Charcoal Challenge.❤

                                                                   Hey beauts,
I recently took part in Money Supermarkets Charcoal Challenge where bloggers had to host a BBQ on a budget of only £50. I hosted a BBQ with some of my family and as I don't actually have a garden it was held inside which is something I've never done before!

I did a big shop with my sisters when I held my BBQ. Two of my favourite shops for good bargains are both Asda & Morrisons so we decided to split the food shopping up. As it was an inside BBQ I decided to get a pan from Asda for only £8.00 which was a really good bargain, Ally used our older sisters pan when she held her BBQ but I decided to actually buy my own as I knew it would come in handy for future BBQ's too. We also picked up some other bits for starters which they had a lot of and not to mention their reduced section is always filled with the best goodies. We made a really big salad and I managed to find some really nice reduced prawns and cheese which really topped off the whole salad. Asda has to definitely be one of my go to shops for little party snacks/food.

We then headed to Morrisons to get more bits. In Asda we only picked up starter type food and they had such a good selection of paper cups and plates which saved us all the effort of washing up after we were done. In Morrisons I picked up two packets of beef burgers and 2 packets of hot dogs and some other vegetarian bits for Ally as she doesn't eat meat. We made a quick stop at Tesco too as they do really good meat free vegetarian sausages. After picking up all the main things and having still a bit of money left over I decided to get some more snacks/things to have after our food had settled. Of course I had to pick up Ben & Jerry's ice cream as it is one of my favourite ice creams and as it is priced at £5 it isn't something I pick up all the time. I lastly picked up a few bottles of fizzy drinks and a big squash for my little niece. I ended up spending £46.80 which I thought was so good as we did buy a lot of bits. I say if you just look out for all the special offers and things in store then you can really get your moneys worth on your shop and don't be afraid to look in the reduced section as there are always good bargains there! :)

Thank you to Money SuperMarket for letting me take part in this challenge, I had a blast!

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