OOTD: This Love Will Be The Death Of Me, But I Know I'll Die Happily.❤

Oversized T-Shirt - Charity Shop/ Mint Green Skirt - Primark/ Heels - tReds/ Satchel - New Look 

Hey beauts,
I keep feeling like I haven't blogged in forever. I've been so busy lately with college and for what feels like the first time in ages.. I am actually starting to have a social life, YAY. This month I've literally been glued to eBay and have got so many things that I've wanted for ages, stuff like storage for all my lipsticks. I'll most definitely be blogging about it all! 

I wore this outfit today when I went out for a little bit of lunch (minus the shoes) with Dominic & Ally. About two weeks ago me & Ally did a bit of shopping in Primark and I'd wanted one of their £8 skirts for so long. I was originally going to pick up this same skirt in black as I knew it would be so easy to pair with things but then I saw this mint green one that just caught my eye. I decided I'd go for a change and pick this one up instead as spring has now arrived and it's such a pretty spring colour. I think I definitely picked the right colour and it has made me realise that I need to stop picking the most basic of colours and realise that it can be fun to experiment with other colours, rather than just black all the time. I got the oversized t-shirt this month in one of my local charity shops. I fell in love with the colour, it's sort of an offish white/grey.T-shirts are just so fun to style. When picking it up I didn't realise it would be quite so oversized on me but I've quite liked how I've been styling it recently. I got my shoes on the tReds website for £5, crazy right? I saw the lovely Islay do a post on them and literally within seconds of reading it, I'd literally snapped myself a pair of them in black. I wanted to go for the white ones but knew I'd get more wear out of the black ones. Hopefully if they restock more size 7's in white then I'll have to get myself a pair of those too. They literally are the dupes of Jeffrey Campbell Foxy's. They are so easy to walk in and they literally are super comfortable. I'm not sure on the inches (maybe 5 inches?) but I totally recommend these beauts to all of you and even though I'm not the best heel walker, I feel like I'm actually doing well when I walk in these bad boys.

Lastly, I picked this satchel up from New Look this week. I've been wanting another satchel for ages and when Ally spotted this one and told me I should get it, I knew I just had to. I was so happy when I saw that it had been reduced from £15.00 to £7.00 which really made my day. This will be my new little bag that I won't take to college but will take on little outings with me. I am so impressed with New Look bags. The bag I currently take to college is from there too. They aren't like other bags I've had in the past where they haven't even lasted me a month.

What do you think of my outfit? have you picked up any bargains recently?

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What's your opinion?

  1. Those shoes are great, what a bargain!


    1. Thank you Roxii! :D They really were!

  2. Mint skirt is so cute! Great find too, considering AA charge like £50 for ones really similar haha! :) xx

    1. Thank you Tiffany! :) It's ridiculous how so many shops sell things that are nice and simple for ridiculous prices. So glad to have got this bargain. :D