Review: The Beauty Parlour Body Wash.

                                        The Beauty Parlour: Body Wash - Savers £1.49

                                                                      Hey lovelies,
While on a break at college me and Ally decided to pop into the local Savers near by. Things tend to vary price wise in Savers but everything is generally £1. I didn't go in intending to pick anything specific up but I knew I'd end up walking out with a few goodies and man was I right. While on the hunt for some new cream I saw loads of body products. I decided that I was in need of another body wash and that was when my eyes caught onto The Beauty Parlour's Body Wash. The way it looked just caught my eye. Usually if I find a product 'pretty looking' then I'll most definitely be picking it up. ;) Anyone else the same?

I honestly can't recommend it enough. It smells absolutely amazing and quite a while after using it you can still smell it on your skin. I feel a little bit like I'm on an exotic island when using it, haha! I think everyone needs one of these little beauties in their life. ;) I'd say that after using this in the shower you definitely should get a good moisturiser so that your skin doesn't start to get dry. I had a look on The Beauty Parlour website and I've seen that they do body lotions so I'll definitely need to get my hands on one. They've actually got a lot of products like body scrubs that I'll most definitely be trying out. If you want to pick this body wash up then you can from your local Superdrug and you can also get it online too. It's definitely worth having a look in a Savers too because I think they sell some of their items for a little bit less than other stores. If you're looking for an all round body wash that smells really good and leaves your skin feeling nice and smooth then this product definitely is for you! :)

                    Have you tried this body wash before or any products from The Beauty Parlour?


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    1. Thanks so much lovely. Glad you're enjoying it! :D