I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker With Flowers In My Hair.❤

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                                                                        Hey lovelies,
I haven't posted in nearly two weeks because of all the college work I've been doing - I cannot wait to finally finish it all off, whoop! thanks to Ally for taking my pictures and giving me the idea of this post. ;)

Flower Headband & Bun - Primark/ Lipstick - Russian Red MAC

If you can't tell already, I can't go a day without wearing a headband. I am seriously digging seeing flower headbands online and in so many shops at the moment. I generally think that the whole of the UK has gone flower crazy! I picked this one up in Primark today for only £2.00 and also got myself a new hair bun. I absolutely love how this looks and I know that this will practically be my hair all the time in the summer. I think my Russian Red lipstick looks so nice too - I thought it might look a bit much but I think it tops this whole look off. I'm looking forward to my next visit to Primark as I've spotted so much more hair stuff that I need to get my hands on.

Are you loving flower headbands like me?

Song In Title: Sandi Thom - I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker.



Allie's Guest Post | Mint & Orange Wishlist.

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    Hey, I'm Allie from tie-dye-eyes and I'm guest blogging for Vanese today :)

On the streets where I live, it's not often I feel inspired by what I see another girl wearing. My neighbourhood is mostly little old ladies (some are stylish, may I add) or lads in north face tracksuits (yes, even in 70 degrees). But whilst walking down the road the other day I noticed a girl wearing a mint green cami and orange pants, how had I not noticed how well these colours go together before?! You'd never think it, would you? But they look so fresh together, and I made a collage to prove it.

Outfit #1
You've all seen the cropped jumper and skater skirt combo before, but have you ever seen it with these zainy DMs and cute frilly socks and this unexpected shawl? Eveningwear as daywear at it's finest.

shawl river island / jumper topshop / skirt river island / socks topshop / DMs office

Outfit #2
If you're a follower of my blog (and especially if you follow me on tumblr) you'll know I'm a lover of California cool, and this men's tribal cap is so on trend right now. Not to mention the futuristic flatforms with this 'so bad it's good' fanta T shirt. Makes you kinda thirsty, right?

t-shirt tshirtsiwant / cap forever 21 / dress topshop / flatform sandals topshop

Outfit #3
This is the glammest of the 3 outfits I've put together, as I've been obsessed with camis lately so I thought this embellished lipsy one would be so cute on top of a classic a-line skirt. Plus how awesome is this bag?! I managed to nab it in pink a while ago and trust me, it's even cooler in person.

cami lipsy / skirt topshop / necklace topshop / heels nasty gal / clutch zara

Make sure you check out my blog here, you can also follow me on tumblrtwitter and instagram.

So, will you be rocking this colour combo this Summer? Or if you have already, show me!


Lauren's Guest Post | Everyday Makeup Routine.

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Hello! My names Lauren and basically I talk about makeup (a lot) over at Becoming Beauty. Today i'll be taking over Vanese's Blog and talking to you about my current everyday makeup routine. 

I'll begin with a bit of background knowledge; a couple of weeks ago I begun a full-time work placement. This shook up my makeup routine a lot, I went from being pretty lazy with my makeup to needing to look polished on a daily basis, ALL DAY. And let's just say that finding products to stick around on my skin ain't an easy task...

On my face, I begin with the Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning Primer. Forget the tanning part, that doesn't work but this is honestly the best primer I have ever used in my life. When I use this, I need to cleanse multiple times in the evening as my makeup has stayed on so well. It smooths the skin and provides a great base for foundation. I am currently using Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Revealed foundation. I have rotated between my higher end bases, but as i'm using it on a regular basis I felt like it could get expensive. This foundation provides a gorgeous satin finish which really brightens the skin (and it's less than a tenner!). For concealer, I use plenty of Collection's Illuminating Touch Concealer under my eyes (The student in me hasn't quite gotten used to getting up at 7.00 everyday...) which really brightens and covers dark circles and bags. Finally, I finish my skin with Jurlique's Rose Silk Finishing Powder.  This stuff doesn't half make a mess but it leaves your skin looking flawless.

Moving onto colour, I can't stop reaching for my Custom Fashionista Palette. I have the shades Butterscotch and Juicy Apricot for my cheeks and they both last really well. Butterscotch is the most natural and provides a subtle contour as well. I also have a bronzer and a highlighter but to be honest these don't get used too often as they're nothing to write home about. On my eyes, I always go for my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, using Suspect all over the lid, Tease in the crease and a bit of Bootycall in the inner corners. This gives me a subtle smoky look and I don't know where i'd be without this palette! I sometimes use eyeliner but more often that not i'll just swipe on a bit Maybelline's The Rocket Mascara and i'll be good to go.

