Review: Sleek - Smother.

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                                                                                                            Hey beauts,
I've missed blogging so much recently. I'm back at college and am trying to stay on top of my work so I haven't really had any time to blog, even though I've got so many posts to share with you lovelies. Anyway, as we move into Autumn, my love for vampy lips certainly comes into full swing. I finally got round to purchasing a Sleek product, I've wanted to buy one for ages as I think all their products are so reasonably priced and I've heard how the quality is really good so I was happy to pop into Superdrug a few weeks ago and pick up this little gem!
Sleek Smother Lipstick - Superdrug 4.99

This is fast becoming one of my favourite lipsticks ever purchased. I always love to set myself challenges in A/W to see how daring I can be with my choice of lipstick. I feel like this one kind of is. Plum colours are my favourites to have on my lips this time of year. This is a matte with a sheen finish which I've never had in a lipstick before. My love for matte lipsticks definitely continues to grow but I do find with some that your lips start to hurt but I love with this that it's enriched with vitamin E so your lips stay soft and hydrated. I've wanted to get my hands on MAC's Rebel for ages now and while looking at other bloggers reviews on this Smother lipstick, I'd noticed quite a few people had done posts comparing this one and Rebel and I cannot believe how identical they both look to each other. The reviews have been so good for both of them. I don't really have a bad word to say about this, I'd just say to be careful when first applying it though as it can smudge easily when first applied. Apart from that, it has such great lasting power and is highly pigmented. After picking up this and being so happy with it I then purchased another one of their True Colour Lipsticks that'll I'll either be reviewing on its own soon or putting it into one of my top lipsticks for A/W post. Sleek has now been placed into one of my all time favourite makeup brands.

Do you own any Sleek products?


OOTD: Cause I Was There When You Said Forever And Always.❤

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                                                                                                                Hey lovelies,
How chilly has it got? brrr... need to invest in a good nightgown so the mornings aren't such a struggle. I started back at college this week and I know I wish I could just laze around in bed all day but I have to admit I am quite enjoying getting back into a routine. I seem to be on a roll with my outfit posting at the moment. I've got some lipstick reviews coming up soon that are my go-to lipsticks for A/W that I am excited to be posting about over the next few weeks! :)

Shift Dress - c/o Scarlett & Jo/ Shoes - H&M

When the lovely Lucy picked out a dress from the Scarlett & Jo range for me to review on here she couldn't have picked a better choice. This is exactly the type of dress that I would have picked out for myself as well. I am such a sucker for peter pan collars. I love how it isn't just your typical style collar - the crochet detailing on it makes it so unique and sets it apart from many other dresses out there. Purple is also one of my favourite colours and my love for it definitely gets a bit bigger around A/W as I think it is the perfect colour for dresses for special occasions such as Christmas parties or even Christmas day. I love how it looks so nice and casual paired with my flats for a nice little daytime look and I can easily make it look dressy for those special occasions with a pair of boots or heels. As I am only 5'2 I sometimes don't get along that well with some dresses as they can be too long for my short legs but I think this is perfect just going above the knees. The three-quarter length sleeves are also another favourite thing of mine as I really don't like my shoulders and a lot of dresses I like don't have sleeves on so I cover myself up with a cardigan but I love how the sleeves are short and sheer.

I decided just to keep it casual the way I styled this outfit. Next time I'll most probably throw in a pair of studs and a watch too. If you didn't already know you can shop the Scarlett & Jo range over at Evans. Whether you're looking for something casual or dressy there's so many lovely pieces for you to choose from. 

What kind of dresses do you like to wear in A/W?

Song In Title: Taylor Swift - Forever And Always.


OOTD: I Came In Like A Wrecking Ball.❤

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                                                                                         Hey beauts,
This week went so fast. I had my college induction day on Wednesday for my second year and I can't believe this will be my final year. Autumn is also fast approaching and it has been super chilly. Even though I'm more of a winter girl with the days starting to get dark quickly it really messes up the lighting of my pictures, grrr I'd rather this than heatwaves to be fair.

T-shirt - Charity Shop/ Fluffy Cardigan - Primark/ Skirt, Boots - Clothing at Tesco 

Last week I did quite a bit of shopping with Ally for back to college bits. We popped into our favourite charity shop called Scope and I am so gutted as we found out they are closing down the shop later on this month. :( They've got quite a few stores located in England and I think the next closest one is Camden which isn't too bad. They've got quite a lot of stuff to get rid of before they close down so everything is pretty much on sale. I was having a little look at one of their 50p rails when the first thing I spotted was this awesome Batman t-shirt. At only 50p this was such a bargain. I wouldn't say I'm the biggest batman fan or anything even though I love watching The Dark Knight Rises and having the gorgeous Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tom Hardy and Christian Bale in one movie should be illegal but I just thought this would be great to add to my rather plain looking wardrobe.

I also just had to pick up this super cosy fluffy cardigan from Primark. So many bloggers/youtubers I follow and am subscribed to have raved on about this cardigan for a few weeks now. This couldn't be a better purchase as you honestly need keep warm when the UK gets cold. If you do want to get your hands on this cardigan then I definitely suggest sizing up like I did to make it more oversized but it doesn't come up too big. My skater skirt and boots will always be my top picks to go with a t-shirt and cardigan.

What has been your best charity shop purchase?

Song In Title: Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball.


