asked this question repeatedly 
than pressure myself to do things, not to be asked this again. 


Lifestyle // Life Update + Mini University Wishlist

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   Hey lovelies,
It feels good to finally be blogging again! Firstly, my camera lead is broken and I am yet to purchase a new one so I've been unable to post any outfits. Anyway, hopefully I'll have a whole load to blog about in the next few weeks. Aside from not having blogged for a while, I found out some really exciting news last month.. I GOT INTO UNIVERSITY AHH! That was probably a little overreaction but heyho. I'd done so much college work but convinced myself there was no way I'd be going, I couldn't have been happier to see a surprise email from UCAS telling me I had been accepted into my first choice University to study Public Relations and Marketing Communcations. I have just over four weeks until I move into halls, which is so exciting. This week I am starting my shopping for all my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen bits which of course means I am heading to... IKEA yasss! Ally and I have also been doing lots of shopping in preparation for Freshers fortnight where we finna TURN UP, eyebrows on flick! (sorry for that outburst) not to mention, Wheatus are playing on one of the days. I am super nervous and excited to meet my housemates and start my course. Hopefully both will be lovely! Next month I should hopefully have lots of freshers outfit posts to blog about. These are a few things on my wishlist that I hope to bring along with me to uni. :)

Untitled #33
Lipstick Holder - I had one of these that I actually gave to Ally a while ago. I purchased a new one on the weekend which arrived very quickly. Mine holds 24 lipsticks which is less than my actual lipstick collection but I plan on having my most favourite/most used lipsticks in each holder. I love my collection of lipstick's and use them on a day to day basis so didn't want to just keep them hidden in a makeup bag and also when people visit my room, I want them to see my collection and know that I am a hardcore lipstick lover!

Skull Shot Glass - It wouldn't be a University wishlist without something alcohol related throw in too, right? ;) you see the standard shot glass everywhere and I thought why don't I pick something a little different. Especially as I think it helps to not make any confusion with me and my housemates over who owns what shot glass. 

Lamp - I already know about what the space in my room is like. I have so many empty surfaces that I want to fill up. Lamps are seriously so inexpensive and are great for when it's later in the evening but you don't really fancy having your main light turned on. I've been looking at lots on the Ikea site and loads of them are really cool shapes.

Fairy Lights - These were probably the first things that me and Ally discussed getting as soon as we found out we were going to university. Fairy lights are literally one of the nicest things you can have in your room to jazz it up. Plus, they really are a nice touch for when that festive season comes along.

Ikea Plant Pot - You are most definitely guaranteed to have seen these pots in many bloggers storage posts. Even though these are plant pots they make for good storage use for makeup brushes and many other things. I plan on getting myself at least two of these to use for my growing makeup brushes collection and other little bits such as bobby pins and hair bands. 

Are you heading to University in September and is there anything else I should add to my list?


Guest Post* // Suitcase Essentials for a Winter Sun Break

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If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off for some winter sun this year, then lucky you! When the autumn and winter months kick in, there’s nothing better than escaping to sunnier climes and if you have the good fortune to be doing just that, then make the most of it. If you’re wondering what to pack, it’s understandable – packing bikinis and vest tops when the weather at home is so questionable can be a difficult thing to fathom. To help you, here are a few tips on what to pack for your winter break.

By the Pool
Let’s face it, one of the main reasons we jet off to a holiday destination abroad during the winter months is so that we can laze by the pool and soak up the rays that we wouldn't be privy to back home. If that’s not enough, the miles upon miles of sandy beaches are usually on the doorstep too, giving us plenty of opportunity for moonlit walks, sunning ourselves on sun loungers and building sandcastles.
For this, you’ll need a bikini or one-piece (the swimwear at George is great quality and very reasonably priced), some sunglasses and a sunhat of some description. If you have the space, a beach towel would also be worth taking, although usually, you can use a hotel towel which will do the job just as well. Don’t forget the suncream either!

