Miley Cyrus Rant.

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                                                                          Hey beauts,
I contemplated for a bit about whether I should post this as I'm not really one to voice my opinion on certain subjects but I just feel that I need to on the issue of Miley Cyrus' VMA performance. Now, I know I am a fan of Miley but that doesn't affect my opinion on the situation. I just feel that it's quite ridiculous that people can brand Miley as 'racist' for her performance which I do not agree with at all. Since the performance Miley has been the talk of the world and every time I log into Twitter the talk still continues. Branding someone as a 'racist' is such a big thing to put out there and I in no way agree that her performance came across like that. I feel as if people think 'twerking' is only for black people when in fact anybody is allowed to twerk, black or not. A lot of people seem to have an issue with the fact that her dancers were all black and she's white.. What's the problem? as Ally actually tweeted today "But if Alexandra Burke was on stage with white dancers and danced "white" no one would say anything" I completely agree with this and think there is no certain way black, white or any race in general dances, everyone is different. 

I personally don't like twerking but that doesn't mean I'd go round saying disgusting things about women or even men who do it. Some of the ladies on stage are actually apart of an LA dance group and it just so happens that they're all black.. People act as if having all black dancers when you aren't black yourself is some sort of crime. People need to stop acting as if Miley has just spiraled out of control from nowhere, Miley is just expressing herself and I do agree that the performance was a bit much and that it would've been better if she had toned it down but I don't think that gives people the right to call her a slut and a racist. Also, why is no one blasting Robin Thicke? I know Miley was the one doing the twerking and grinding but he is just as big a part as she is. 

People need to over the fact that Miley isn't and never was Hannah Montana, she's an actress and of course that was such a big role in kick starting her career but I just think Miley is much different to how she played Hannah. She's expressing herself and showing that she's moved on from her Disney days and I do think she doesn't need to try so hard but you can't keep comparing her now to a character she played. Of course back in her Disney days Miley had to be squeaky clean because that's where she worked and anything she did then also effected them. Miley is trying to break away from her Disney days as we can tell but I do again agree that she honestly doesn't have to try so hard. If you really think about it, Miley did everything in moderation... We slowly started to see her own individual style forming, her hair then got shorter and then it got even shorter and then obviously We Can't Stop came out and was pretty different from what everyone expected it to be like. I don't really know where I'm going with this but I just think people need to be really careful with words that they throw out into the world.

What do you think about this whole situation?


A/W Picks // Fashion Edition. ❤

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                                                                    Hey lovelies,
First is first, hands up if you watched the Pretty Little Liars summer finale?? it was absolutely insane and literally made my jaw drop. How are we meant to wait until October 22nd for the Halloween episode/Ravenswood? haha, well apart from going crazy for Pretty Little Liars I've been thinking a lot about the new clothes, shoes, bags and accessories I want to purchase for A/W and I'm really hoping that I can get my hands on these little beauties or at least similar to them!

A/W Wish List.

1.) Motor Flatforms - Asos £12.50
I need to get my hands on these flatforms so badly. Ally came across them and we've both already been planning outfits we could wear with them. I love that they are an oxblood colour and oxblood/burgundy colours are always a hit in A/W. They are currently on sale from £25.00 down to £12.50 which is really an incredible bargain on top of Asos' free standard delivery.

2.) Meow Beanie - Amazon £5.99
I'm not usually one for beanies but as soon as I spotted this meow one I instantly fell in love. I love cats so much and it's going to become quite chilly soon so why not keep warm in style? ;) I also love how it's in black so it doesn't really stand out too much. I've spotted quite a few of these beanies around lately but I think this one was the cheapest.

3.) Flecked Cable Front Jumper - F&F Clothing £12
I've got the biggest list of jumpers to buy. I love the colour of this one and don't actually own any in this beaut colour. It looks so warm and like you'd be really comfortable in it. I think I have a really big soft spot for cable knit jumpers.

4.) Woven 2 in 1 Smock Dress - Topshop £29.00
I really love these jersey type dresses. I like wearing dresses all year round and I think this will be perfect to wear in the much colder days with a pair of black tights and a chunky knit cardigan and it can be easily dressed up with a pair of boots and a blazer. I think this is another great bargain from Topshop.

5.) Black Skull Scarf - Millie 'n' Mae £6.99
I really want a big selection of scarves to choose from this year. I've recently been seeing so many different designs that I love but I really hope to get my hands on this skull print one which looks so similar to the Alexander McQueen scarves as well but for a much cheaper price. I am already imagining the outfits I'd put it with.

6.) Katy Tee - Monki £8
I am forever on the Monki website having a look at all the beautiful clothes. I recently came across this t-shirt and think it's so adorable. I'd so love to get a pug someday but for now this tee will do! at only £8 you can't go wrong.

7.) Rib Trim Fleck Jumper - F&F Clothing £14
I think it's essential for me personally to own a simple grey jumper that I can wear with my skirts or black jeans. This one is so reasonably priced and Tesco's clothing is always great quality! paired with a simple white shirt and black skirt this would make the perfect outfit for anyone going back to sixth form, college or uni.

