A/W Picks // Fashion Edition. ❤

                                                                    Hey lovelies,
First is first, hands up if you watched the Pretty Little Liars summer finale?? it was absolutely insane and literally made my jaw drop. How are we meant to wait until October 22nd for the Halloween episode/Ravenswood? haha, well apart from going crazy for Pretty Little Liars I've been thinking a lot about the new clothes, shoes, bags and accessories I want to purchase for A/W and I'm really hoping that I can get my hands on these little beauties or at least similar to them!

A/W Wish List.

1.) Motor Flatforms - Asos £12.50
I need to get my hands on these flatforms so badly. Ally came across them and we've both already been planning outfits we could wear with them. I love that they are an oxblood colour and oxblood/burgundy colours are always a hit in A/W. They are currently on sale from £25.00 down to £12.50 which is really an incredible bargain on top of Asos' free standard delivery.

2.) Meow Beanie - Amazon £5.99
I'm not usually one for beanies but as soon as I spotted this meow one I instantly fell in love. I love cats so much and it's going to become quite chilly soon so why not keep warm in style? ;) I also love how it's in black so it doesn't really stand out too much. I've spotted quite a few of these beanies around lately but I think this one was the cheapest.

3.) Flecked Cable Front Jumper - F&F Clothing £12
I've got the biggest list of jumpers to buy. I love the colour of this one and don't actually own any in this beaut colour. It looks so warm and like you'd be really comfortable in it. I think I have a really big soft spot for cable knit jumpers.

4.) Woven 2 in 1 Smock Dress - Topshop £29.00
I really love these jersey type dresses. I like wearing dresses all year round and I think this will be perfect to wear in the much colder days with a pair of black tights and a chunky knit cardigan and it can be easily dressed up with a pair of boots and a blazer. I think this is another great bargain from Topshop.

5.) Black Skull Scarf - Millie 'n' Mae £6.99
I really want a big selection of scarves to choose from this year. I've recently been seeing so many different designs that I love but I really hope to get my hands on this skull print one which looks so similar to the Alexander McQueen scarves as well but for a much cheaper price. I am already imagining the outfits I'd put it with.

6.) Katy Tee - Monki £8
I am forever on the Monki website having a look at all the beautiful clothes. I recently came across this t-shirt and think it's so adorable. I'd so love to get a pug someday but for now this tee will do! at only £8 you can't go wrong.

7.) Rib Trim Fleck Jumper - F&F Clothing £14
I think it's essential for me personally to own a simple grey jumper that I can wear with my skirts or black jeans. This one is so reasonably priced and Tesco's clothing is always great quality! paired with a simple white shirt and black skirt this would make the perfect outfit for anyone going back to sixth form, college or uni.

8.) Zip Edge Stud Envelope Satchel - New Look £17.99
New Look are my go-to shop for buying bags from. My last two bags have been from there and I've decided that I want to stick with getting my next few ones from there too. The quality is always amazing and I've never had a problem with them. I love my satchels. This would be perfect for using on a day to day basis.

9.) Flecked Cable Front Jumper - F&F Clothing £12
This is exactly the same as number 3 but just in a different colour. I've not seen many jumpers in this type of blue before so it's quite different. I love with these jumpers that the neck is quite high and round because I can't stand ones with such a low neckline. Jumpers are taking over my life!

What do you currently have on your A/W wishlist?

What's your opinion?

  1. Love the colour and pattern combinations! I'm a big fan of earthy colours and layering in the cooler months, and all about bright, bold beanies!!

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    1. Thank you lovely, layering is seriously the best! definitely going to try to get my hands on quite a few beanies this A/W! :)

  2. That beanie is adorable!



    1. Thanks lovely, really hope to purchase it soon!