If, like many, you couldn't bear to spend the entire time by the pool and you need to explore the area a little during your stay, some excursions or day trips will be in order. You need to dress sensibly if this is your plan, because you’ll likely be out and about all day. Sundresses and maxi dresses are perfect for daywear, as are shorts and strappy tops. Take some suitable walking shoes, such as trainers, if you’re heading out all day, or some sandals if you’re popping into the local town. Take a layer or two with you as well – something that can cover your shoulders if you were to catch the sun, or if a sea breeze emerges.

The great thing about sundresses and maxi dresses is they can be dressed up for the evenings too, which is perfect if you have to travel light. Take some accessories that will complement your outfit and some wedges to give your chosen dress a lift.
Take a pashmina or shrug too – it can get chilly in the evening and you don’t want to be sporting goose pimples if you don’t have to! While these items are the bare minimum, you get the picture. Don’t forget the camera either – you’re bound to want to capture some of your holiday moments to remember! Take the opportunity to lie back, relax and catch the rays; the UK isn't lucky enough to have as much sunshine as some other parts of the world, so you may as well make the most of it while.

Lifestyle // Loneliness.

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 I am lonely and I have been for a while. Does this make me upset? Sometimes, but I feel like I've accepted the fact that I, like many others get lonely sometimes. I feel alone, but does this make me sad? No, I've tried my hardest on countless occasions to put myself out there but it just doesn't work. I wish I had more genuine friends. But am I going to dwell on it? Nope, not a chance. This is the strangest post I've ever written but I just feel like since my blog is mine and I not only want to talk about fashion and beauty, that I need to write more personal lifestyle posts. I recently found myself feeling so angry and upset about how my life is now at the age of 19, in terms of how I feel compared to 2-3 years ago. If I was to go back in time, I'd never imagine myself to feel like this today. This is not me feeling sorry for myself. But this is me saying that I honestly don't mind feeling lonely sometimes. 
 I guess what I am trying to say is, I've learnt that it is actually okay to feel lonely at times. I'm lucky, I'm very lucky... I have an amazing and supportive family and even if we get into little arguments I'll never stop loving them. I don't have half as many 'friends' as I did around two years ago, but at least I have a few people who'll always pick me up when I'm feeling down and make me feel super happy because I know they truly care about my wellbeing, as I do there's. And yes, I may only be able to count those few people on one hand but that doesn't matter to me. Life is short and well all know that. Deep down I'd be so upset If I continued to waste my time on situations and people that just don't matter. Loneliness for me isn't isolating myself away from everybody, loneliness makes me come to the realisation that sometimes life is going to throw so much things at you, that you feel you can't handle but eventually you'll get through it and it's not a bad thing to not want to put on a brave face all the time.


Fashion // OOTD: I Put Diamonds On My Promises.

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                                                                                           Hey beauts,
It's been a while since my last post but I've really just been trying to enjoy my summer as much as possible  watching Season 2 of OITNB & listening to Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey. Two pretty cool things have happened since I last blogged, firstly I got my nose re-pierced. It's actually been six weeks since I got it done but you just couldn't see it properly in my last post. I am so happy to have had it done again as last year not even a week into it, my stud fell out and my nose closed up really fast, oops. Secondly, me & Ally both got summer jobs working in our local NEXT, eek! we start on Thursday and I am completely dreading it as I get super nervous before basically doing anything but hopefully it'll be a good few weeks getting some retail experience.

Dress - eBay/ Fedora Hat - Primark/ Chelsea Boots - Depop/ Lips - Bourjois - Ole Flamingo 

I've had this gorgeous dress hanging up on my rail, waiting to be worn for over a year now. Firstly I won a bid for it on eBay just as the sun went away last year and I've also been waiting to get a hat to pair it with. It's the loveliest blue colour and has summer written all over it and I love that it's got a little pattern going on. I always complain about my height as I am only 5'2 but I feel like this dress is the perfect length for my height. (P.S excuse my hot dog looking arms).

