Guest Post: Ladies suits: the most flattering silhouettes for each shape!

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Dressing for the office is a potential minefield - look too casual and you risk appearing unprofessional, look too formal and you appear overly straight-laced. Luckily ladies' suits now come in many shapes, sizes and styles, and with our helpful guide it's easier than ever to determine the right option for your figure.


A Marilyn Monroe-esque hourglass figure is probably the most coveted of all. Fitted waists are the key to enhancing this super-feminine shape, so opt for a high waisted pencil skirt and team with a simple shirt in one block colour. Bold shades are a great way to insert some fun into your work wear while still keeping it formal. If you'd rather opt for trousers, go for a wide legged high waisted pair to emphasise your curvy hips.


If you're an apple shape, you should aim to show off your lovely legs and bum. Choose suits that will draw the eye away from the waistline: A-line skirts, trousers with slightly flared legs and dresses with detail at the hem and neckline are all great options for the office. Structured jackets are perfect for apples, as they make your slender shoulders a focal point.  


The pretty pear shape is the UK's most common silhouette. Invest in an on-trend ladies jacket with padded shoulders which will help to balance out small upper bodies and slim waists, but make sure that it cuts off before the hip line. Team with trousers in dark colours and brightly patterned tops to draw the eye up toward your slim torso. As for skirts A-lines do wonders, skimming over larger hips and thighs and helping to define your waist.


If you haven't got many curves you can create them with your clothes. Choose skirts that will add volume with pleats, frills and ruffles, and team with a fitted jacket which will show off your petite frame and add definition to little waists.

Whatever your shape there's a style to make you look professional and feel great - it's just a case of finding the one that 'suits'! 


OOTN: You Better Work Bitch.❤

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                                                                                              Hey lovelies,
Half term is coming up and this week I am barely in college so that means I can properly start posting again. Yay! this is my first ever outfit of the night post, there will definitely be lots more to come. I've been 18 for around 7 months now and I finally got my I.D. So me, Ally + some friends decided to go out and damn did we have a good night. I literally had so much fun partying the night away and seeing so many old faces. 

Dress - ASOS/ Necklace - New Look (Ally's)/ Boots - New Look 

I've had this dress for quite a while now and I've worn it on a few occasions before. It's definitely one of my favourite go-to dresses as it is plain black and it means I can really accessories with it. It has got a really nice elasticated waist which also makes it easy for me to it either make it long or short. It reminds me a lot of this T-shirt dress which is also from New Look. There is such a good selection of New Look dresses. I've got my eye on the burgundy colour. Ally kindly let me borrow her new statement necklace from New Look which I think couldn't have looked any better with it. I decided to wear my boots which are also from New Look, (I am New Look cray cray) with it too and the necklace matched with it as they both have bits of gold on them.

This wasn't actually my original outfit. I decided to buy a new outfit so bought this yellow dress that I thought would look really nice but just hated the way it looked then decided to buy another dress that came on the same day I was going out but when it turned up it was a completely different dress. Gutted. Luckily though I managed to pull this outfit together really last minute and I am actually really glad that I really liked it. Dresses are my favourite to wear on a night out.

What do you like to wear on a night?

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Review: Exante Diet.

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                                                                                                              Hey beauts,
A few weeks ago, I was sent some great food and shakes so I could try the Exante Diet for a week. I am pretty skeptical when it comes to things on losing weight but I have to say I really enjoyed trying this out. :)
Exante Diet; 1 Week Taster Pack

On the Exante Diet website they give you three different plans that you can follow. These include the total solutions plan, the working solution's plan and the one I went for which was the simple solution's plan which allows you to add in your own meals with the Exante products.

I much preferred it this way as it meant I could really mix and match and add in some of my own meals. For instance on Friday's I always have a really early start at college and there really isn't time to make porridge so instead I had a banana and then had my own lunch but made the pasta carbonara for dinner. This worked out so much easier for me as I wouldn't be able to have all Exante products everyday.

I really enjoyed the nutrition bars as they were quite filing and were such a nice little snack to have in between. My favourite definitely had to be the chocolate orange one. These bars were great because I could take them out with me and they made a great little snack for college.

All the dinners were really easy to make and I loved the soups. Especially since it has been really rainy and cold in London. Soup is my absolute favourite in the Autumn! 

Overall, I generally really enjoyed trying the Exante Diet for a week. It was so nice to try something different and I loved the mix of everything. You can buy a one week taster pack on the Exante website and you can also buy each individual product too! 

Have you ever tried the Exante Diet?


PacSun - Kendall & Kylie Wishlist + Coupons.

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                                                                                            Hey lovelies,
Kendall & Kylie Jenner are definitely in my top five fashion inspirations. They always look gorgeous and don't even get me started on their figures! like a lot of other people, I was super excited when they first announced their collection with PacSun and they've since gone on to design more for them. I've put together a little wishlist of a few of my favourite things from their collection.

PacSun Kendall & Kylie Wishlist.
                                          1.) Dropped Shoulder Hi Low Fleece
I may not be in Kalifornia.. (I love how they've put a K in) but I definitely need this fleece. It looks really nice and thin and would be great to wear for those less chilly days. I love the black on the shoulders. This would be great to wear with some leggings, especially on those days where you want to look casual but stylish at the same time.