8.) Zip Edge Stud Envelope Satchel - New Look £17.99
New Look are my go-to shop for buying bags from. My last two bags have been from there and I've decided that I want to stick with getting my next few ones from there too. The quality is always amazing and I've never had a problem with them. I love my satchels. This would be perfect for using on a day to day basis.

9.) Flecked Cable Front Jumper - F&F Clothing £12
This is exactly the same as number 3 but just in a different colour. I've not seen many jumpers in this type of blue before so it's quite different. I love with these jumpers that the neck is quite high and round because I can't stand ones with such a low neckline. Jumpers are taking over my life!

What do you currently have on your A/W wishlist?


A/W Picks // Makeup Edition.❤

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                                                                                     Hey beauts,
I've been so distant from blogging recently. I'm just trying to really make the most of my summer before I head back to college in three weeks. Anyway, you probably read 'A/W picks' and thought, can we at least wait until summer is over? I love winter so much and couldn't resist putting up a little post on it before it arrives. All of the products I've chosen are literally so reasonably priced that I think I'll definitely be purchasing most of them from now to winter so expect to see some reviews hopefully! :)

Winter Wishlist!

                                                                   Lipsticks //

I am such a big fan of really experimenting in the winter months with lipsticks. I really love going for dark vampy lips which consist of lots of dark purples and reds. Starting off with the Rimmel Lipstick, I've honestly raved on about this lipstick from the first time I heard about it. I already own two and one of them hasn't even been opened yet but I am seriously considering purchasing another.. Just to be on the safe side. ;) It is such a gorgeous matte and it never looks over the top. You can check out the post I did on it here from last year. Barry M is one of my favourite brands. I've really been loving their lipsticks as I think that they're one of the best brands to have colours for all skin types. I think this colour looks similar to MAC's 'rebel' lipstick which I also want to get my hands on. It's priced at only £4.49 which I think is so fairly priced. 

Nail Polishes //
Models Own Boogie Nights

There are so many different colours I love to wear in the winter on my nails. I like to put on dark colours as my sort of theme in winter is always dark but as Christmas fast approaches too I really like to add glitter and just have my nails sparkle nicely. Firstly, I already own Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam and I just love that it's so unique and that I've never seen a polish like it before. I think for me it's also essential to have a black nail polish to wear occasionally. I know for a fact that this Barry M one is a really big hit. It's only £2.99 which again is amazing as I really love the quality of their products. Finally, Models Own are known for their amazing glitter polishes. Having previously owned 'Disco Mix' I think it's about time I try out another glitter and 'Boogie Nights' looks like just the right one for me. I can't wait to hopefully purchase this soon.

Eye shadows //

I've seen so many good reviews on the the Color Tattoo's from Maybelline and I'm still so desperate to get my hands on some of them. I really like the Electric Blue 75 as it's quite glittery and is perfect for a night out or even christmas parties when you want to go big with your eye makeup. I'd also say the same for Black Mystery 30 but think if you were subtle enough you could incorporate it into an everyday look. I love how its an off-ish black. Lastly, I couldn't not include a classic brown. I think Improper Copper 40 could become my go-to eyeshadow. I really do love wearing brown on my eyes and this could totally be put on during the day or on a night out.

What did you think of my picks? what products are you looking forward to using in A/W?


OOTD: And You’re Gonna Hear Me ROAR.❤ // So...? Sexy

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                                                                                                            Hey lovelies,
When Kandice from So...? got in touch with me to ask if I'd like to review the new So...? Sexy body fragrance I couldn't have been more excited. The new fragrance promotes confidence and being comfortable in your own skin to us girls. It's definitely such a good message and I couldn't be happier to be involved. I was told as well that instead of doing your typical review that I could put it into an outfit style post and wear an outfit that makes me feel most confident. So here's the outfit I picked... 

Black Vest Top - Primark/ Blue Skirt - H&M D.I.Y/ Cardigan - Ally's/ Studded Belt - Primark/ Boots - Simply Be/ So...? Sexy Body Fragrance - c/o So...?

There's nothing that I feel more confident in then a skirt. I did my own little D.I.Y with this skort that my friend Emma gave to me ages ago, I didn't really like the way it looked on me as a skort so a pair of scissors later I transformed this little beauty into a skirt. It's such a nice blue and I love the pleats all around it. The skirt really speaks for itself so I didn't want to go too over board with what I paired it with. I have millions of simple black vest tops and I love how versatile they are. I wear them with leggings when I want to be cosy inside or team them up with skirts like this for a more dressy type look. Ally very kindly let me borrow her cardigan (which I think is more a kimono but just with thicker material) that she got from Simply Be. It's so gorgeous and I hope it doesn't take all the attention off the skirt. ;) There's something about the green on the cardigan and the blue on the skirt that I just love. The fringe bit at the back gives it that fun festival type look.