OOTD: Freshers Fashion.❤

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     Hey lovelies,
Summer is coming to an end and its time for us to go back to the early mornings and see what the new school, college or uni year will bring. Epiphany Search were looking for student bloggers to create their perfect first week outfit with Clothing at Tesco for back to college or university with a budget of up to £50. This was my chosen outfit.
Striped Jumper, Skater Skirt, Biker Ankle Boots - c/o Clothing at Tesco/ Bag - New Look/ Headband - Primark 

There's honestly nothing I love more than wearing jumpers to college. I thought about going for a top and cardigan but I just liked the idea of a jumper better. I saw this striped one and instantly knew that it had to be mine. Since it's only September the UK weather still tends to be a bit all over the place and in previous years we've seen heat waves so I was happy that this isn't a really thick jumper. It's really light and even when it does start to get cold I can just layer it up with a vest top and collared shirt underneath. Stripes never go out of fashion. 

As much as I want to start wearing more jeans you've got to have a black skater skirt in your wardrobe and I'm glad I went for this one as the texture of it is amazing. It fits perfectly and is really secure around the waist. No matter what I always go for black skirts as black is such a versatile colour. I bought a skater skirt a few months back from Primark and even though I am completely in love with the mint green colour of  it, it honestly gets me in the wrong places whereas this one fits me in all the right places and skims the places I don't like. To finish off the look I picked out a pair of ankle boots that are going to be my go-to footwear for autumn and winter. Tesco have one of the best selections of footwear in at the moment. I love just simple black boots and I love how these have little skulls on the zips. They are so comfy and were really easy to walk in straight away. My black New Look bag also went well added in. 

Make sure to check out the women's clothing on the site. Definitely going to get half of my A/W wardrobe from there! 

I can't believe I go back to college this week. These past 6+ weeks off have been well needed. I'm pretty nervous to go back to college even though it's my last year but will be glad that I'll start to have a routine again instead of 3am bedtimes, oops. On the plus side - only 106 days until Christmas.

What will you be wearing on your first day back?


A/W // Footwear Edition.❤

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Hey beauts,
This is my final post on my autumn and winter picks.. Promise. ;) As well as the clothes, footwear plays a big part in my whole outfit. In the colder days I love to be able to wear fluffy and chunky shocks and keep my feet warm. 

A/W Footwear Wishlist.

                                                     1.) Motor Flatforms - Asos £25.00
These are exactly the same flatforms that I feature in my A/W fashion edition post but just except that these ones are in black and are a bit more expensive. I love how these ones are more versatile. You'd also be able to wear cool socks with these as well.

2.) Metro Velvet Lace Up Shoes - Topshop £28.00
I can't even begin to explain my love for these. I've been eyeing them up for quite a while on the site. The fact that these are both velvet and in a burgundy colour are perfect for the winter months. I predict that these will definitely sell out so soon. I think that the pricing is so good especially since they are Topshop.

3.) Ballet Pumps - H&M £19.99
You've got to have your flats all year round. I usually just stick with plain black but I think the gold around it adds more to just the typical black. I already own some plain black flats from H&M and the quality is so good. I've had so many pairs of flats in the past that have just gotten damaged so quickly but I think H&M will now be my go-to for flats.

4.) Deco High Top Trainers - Asos £25.00
I am just loving anything with a chunky platform sole at the minute. I am a big lover of trainers and especially wear them a lot in the winter and these would look great with some black jeans and a jumper. I already own some trainers similar to these which are from Office which I haven't actually worn a lot but if I purchased these I hope I would get great wear out of them.

5.) Jink - Clarks £34.00
I really like the look of these shoes and pale blue is a colour I think I'd have a hard time styling but I think it would be really cool to see which outfits I could pair these with. I wear a lot of dresses and I think these would go really well with them, especially my tee dresses. 

What footwear are you looking forward to wearing in A/W?


Review: Nina Ricci Nina Perfume.❤

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                                                                                 Hey lovelies,
I can't believe this is my last full week of freedom until I'm back in college next week, waah! as much as I wish I could continue to lay in bed until the afternoon it means I can start a Christmas countdown (never too early).  I was kindly sent a few things from Fragrance Direct that I'll be reviewing in the coming weeks. If you didn't already know, Fragrance Direct sell discounted perfumes, cosmetics and hair care products. The prices are honestly jaw droppingly good! :)

Nina Ricci Nina Eau de Toilette Spray 30ml - c/o Fragrance Direct

I first came across a Nina Ricci perfume at my sisters house that I really loved the smell of. I can't remember which one it was but I decided to go for another one which was this Nina Ricci Nina Eau de Toilette. I have to admit at first I wasn't actually too keen on the smell as I am so used to only wearing really floral and girly perfumes but after having tried this for a while now, it really has grown on me. There's something so sexy and mature about the smell that has really got be hooked onto it. Again, it's so different from what I usually wear but it's so nice to change things up. For me personally, it's more a scent that I'd put on during the evening if I was going out for dinner rather than all day wear. 

This contains top notes of amalfi lemon and lime, praline and apple. I love the packaging it comes in and the fact that this is an apple type scent and the bottle is shaped like an apple. I'd say it lasts for about 6 hours before you need just another little spray but as this will be my evening perfume I don't think I'll need to spray more. I think this really is a great perfume especially for the winter months. I can see this lasting me a really good while. This has most definitely made me want to venture out and start buying more perfumes that I wouldn't usually go for. This 30ml bottle is £22.50 on the website. This would make the perfect gift for somebody and is also a great size to throw into your bag.

Have you tried any perfumes from Nina Ricci?