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                                                                                                             Hey lovelies,
Today's post is a little bit of a different one. Sk:n has been about for over 20 years and offers quite a lot of different treatments at really reasonable prices. In the future I'd be more than willing to give some of the treatments they offer a go. There are a variety of treatments to suit everyone from skin tightening to laser treatment for acne.

The skin peels they offer is where they use non-toxic chemical solution on the skin to revitalise and reduce any damage to it from things such as too much sun. It's pretty much similar to exfoliating the skin but just a bit different. They offer a variety of different skins peels such acne skin peels for acne treatment. To get the best results it can take anything from 2-4 treatments to see the best results.

They offer laser treatment for different areas. From eyebrows to sideburns. I'd definitely consider getting laser treatment one day as it would be easier than shaving or waxing so often. You can book consultations on the Sk:n website if you want to find out what would be the best laser treatment for you and generally find out more information. 

I know quite a bit about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and one in ten women will suffer from it. It can affect quite a lot things and I know you can get quite a lot more hair in different areas than people who don't suffer from PCOS and this can obviously affect anyone's confidence. As there isn't a cure, it's great that there are a lot of treatments out there for anyone who suffers with it.

Would you consider getting any treatments done?

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