Looking.Gd Launch Event.

                                                                            Hey lovelies,
Last Saturday on what was a very beautiful sunny day, I headed into Soho to the Looking.Gd launch event. I had an awesome time and it was definitely one of my favourite events I've ever been to. I'm gutted that I didn't take more pictures but you know when you're having such a good time somewhere and it just slips your mind to take more pictures? that's exactly what happened!

Top - Primark/ Skirt - Peacocks/ Coat - Store Twenty One/ Brogues - Charity Shop 

Looking.Gd is a new street style and fashion website where you can share your outfits with a whole community of people and have a cheeky little nose at what others are wearing too, they've also got an app that'll be coming out soon too which will be good for posting on the go. I attended their launch event on Saturday and had such a blast. Walking in it was such a cool set-up. There was so much food and drinks and don't even get me started on all the amazing sweets, ha! 

During the event we got to have a chat with Chloe who's head of social media at Looking.Gd, she talked to us about the website and the app. What I love about Looking.Gd is that you aren't influenced in what sort of outfits you post to the website and it's great when websites are like that!

We were able to go on the roof which was so epic, especially because the sun was shining. Looking at Soho from a really high view was so beautiful. I attended the event with Ally and I was so happy to finally meet Georgina whose blog I've followed and talked to for ages. I also met the lovely Zoe who is seriously so nice! I got to speak to some other lovely people too and I just love it at events when everyone is so nice.

I had such a lovely time. Thank you so much to Looking.Gd for letting me attend! i'm looking forward to posting more looks on the site and for the app to come out! :D make sure you all check out Looking.Gd, you can sign up here. Post some looks on there as it's so easy to do and you can also add me.. I'm 'VanzTheMachine'.

Will you be posting your outfits on Looking.Gd? :)


What's your opinion?

  1. looks like a great event and i'm a little jealous of all the sweets! :) xxx

    I left my heart in Miami

    1. Thanks Sophie, haha they were delicious!