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                                                                                    Hey lovelies,
When my friend got in contact with me last week to say that her mum really liked my blog and wanted to know if I wanted to review some items from her amazing jewellery website Corbico Jewellery I couldn't have been happier. I was kindly sent two bracelets that I am so pleased with! :)

Spiked Shamballa Bracelet - £5.00 c/o Corbico Jewellery

I was so excited when this little beauty arrived. I love how big the spikes are on this bracelet and that the cord is black because that means this will be so easy to wear with any outfit. On the website it is said to be "Ideal for a punk, grunge or emo look" and I definitely agree. I love adding something a bit extra to give an outfit a grunge type of look and it's usually a lipstick that I wear that'll give it that type of look but now I think this bracelet will definitely add to it too. I think this is also really good for just jazzing up a simple outfit. Sometimes you just need that extra accessory to give more to your look. My favourite thing about this bracelet is that it's adjustable to fit most wrists. There are too many bracelets out there that are just for small wrists and it's nice that this one is made for all so nobody is left out. I think this bracelet would be good for wearing an outfit either dressy or casual. Could you imagine wearing this bracelet on a night out with a little black dress and black heels? yes please! 

Stainless Steel Two Heart Charms Bracelet - £12.00 c/o Corbico Jewellery

I think this bracelet is so adorable. I think it's one of those jewellery pieces that you find yourself wearing all the time and it just becomes your favourite. I wear quite a lot of dresses and think this is just such a lovely accessory to wear with them. I think silver is sort of the new black in terms of jewellery - I find that much like black, silver accessories go really well with whatever you pair them with? I think this really would be a great gift for a friend which is also what the site said too. This bracelet is so simple but it's one of those simple jewellery pieces that you just love so much.

All in all these two bracelets are gorgeous and whether for yourself or as a present I'd highly recommend them. They come in such pretty little gift pouches which makes them easy to keep safe. Definitely check out the Corbico Jewellery website and make sure to follow and like them on both Twitter & Facebook and whether you're looking for jewellery for a special occasion or day to day wear there's something on the site for everyone at such affordable prices. Thanks again to Corbico Jewellery for my lovely bracelets, they'll definitely be feature in some of my upcoming outfit posts! :) 

What do you think of my bracelets?

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  1. The charm bracelet is so cute! I have a charm bracelet and I always find myself wearing it - they go with basically anything!

    Sophie xo | That's What Sophie Said

    1. Thank you Sophie, aah I'll most definitely be wearing the charm bracelet a lot. I love jewellery pieces that you can wear all the time! :)


  2. Cute jewellery! I love the spiked bracelet, very stylish :D

  3. That heart bracelet is so cute! And the spike one is eyecatching and makes a statement ^_^
    loving your header :)

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

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    1. Thank you Brigitte, It really is a good statement! :)

  4. Awww wow these are so cute! I just checked out their website, all of their jewellery is beautiful :O Love them all!
    ~Rachel x

    1. I really do love their site! :D It's all just really cute jewellery.