Review: Beauty Naturals - Martha Hill Honey Skin Care Travel Set.❤

Hey beauts,
I was kindly sent a Martha Hill Honey Skin Care Travel Set to review by the lovely people over at Beauty Naturals. I've been giving myself a morning and night routine for a few weeks now with these products!
Martha Hill Honey Skin Care Travel Set - c/o Beauty Naturals

Honey Cleansing Lotion -
Every morning when I started my routine the first thing I'd do was apply the honey cleansing lotion to my face. My face had most definitely been screaming for a good cleansing lotion. It didn't leave my skin oily which is the trouble I had with lots of other lotions I had tried. I am always a little sceptical when using new products on my face but this one has really done it the world of good. I'd highly recommend this for anyone else with eczema or sensitive skin for this cleansing lotions use of natural products.

Rosewater Skin Tonic -
I'd then get a cotton pad and put a bit of toner on it over my face. This made my skin feel so refreshed and healthy. This helps to refine pores and uses cucumber and rose flower water. Yet again this uses so many natural products. I like with this that you don't have to just use it once. This would especially be good for people who might have a long day at work but have plans straight after, if you just put on a tiny bit just before you go out after a hard day then it'll definitely make the skin look less tired and more refreshed.

Honey Hydro Moisturiser -
I really love my moisturiser. Moisturising is one thing I never forget to do. I've seriously been loving using this every morning and once it's gone there's no doubt I'll be repurchasing it. All I ever ask for in a moisturiser is that it isn't oily and it leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth and this really did tick all of the boxes for me. Like the rest of the Martha Hill range, it's free from any artificial colour and fragrance. My skin tends to get really dry in the winter, so I can't wait to use this bad boy and have my skin feeling silky smooth.

Honey Treatment Cream -
Lastly, I would apply this treatment cream in the evening just after I had used my cleanser again. I really love the fact that you only use this in the evening as even though I had a morning routine, after a long day it was nice to treat my skin again and leave it feeling super smooth just before bed. This didn't irritate my skin at all and I honestly think it did it the world of wonder.

I honestly highly recommend these products and think if you're looking for something natural that'll really work well on your skin then definitely give these a try. They're so inexpensive so you can't possibly go wrong. Make sure to check out the Beauty Naturals website, as they do so many other products too! plus not to mention free UK delivery! 

Do you have a skincare routine?


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  1. Honey is meant to be great for your skin so I'm definitely going to look into trying these products :D xx

    1. Whoop, definitely do lovely! so worth it! :)


  2. Gutted that the only two retailers don't ship those products to the rest of Europe.
    Used to live in UK and loved Martha Hill products.

    1. Ahh, that's such a shame. It's definitely worth contacting Beauty Naturals and seeing if there's any way you can get your hands on some of their products in the rest of Europe! :)