Guest Post: Ladies suits: the most flattering silhouettes for each shape!

Dressing for the office is a potential minefield - look too casual and you risk appearing unprofessional, look too formal and you appear overly straight-laced. Luckily ladies' suits now come in many shapes, sizes and styles, and with our helpful guide it's easier than ever to determine the right option for your figure.


A Marilyn Monroe-esque hourglass figure is probably the most coveted of all. Fitted waists are the key to enhancing this super-feminine shape, so opt for a high waisted pencil skirt and team with a simple shirt in one block colour. Bold shades are a great way to insert some fun into your work wear while still keeping it formal. If you'd rather opt for trousers, go for a wide legged high waisted pair to emphasise your curvy hips.


If you're an apple shape, you should aim to show off your lovely legs and bum. Choose suits that will draw the eye away from the waistline: A-line skirts, trousers with slightly flared legs and dresses with detail at the hem and neckline are all great options for the office. Structured jackets are perfect for apples, as they make your slender shoulders a focal point.  


The pretty pear shape is the UK's most common silhouette. Invest in an on-trend ladies jacket with padded shoulders which will help to balance out small upper bodies and slim waists, but make sure that it cuts off before the hip line. Team with trousers in dark colours and brightly patterned tops to draw the eye up toward your slim torso. As for skirts A-lines do wonders, skimming over larger hips and thighs and helping to define your waist.


If you haven't got many curves you can create them with your clothes. Choose skirts that will add volume with pleats, frills and ruffles, and team with a fitted jacket which will show off your petite frame and add definition to little waists.

Whatever your shape there's a style to make you look professional and feel great - it's just a case of finding the one that 'suits'! 

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