On my lips, I usually go for a sheer wash of colour. My current favourite is 17's Mirror Shine Lipstick in Peace. It's the old packaging but this gives a pretty pink wash of colour with a lot of gloss and I really ought to pick up more shades!

There we have it, my everyday makeup routine. I'd love to hear what products you use on your face for work so please leave a comment below! And thank you to Vanese for having me. :) 

OOTD: I Hear The Birds On The Summer Breeze.❤

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                                                                         Hey beauts,
My college year is coming to an end and I am absolutely SO excited to finish! I can seriously almost smell the freedom. I should hopefully be finished at some point next week and I can't wait. I really hope I get up to lots of fun on my time off. Sadly.. Just before I start the party, I have a bundle of coursework to get done. I won't be posting until sometime next week so to keep everything running smoothly I'll be having some guest 
posts on here until I return. :)    
Bird Print Shirt - c/o Simply Be/ Disco Pants - Simply Be via Fashion World/ Chunky Boots - c/o Simply Be

As much as I love mixing up my clothes and wearing outfits where I've gotten each piece of clothing from a variety of different shops, there's nothing I love more than when I put an outfit together all from the same place. The lovely people over at Simply Be kindly let me pick a few things from the site to feature on here. I decided to go for this bird shirt as I absolutely love shirts with cool prints on them and I think it's always a fun challenge to figure out what to pair with them. I was slightly stuck on what to wear on my bottom half with this gorgeous shirt. I thought about pairing it with a black velvet skirt but I really wanted to show off every bit of the designs on the shirt, that's why I decided to go for my disco pants that are also from Simply Be but I bought them through the Fashion World website a few months back. I really love the way they both look together. I think for a more casual look I'll have to get some black jeans instead.

I think boots are becoming such staple pieces in outfits. No matter what you're wearing you can just chuck them on with pretty much any outfit. I went for these boots because I think there is nothing better than simple black boots. I just think they finish this outfit off so perfectly. I've already tried on half my wardrobe with these boots and I just love the way they look, especially with dresses on.

Do you have any boots that go well with pretty much your whole wardrobe?

Song In Title: Lana Del Rey - Ride.


Looking.Gd Launch Event.

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                                                                            Hey lovelies,
Last Saturday on what was a very beautiful sunny day, I headed into Soho to the Looking.Gd launch event. I had an awesome time and it was definitely one of my favourite events I've ever been to. I'm gutted that I didn't take more pictures but you know when you're having such a good time somewhere and it just slips your mind to take more pictures? that's exactly what happened!

Top - Primark/ Skirt - Peacocks/ Coat - Store Twenty One/ Brogues - Charity Shop 

Looking.Gd is a new street style and fashion website where you can share your outfits with a whole community of people and have a cheeky little nose at what others are wearing too, they've also got an app that'll be coming out soon too which will be good for posting on the go. I attended their launch event on Saturday and had such a blast. Walking in it was such a cool set-up. There was so much food and drinks and don't even get me started on all the amazing sweets, ha! 

During the event we got to have a chat with Chloe who's head of social media at Looking.Gd, she talked to us about the website and the app. What I love about Looking.Gd is that you aren't influenced in what sort of outfits you post to the website and it's great when websites are like that!

We were able to go on the roof which was so epic, especially because the sun was shining. Looking at Soho from a really high view was so beautiful. I attended the event with Ally and I was so happy to finally meet Georgina whose blog I've followed and talked to for ages. I also met the lovely Zoe who is seriously so nice! I got to speak to some other lovely people too and I just love it at events when everyone is so nice.

I had such a lovely time. Thank you so much to Looking.Gd for letting me attend! i'm looking forward to posting more looks on the site and for the app to come out! :D make sure you all check out Looking.Gd, you can sign up here. Post some looks on there as it's so easy to do and you can also add me.. I'm 'VanzTheMachine'.

Will you be posting your outfits on Looking.Gd? :)



Review: 24 Trapezoid Lipstick Display Stand.

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   Hey beauts,
Over these past few weeks while I've been procrastinating an awful lot with the mountain load of college work that I've basically got to complete by the end of June.. I've been spending all my time on eBay, buying a gazillion things from Hong Kong.