I've said on here so many times that I want to start wearing beanies.. I am yet to purchase my first one but I've got my eyes on this beaut one. I love the shade of blue. I also want to start wearing my hair out, instead of having it up all the time.

I love the selection of beanies available in the Kendall & Kylie collection. I love how this says angel on it and the fact that it's white makes it even better. Anything white just reminds me of Christmas.

Is it okay to describe this as delicious? I am so in love with this and I love how it has been styled on the model on the site. The fact that it's low at the back means it'll be great to wear with leggings without exposing those 1D knickers.. ;) I'd definitely pair it with some disco pants and wedges for a night out.

My obsession for boots has become very unhealthy recently.. I generally wear boots everyday. I really love boots with cut outs and not only does this pair but I really like the leopard print at the back it just jazzes it up a bit more instead of being so plain.

I know summer has come and passed already but I saw a picture of Kendall wearing these and they instantly had to go on my wishlist. Round frames are the best and I always fall in love with them. Sun or no sun I'd definitely still wear these now. ;)

TeenScreen is a site that features Instagram favourites of the week to lots of fashion posts such as trend alerts. Also on the site they have PacSun coupons and offers such as save 15% on orders of $50 dollars or more and plus you can get free shipping on top of that with the discount codes provided on the site. PacSun have some amazing things on the site and I think to be able to use coupon codes makes shopping on PacSun even more great. If you like something from my wishlist or want to order something from the PacSun website then I'd suggest having a look at the PacSun coupons and saving yourself a bit of money.

What's your favourite thing on my wishlist and will you be purchasing from PacSun?


New In: New Look Chunky Cut Out Buckle Ankle Boots.❤

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                                                                                                Hey beauts,
I am currently listening to Miley Cyrus' new album Bangerz on repeat. I literally cannot get enough of it, SO good! I just wanted to do a little post to show you all my new babies that I recently purchased!

Black Chunky Cut Out Buckle Ankle Boots - New Look £29.99

When writing up my Autumn/Winter wishlist I knew instantly that I really wanted a pair of chunky boots. I'd seen so many options and styles that I was really drawn to. I really loved the look of the Jeffery Campbell Coltrane but just couldn't spend that much on them. Not long ago a lot of people were tweeting about these boots and saying they were dupes of the coltrane and to my surprise, they looked really similar. Just as I wanted to buy them, they had sold out in store and online and only selected sizes came back in stock. I was so happy last week when I saw that size 7's were available. I decided to quickly order them before they went out of stock again and I was lucky enough to get a bit of money off them too with student discount and click and collect in store is fantastic!

They arrived in store on Wednesday and I've fallen in love with them. I have to say though that I felt as if they were a little bit tight putting them on but they fit like a dream once your foot is in. Of course new footwear takes a while to break into. I decided to wear them to college today and while walking to the bus stop I think I slipped on these little apples (darn apples!!) and managed to fall on the floor and grazed my leg *cry cry* It was so embarrassing, especially because someone saw me but they were so nice to reverse and ask if I was okay. Ally was a babe too and helped me up and cleaned my leg for me. My tights got ripped from it but it looked quite awesome, quite grungy which I like! the buckles have quite a few scratches on them from my fall but they are still in great condition. I'll definitely be getting a lot of wear out of them. They sell out really fast on the site but luckily all sizes are currently back in stock so make sure you snap these bad boys up before they go out of stock again. 

What do you think of my boots? do you own a pair?


OOTD: Cause I'm Coming At You Like A Dark Horse.❤

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                                                                                                          Hey lovelies,
I haven't blogged in nearly two weeks and I've missed it so much. *sad face emoji* I just didn't want to put up a quick random post. I've just been so busy with college at the moment, everything is so hectic and don't even get me started on lighting issues. Anyone got any suggestions for some good cheap lighting.. Perhaps from eBay? anyway, I'm hoping to start blogging regularly again. I'm glad to be back with an outfit post. Yay!

T-shirt - c/o Be Unrivalled/ Jeggings - Fashion World/ Cardigan - Primark/ Flatforms - eBay

I came across new up and coming brand Be Unrivalled on Twitter and was kindly given the opportunity to review one of their t-shirts. I chose to go for their glow in festival t-shirt that I have absolutely fallen in love with. I know it's from the men's section but I just couldn't help myself. I am so in love with the design of it as it reminds me of some of the festivals and concerts I've been to when you're having such a good time with your hands in the air. The designs of their t-shirts is definitely what attracts me and I have to say I can't say that about a lot of other brands nowadays. Their slogan is "Art is not just for walls" and you can most definitely tell they stand by that with the cool and unique t-shirts on offer on their site. Not to mention, their t-shirts are SUPER soft and they feel so amazing. Their t-shirts range from £21-£23 which is so inexpensive. They're currently working on their next range which I am too excited to see. ^__^ I am such a big fan of t-shirts.

I decided to style my t-shirt with my new jeggings from fashion world. I really wanted to pair it with a skirt but then that would have been taking away from the design. I want to start wearing these jeggings more instead of skirts! I really want to also start jazzing up my style a bit more and I could definitely see myself wearing this t-shirt with some cool printed trousers. Lastly, I won a bid on these gorgeous flatforms on eBay and couldn't be any happier with them. I have been wearing them around my house a bit and I'm hoping that when I eventually wear them outside they'll be easy to walk in and not make me fall flat on my face. ;)

What do you think of my t-shirt? make sure to check out the Be Unrivalled site.

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