I did a bit of shopping this weekend and Ally got this fedora from Primark for only £8. I was a little tempted to pick it up myself but resisted, up until we got home later and Ally seriously looked stunning when she posted this Instagram with her hair down. The next day, seeing as we had to return back to the shops again, I found myself back in Primark, hunting down for this fedora. Luckily, I got the second to last one and have not regretted my decision to go back for it since. I always say I want to put my hair down but only if I have a nice hat to go with it, it's nice to not have my hair up all the time. So, probably expect to see all my outfit posts for the rest of the summer with my hair down wearing my fedora, haha. On my lips, I am wearing Ole Flamingo from Bourjois' Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick's. Expect a full review of it in the next few weeks, but without going into too much detail about it in this post... I am in LOVE. ;) 

Have you purchased any key pieces for summer?

Song In Title: Josh Record - For Your Love 


Fashion // OOTD: I Want Money, Power And Glory.

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                                                                                    Hey lovelies,
 This feels like the oddest thing sitting here actually writing a post. I haven't written a post since May, which is crazy. I had so much college work to do that blogging just had to take a backseat for quite a while. I'm completely finished with college and can't believe that two years of it has well and truly come to an end but I'm half anxious and half excited to see what's to come now (definitely more anxious). Anyway, my summer has officially started and that means, more blogging! :)

Turtle Neck Top - Matalan/ Skirt - Asos/ Chelsea Boots - Depop/ Cat Ring - H&M/ Above Knuckle Ring - The Bohemian Collective  

I haven't been in a while, but every time I go shopping I just have to pop into my local Matalan and without a doubt, I always spend more money then I intend to but I always walk away a very happy customer with new clothing and accessories I know I won't stop wearing. I got this turtle neck top from there a while ago and I really haven't been able to stop wearing it. I've been after a turtle neck jumper for a while but I am so pleased with this top. I think it's better than a jumper as it's really light and with the ever changing weather in the UK, It doesn't get unbearable to wear when the sun comes out.I think the mustard yellow of my skirt and the white really go well together. 

H&M have really got their accessories on point. A while back I went in there and picked up some cat rings. This was one of them and love wearing it to jazz up a simple outfit. 

Are you a fan of Matalan? 

Song In Title: Lana Del Rey - Money Power Glory 


Guest Post* // Visit the UK's Best Waterparks this Summer

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Kids love waterparks, there's no getting away from it. Even the most shy child will seemingly come alive as they splash about in the water, throw themselves down flumes and play in the kids play areas. They offer a great day out for all the family and can even transport you to the tropics, with their lagoon style pools, palm trees and subtropical climate, so where should you head for a day out the kids will never forget? Take a look at where to put your new swimming costumes to the test:

The Splash Landings Waterpark at Alton Towers
You don't have to be enjoying everything else Alton Towers has to offer if you want to use the waterpark here. Simply pre book your tickets online and you'll be able to access everything this fabulous waterpark has to offer. You'll be transported to the Caribbean as you float about around the lazy river and enjoy thewaterfall in Lagoon Bay. There are bubble pools both in and outside, the Master Blaster, which is a state of the art flume that'll whiz you all the way around the waterpark at high speed, a great kids area, separate toddler pools and so much more. Your little waterbabes won't quite believe their eyes.

Splash Waterworld, Butlins
Another fantastic waterpark you can visit on a day pass and not have to be staying at Butlins to visit. Enjoy the lazy river, relax in the bubble pools, surf the waves in the wave machine pool, brave the rapids and have fun on the flumes. Whether you try out the Master Blaster raft ride at Butlins Minehead, shoot the water cannons or try out the Space Bowl flume, there's a ride and a pool to suit every member of the family. The great thing is you have the entire Butlins resort at your disposal, as well as Splash Waterworld,so you can really make a day out of it if you do decide to visit Butlins at Minehead, Bognor Regis or Skegness with the kids this summer.