24 Trapezoid Lipstick Display Stand - eBay £2.99

I absolutely love lipstick and have built up quite a bit of a collection. Sometimes it can be such a hassle having to find all your lipsticks just to choose one to put on for the day. A few weeks ago I had been reading a lot of storage posts and I loved how organised everyone's lipsticks were and I'd seen a few blog posts where people had this exact trapezoid lipstick display stand. I headed on to eBay and found this one which holds up to 24 lipsticks and since it's clear acrylic, it's easy to see the lipsticks you put into it. Also, It's such a small price of only £2.99 with free p&p. I found that a lot of them were priced at the £2-£3ish mark. This one and like many others I saw all came from Hong Kong. I can't remember exactly how long it took to arrive but I know for sure it was definitely quicker then expected.. I think it was around 2 weeks. I can't recommend getting this enough. This is literally so cheap and worth the price. I love the way all my lipsticks & glosses look (thanks for organising it for me Ally.) Aww, I just had to include Bella in a picture. She seemed to really enjoy watching me taking these pictures.. She usually does this but instead tries to ruin the pictures I'm taking. She's so cheeky but cute, haha! :)

Do you have this lipstick holder? would you get one of these?



OOTD: And We Can’t Stop And We Won’t Stop.❤

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                                                                         Hey lovelies,
June is finally here! I've been loving that the sun has been coming out to play recently. I love when the weather is like this, you instantly get put in a better mood. Anyone else heard Miley Cyrus' new song, We Can't Stop? it's literally such a summer feel good song.

Stripey Dress - Topshop/ Denim Shirt - My Grandma's/ Chelsea Boots - Fashion Union/ Bracelet - Primark/ Headband - Primark/ Star Tights - c/o Tights Please

This week has been all about getting ready to throw things out and sell some clothes that I don't want anymore. Let me just say my fashion choices from a few years ago were very.. interesting, ha. I am so happy that this beautiful Topshop dress is all mine. It was actually Ally's that she got from eBay last year but she didn't want it anymore so we made a little deal and I gave her a skirt that I got from a charity shop which was one of my favourite finds but since I hadn't actually worn it before, I thought it was quite a fair deal. Stripey dresses are so popular at the minute and I can't wait to get more of a wear out of this dress. I really hate how big my arms are and the stretch marks on them but to be honest I seriously can't be bothered to hide them anymore. I decided to pair it with my denim shirt that was my Grandma's, I think it just adds a nice touch and I love the birds and flowers on it. So cute. My Grandma was so stylish and seriously had some of the nicest clothes. :)

Have you got any stripey dresses for summer? 

Song In Title: Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop.



Review: So...? Kiss Me Fragrance.

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Hey beauts,
So...? tweeted that they were looking for bloggers to test out some of their products. I literally jumped at the chance as I've been a fan of the brand for so long. I've literally used their body sprays through a lot of my teenage years. So I am pretty excited to be blogging about one of their products. 

Kiss Me Fragrance - c/o So...? 

I absolutely love the smell of this fragrance. It has this unique fruity smell to it but it definitely isn't an overbearing smell. Since receiving it I've tested it out to see how long the smell stays on for. I found that it lasts for a few hours and after a while it obviously isn't as strong as it was when you first put it on, so another little spray or two will bring the smell back. It's definitely a fragrance that you can wear during the day or to a fancy event. I'm not sure if I'm the only one but some perfumes I think can only be worn for certain occasions but luckily this is an all round good one! 

What I love about this fragrance is that it isn't at all expensive but yet it still smells amazing and lasts for a good while. I also really love the size of this bottle too. It's the perfect size to just slip into your bag and especially if you're having a busy day and straight after work or school/college you have to be somewhere and don't have time to quickly nip back home then this is such a good little helper. I'm already thinking about which perfumes I'll be wearing a lot in summer and this definitely has made the list. I am a big lover of quite floral and girly scents and this perfume just has that written all over it. You can also get this little treasure in body spray form if that's easier for you. This is one of their best selling fragrances. It is described as "A scent for flirty girls" which I agree with. If you're looking for a scent that really shows off your fun side then look no further. ;) 

You can pick up this fragrance and other So...? products from Boots, Superdrug, Savers and some supermarkets! :) I'll have another review up on here about the two body fragrances that I was also kindly sent soon. :) 

Where you can find So...?