PacSun - Kendall & Kylie Wishlist + Coupons.

                                                                                            Hey lovelies,
Kendall & Kylie Jenner are definitely in my top five fashion inspirations. They always look gorgeous and don't even get me started on their figures! like a lot of other people, I was super excited when they first announced their collection with PacSun and they've since gone on to design more for them. I've put together a little wishlist of a few of my favourite things from their collection.

PacSun Kendall & Kylie Wishlist.
                                          1.) Dropped Shoulder Hi Low Fleece
I may not be in Kalifornia.. (I love how they've put a K in) but I definitely need this fleece. It looks really nice and thin and would be great to wear for those less chilly days. I love the black on the shoulders. This would be great to wear with some leggings, especially on those days where you want to look casual but stylish at the same time.

I've said on here so many times that I want to start wearing beanies.. I am yet to purchase my first one but I've got my eyes on this beaut one. I love the shade of blue. I also want to start wearing my hair out, instead of having it up all the time.

I love the selection of beanies available in the Kendall & Kylie collection. I love how this says angel on it and the fact that it's white makes it even better. Anything white just reminds me of Christmas.

Is it okay to describe this as delicious? I am so in love with this and I love how it has been styled on the model on the site. The fact that it's low at the back means it'll be great to wear with leggings without exposing those 1D knickers.. ;) I'd definitely pair it with some disco pants and wedges for a night out.

My obsession for boots has become very unhealthy recently.. I generally wear boots everyday. I really love boots with cut outs and not only does this pair but I really like the leopard print at the back it just jazzes it up a bit more instead of being so plain.

I know summer has come and passed already but I saw a picture of Kendall wearing these and they instantly had to go on my wishlist. Round frames are the best and I always fall in love with them. Sun or no sun I'd definitely still wear these now. ;)

TeenScreen is a site that features Instagram favourites of the week to lots of fashion posts such as trend alerts. Also on the site they have PacSun coupons and offers such as save 15% on orders of $50 dollars or more and plus you can get free shipping on top of that with the discount codes provided on the site. PacSun have some amazing things on the site and I think to be able to use coupon codes makes shopping on PacSun even more great. If you like something from my wishlist or want to order something from the PacSun website then I'd suggest having a look at the PacSun coupons and saving yourself a bit of money.

What's your favourite thing on my wishlist and will you be purchasing from PacSun?

What's your opinion?

  1. Ugh, I love them so much. I totally agree with you - they're on my top five list of style inspirations too. Love everything you picked out from their collab!

    1. Those girls have got serious style and the collaboration is just genius. ;D Thanks lovely!