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Christmas Eve Present Ideas
 There are some Christmas traditions that you will have retained from your own childhood, and some which you have created yourselves and added to the season. Choosing the tree, decorating the house and watching Christmas films are all just as much a part of getting into the spirit as the actual day and gifts. One great tradition that many people have is opening one present on Christmas Eve. Families do this to get little ones excited about the day ahead and to go to bed dreaming of magical things, couples and friends may do this just because they can’t wait and this helps tide them over until the next morning. Whatever your reasoning, make sure you chose your Eve gifts wisely. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

There is little better in the world than getting all snuggly on a winter evening, shutting out the world and just chilling out; except maybe doing all of that, but on Christmas Eve. Why not treat your loved one to some new pyjamas or a onesie from George to get really cosy in the night before, and you’ll have the added bonus of waking up in brand new PJs on Christmas morning. This is a great one for adults and kids alike; you’ll soon be hurrying to bed to wait for Santa, and in no rush to get dressed on Christmas day.

Bath Goodies
Christmas day is wonderful, but it can be a little stressful. Give someone the gift of relaxation this Christmas Eve with some nice smellies or bath products so they can unwind before the main event. There are tonnes of Christmas themed products too if you want to help them get into the festive mood, so go and have a good sniff of what’s available and find something which reminds you of Christmas.

Treat someone with the Christmas Eve tipple of their choice, after all, what better excuse is there than Christmas? Wrap a bottle of their favourite wine or spirit ready to crack open with a mince pie whilst doing the last of the wrapping. Or for kids or non-drinkers there are some fab hot chocolate kits with mugs, marshmallows, stirrers and everything you need, ready for them to enjoy before turning in on Christmas Eve.

Book or Film
Traditions are what you make of them, and they need to be about the whole experience rather than just the present or they become mechanical and stale. Why not wrap a Christmassy film for everyone to watch together, or if you have kids a book like the Night Before Christmas will go down well as a pre-Christmas gift and could soon become a big part of your Christmas Eve preparations.

Christmas Eve presents needn’t be lavish or expensive and they are really just a token and a teaser about what’s to come the next day. Find something you know the recipient will love, wrap it beautifully and pop it under the tree in anticipation of the festivities to come.

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