Sandcastle Waterpark, Blackpool
The UK's biggest indoor waterpark is home to some pretty impressive flumes. With 18 slides, pools, a wave machine, lazy river and lots more, there's so much to keep everyone entertained all day. There's an amazing kids area, the Caribbean Storm Treehouse, which features slides, waterfalls, water cannon and a huge bucket just waiting to empty its contents all over the unsuspecting children underneath. Fort Riptide features a fort to conquer and slides, and HMS Thundersplash is a fantastic pirate ship just waiting to be explored. The kids will have an absolute ball here at Sandcastle Waterpark and will be begging to return.

Clearly you don't even have to leave the country to find an amazing waterpark which will have the kids talking about it for years to come. Buy your swimming costumes at George and take advantage of their great value prices, leaving you more money to spend on your day out.

Guest Post* // Update Your Denim

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Now that the sun’s made an appearance and the nights are getting lighter, the jeans that went so well with your boots and woolly jumpers all winter start to feel a bit wrong. 

It’s time to think about sprucing up your look for summer with some new denim that’ll complement all those floaty tops and jewelled sandals perfectly.

It seems like skinnies have been every fashion-conscious woman’s go-to choice since the teenage girls who wear them now were in nappies. But there’s a good reason why we never seem to get bored of them – versatility. Whether you’re in flip-flops or stilettos you can guarantee you’ll look great if you team them with a pair of skinnies. And if you’re conscious of your ‘mum tum’ that’s no reason not to get in on the action. Choose a high-rise pair that cover up your tummy and wear with a loose tunic-style top.

Super Skinny
We’re agreed that skinnies are great, but what if you want to sharpen up your usual skinny look – maybe for a night out with the girls? In that case you’ll need a pair of super skinnies to give the wow factor to your look. Perfect when combined with a leather jacket and a pair of towering heels.

Boot-cuts have remained very much a fixture in our skinny-obsessed times for good reason. They’re figure flattering and comfortable – just what you need for the school run. The same goes for a classic straight cut – a forever-stylish option that will take you anywhere.

What could be more perfect for summer than a shorter cut that lets you flash a bit of (hopefully tanned) ankle and show off your fresh pedicure and new strappy sandals? These cropped jeans from George tick all the boxes when it comes to adding a summery feel to your denim look.

Everyone who’s ever felt depressed by the sight of their bum/thighs/tummy in the mirror when trying on jeans can now rejoice! These days every retailer worth their salt have a range that can lift and sculpt you to the point that you can look up to a size smaller. Result!

Perfect for those mornings when we really wish we could just stumble to the school gates in our pyjamas, jeggings are the ultimate option for those days where we want to look fashionable but feel ultra-comfy too. And if you’re venturing out in a summer tunic-style dress, stick a pair in your bag and you can pop them on if it gets a bit chilly!

Even if you don’t have a hot, hip boyfriend whose jeans you can swipe to achieve the effortless look this cut is named after, you can still get the same effect. Roll them up and wear with plimsolls for a cool but understated style statement or team them with heels for a fashion-forward look. Fans of this laid-back style can take it up a notch by trying out some super-trendy dungarees.


Fashion // OOTD: It's Like A Dark Paradise.

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                                                                                               Hey lovelies,
I'm back with a rather colourful outfit post today. All my most recent outfits have either been monochrome or just the standard grey. I really need to get with adding a bit more colour into my life, especially as the weather starts to heat up (even though the UK weather has been a bit rubbish lately).

 Dress - iKrush*/ Blazer - Charity Shop/ Chelsea Boots - Depop/ Studded Bracelet - Corbico Jewellery*/ Rings - H&M, Primark/ Lipstick Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate '01' - Superdrug

I was very pleased when iKrush got in contact with me to ask if I wanted to review something from the site. I remember hearing about iKrush last year when they launched their incredible £1 dress collection. Unfortunately I didn't manage to bag myself one as they sold out like hot cakes but a year on, I can now add this little beauty to my wardrobe. iKrush honestly has one of the best affordable fashion sites. I know I pretty much fall in love with every item of clothing, but I can barely put into words my actual love for this dress. It really is the perfect spring dress. It's perfect for fancy occasions in the sun and even the smaller ones. I was so excited to style it up with my long blazer that I got last year in one of my local charity shops, I'd been waiting for the perfect outfit to throw it over and I think this one was definitely worth the wait (It reminds me a little of Rosie's outfit from Monday nights Made In Chelsea, because of the shoulder pads haha). 