So..? Sexy definitely lives up to its name. It isn't like your typical floral smelling body fragrance, it definitely has a more of a mature but fun and sexy smell to it. I'd definitely recommend a few sprays of this if you were going on a hot date or just grabbing some dinner with your gal pals! with notes of mandarin, blackcurrant, jasmine and rose you seriously have to get your hands on this. The size of this body fragrance is just perfect to slip into your bag for day to day use. The body fragrance 75ml is available to buy in Superdrug stores nationwide and the eau de toilette 30ml is available to buy in Boots stores nationwide!

Will you be getting your hands on So...? Sexy? and what clothes do you feel most comfortable/confident in?

Song In Title: Katy Perry - Roar.


Review: Beauty Naturals - Martha Hill Honey Skin Care Travel Set.❤

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Hey beauts,
I was kindly sent a Martha Hill Honey Skin Care Travel Set to review by the lovely people over at Beauty Naturals. I've been giving myself a morning and night routine for a few weeks now with these products!
Martha Hill Honey Skin Care Travel Set - c/o Beauty Naturals

Honey Cleansing Lotion -
Every morning when I started my routine the first thing I'd do was apply the honey cleansing lotion to my face. My face had most definitely been screaming for a good cleansing lotion. It didn't leave my skin oily which is the trouble I had with lots of other lotions I had tried. I am always a little sceptical when using new products on my face but this one has really done it the world of good. I'd highly recommend this for anyone else with eczema or sensitive skin for this cleansing lotions use of natural products.

Rosewater Skin Tonic -
I'd then get a cotton pad and put a bit of toner on it over my face. This made my skin feel so refreshed and healthy. This helps to refine pores and uses cucumber and rose flower water. Yet again this uses so many natural products. I like with this that you don't have to just use it once. This would especially be good for people who might have a long day at work but have plans straight after, if you just put on a tiny bit just before you go out after a hard day then it'll definitely make the skin look less tired and more refreshed.

Honey Hydro Moisturiser -
I really love my moisturiser. Moisturising is one thing I never forget to do. I've seriously been loving using this every morning and once it's gone there's no doubt I'll be repurchasing it. All I ever ask for in a moisturiser is that it isn't oily and it leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth and this really did tick all of the boxes for me. Like the rest of the Martha Hill range, it's free from any artificial colour and fragrance. My skin tends to get really dry in the winter, so I can't wait to use this bad boy and have my skin feeling silky smooth.

Honey Treatment Cream -
Lastly, I would apply this treatment cream in the evening just after I had used my cleanser again. I really love the fact that you only use this in the evening as even though I had a morning routine, after a long day it was nice to treat my skin again and leave it feeling super smooth just before bed. This didn't irritate my skin at all and I honestly think it did it the world of wonder.

I honestly highly recommend these products and think if you're looking for something natural that'll really work well on your skin then definitely give these a try. They're so inexpensive so you can't possibly go wrong. Make sure to check out the Beauty Naturals website, as they do so many other products too! plus not to mention free UK delivery! 

Do you have a skincare routine?


OOTD: I Keep Dancing On My Own.❤

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                                                                                                  Hey lovelies,
Sorry I've been absent recently, it's so annoying when you lose your blogging mojo. I always have to give myself a bit of time to take a little break from it all as you should never get stressed out over blogging. Anyway, I'm back and hope to get myself back into the swing of things quickly. On another note - am I the only one who's been kind of really liking the UK weather at the moment? I've been feeling so cosy wrapped up on the sofa re-watching Season 1 of Girls! 
Top - My Mums/ Heart Print Jeggings - c/o Simply Be/Flats - H&M

Sorry for the annoying quality of these pictures... When the sun doesn't come out this is what happens! I am one of those people that no matter if its hot or cold you'll always see me in skirts and dresses and seeing me in trousers will be somewhat of a rare occurrence. Even when the UK has its crazy snow days I still can't seem to put on a pair of trousers. When given the opportunity to pick a few things to review on my blog from the Simply Be website I decided that I just had to get a pair of trousers as I want to start wearing them much more. I picked out these nude heart print jeggings as I just found the hearts so cute. I know there's so many hearts on it but I don't think it looks over the top. When pairing things with these trousers I know that it's okay to just stick to something really simply on my top half as I don't want to take the attention away from the trousers.

I've been eyeing up this top for a while now which is my mums so I cheekily decided to borrow it for a while. Its got cute little flowers on it and I just love how the top is so plain. I paired it with my H&M flats that I am forever wearing but can't stop loving. In winter I definitely want to wear more printed trousers/jeggings!

Just to quickly add Corbico Jewellery that I did a review post on here not long ago currently have a competition running where you can win a gorgeous turquoise shamballa bracelet. Check out their blog to find out how you could be in chance of winning. Good luck and let me know if you enter! Oh, Ally also gave my blog a good re-vamping. I love it. Thanks girlie! what do you think? 

Do you like printed trousers?

Song In Title: Robyn - Dancing On My Own.