Review: Exante Diet.

                                                                                                              Hey beauts,
A few weeks ago, I was sent some great food and shakes so I could try the Exante Diet for a week. I am pretty skeptical when it comes to things on losing weight but I have to say I really enjoyed trying this out. :)
Exante Diet; 1 Week Taster Pack

On the Exante Diet website they give you three different plans that you can follow. These include the total solutions plan, the working solution's plan and the one I went for which was the simple solution's plan which allows you to add in your own meals with the Exante products.

I much preferred it this way as it meant I could really mix and match and add in some of my own meals. For instance on Friday's I always have a really early start at college and there really isn't time to make porridge so instead I had a banana and then had my own lunch but made the pasta carbonara for dinner. This worked out so much easier for me as I wouldn't be able to have all Exante products everyday.

I really enjoyed the nutrition bars as they were quite filing and were such a nice little snack to have in between. My favourite definitely had to be the chocolate orange one. These bars were great because I could take them out with me and they made a great little snack for college.

All the dinners were really easy to make and I loved the soups. Especially since it has been really rainy and cold in London. Soup is my absolute favourite in the Autumn! 

Overall, I generally really enjoyed trying the Exante Diet for a week. It was so nice to try something different and I loved the mix of everything. You can buy a one week taster pack on the Exante website and you can also buy each individual product too! 

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