They don't show up on my camera at all but I'm wearing a really gorgeous pair of Chelsea Boots that I got on Depop for only £11, amazing. I've already worn them out and they are the comfiest things ever. I'll feature them in another post soon, so you can see them better. I've said in so many posts previously that I want to start adding more accessories to my outfits and lately I've really stuck to my word. H&M have recently stocked up on so many Cat inspired rings, so the other week I picked up the cat face and cat ears rings. Plus, they were no more than £3. The plain silver one is from Primark, a while ago. Lastly, I knew my spiked Corbico Jewellery bracelet would match well with the other silver accessories.  

What do you think of my iKrush dress?

Song In Title: Lana Del Rey - Dark Paradise.


Beauty // Review: Top 5 Favourite Red Lipstick's.

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    Hey beauts,
The thought of wearing red lipstick always used to scare me. I always thought wearing red's on my lips would make me look way too over the top. Fast forward a year later, I have now realised that practically every red is different from each other. There can be dark reds, there can be light reds. I pretty much live in red lipstick, even though I am currently loving my pinks at the moment. I thought I'd share with you my top 5 favourite red lipsticks seeing as my lipstick collection is never ending. 

L-R: MAC - Russian Red/ Sleek - Vamp/ Barry M - 162 Cranberry Red/ Look Beauty - Cherry Bomb/ Rimmel Kate Matte - 107

Mac - Russian Red
Russian Red has to be one of my all time favourite lipsticks. I always find myself reaching for it on a night out as there is nothing better than wearing something bold on your lips. It definitely has some hints of orange in it which makes me feel comfortable about trying out orange lipsticks. It's a matte lipstick but I've never found it to be drying on the lips. It's definitely a great recommended red, a lot of people are afraid to try red lipsticks but once you try Russian Red out I think it'll give you the confidence to give red a go.

Sleek - Vamp
Vamp was one of my first purchases when trying to build up my reds. I just recently rediscovered my love for it. It's kind of a strange red shade for me as sometimes it appears very red and then other times (like in the picture of me wearing it) almost as if it's a brown. Nonetheless, it's still such a gorgeous shade.It's a great colour to wear at all times. Yet again, this is another matte. I just have such a love for matte lipsticks as the ones I own are never too drying on the lips.

Barry M - 162 Cranberry Red
The ultra moisturising lipsticks from Barry M are most definitely underrated. The collection has some of the most gorgeous colours I've ever seen. My favourite of course has to be Cranberry Red. I think it definitely looks very plumb-ish but once applied you can see it's a quite shiny red. It's enriched with cocoa butter to leave lips feeling super hydrated. This is another great everyday lipstick. Honestly, once you've got into wearing red lipstick you'll soon realise it isn't quite as scary as you used to think.

Look Beauty - Cherry Bomb
I'd been meaning to get a full review of Cherry Bomb from Look Beauty up. Apart from 107, I have never fallen in love with a lipstick so much like I did with this one. A while back I was buying a gift on Superdrug but didn't quite spend enough to claim free UK delivery. I searched around for something cheap to throw into my basket and settled for Cherry Bomb. As it was rather cheap, around £3 I wasn't really expecting much from it but damn, I was so wrong. From the packaging to the brightness of it, it just ticks all the right boxes for me. It most definitely made me think twice on judging the quality of a lipstick just because of its price.

Rimmel Kate Moss - 107
I'm pretty sure I used to go on about 107 way too much on here. If you're looking to build up some red lipsticks then it's always good to have at least one or a few plum colours in your collection. When I'm stuck on what lipstick to wear I'll always reach for 107 as it really will go with any outfit. It's my number one favourite matte lipstick.If you're scared to fully get into the bright reds then starting off with a nice plumb red like this is perfect.

Do you have a favourite red lipstick?