Review: Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume.♥

                                                                           Hey lovelies
I honestly don't know how to feel about the weather in the UK right now. I like sun but can't deal with this major hot heat, waaah! anyway, today's post is a review on Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume. I know it came out ages ago but it's too good not to review even after a year it was released.
Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume - Birthday Gift

This was a gift that I got for my birthday back in March. I was honestly so happy when I unwrapped it. I am a massive fan of Taylor and knew instantly that she'd create such a sweet smelling perfume and damn, gurl did good. This has become my everyday perfume with both my mum and Ally always asking to have squirt whenever they go out and I don't actually blame them. ;)

The way in which I describe this is basically that it's summer rolled into a perfume. It's the sweetest smelling flowery type smell but isn't overbearing like other perfumes. It reminds me a lot of another favourite perfume of mine which is Avril Lavigne's Black Star perfume because both are such sweet scents. The word 'Wonderstruck' means "Experiencing a sudden feeling of awed delight or wonder" and I know this probably sounds strange but it's one of those smells that sound like what they mean... Make sense?

It's honestly such a perfect scent for the summer and since getting it I've been so obsessed with putting it on daily. It really does last for a good few hours and then after a few hours go by you can still smell it but with a little respray it'll make the smell stronger. No matter whether you're a fan of Taylor or not I highly recommend everyone getting this. I'll most definitely be repurchasing this when this bottle finishes. You can purchase this from a lot of places either online or in store such as Superdrug, Boots, Amazon and The Perfume Shop.

What do you think of Wonderstruck? Will you be purchasing it?


What's your opinion?

  1. Great post!!

    Brittany, xx

  2. I have wonderstruck & Initially, I hated it, but now, I love it & use it almost everyday haha!

    Btw, what camera do you use for your pictures? such good quality! :)

    Tinkie Beauty | Beauty Blog

    1. Haha, gotta love using it everyday. ;) It just smells so lovely! thank you lovely, I use the Samsung PL150. It's such a good digital camera.