FD Avenue Wishlist.❤

FD Avenue Wishlist.

                                                                        Hey beauts,
FD Avenue is an online fashion company who I've become very fond of recently. I love how they have loads of the latest trends for incredibly cheap prices. I also love how they pretty much do lots of sizes so there literally is something for everyone on the site. Here's my little wishlist post on just a few of the amazing clothing items that I want from the site!

Denim Shirt Playsuit - £27.99
I've had a love for playsuits for such a long time. I just love how they are so simple to style and you can get ones that go from basic to dressy. I picked this one out as I pretty much love anything denim. I think denim is definitely a big trend this year from denim skirts to denim shirts. I think with a nice gold necklace tucked underneath and some simple flats it would look really nice.

Peace Long Sleeve Jumper - £14.99
This jumper looks like it would be so oversized and comfy. The peace sign really caught my eye when I first saw it on the sight and in that moment I'd already planned out my outfits to wear with this beauty, ha. Leggings and disco pants would most definitely be the top two things I'd style this jumper with. I really love the cream colour too.

Fishnet Oversized Jumper - £14.99
I've really picked up a slight addiction for oversized jumpers. There will always be a big space in my heart for them. With the ridiculous UK whether not knowing whether it'll rain, snow or bring out the sun, it's literally best to have your jumpers stored somewhere. You've got an option of 10 colours to choose from and I think the royal blue and coral ones are my two favourites out of the colours to choose from.

Wet Look T-Shirt - £11.99
I absolutely love this t-shirt and need one in my life. A lot recently I've been noticing shops selling t-shirt styled dresses with leather on the sleeves. I was really surprised when I saw that FD Avenue have a t-shirt which is similar to dresses I've seen but just in t-shirt form. It looks easy to style and I can definitely see how you could go from day to night in this t-shirt.

Wet Look Leggings - 8.99
I've wanted to get my hands on some wet look leggings for a while now. Either most shops don't sell them or they're just too overpriced. The fact that these are only £8.99 makes me really happy. These definitely won't break the bank. I think these would look so nice to wear on a night out with a pair of heels and a top.

What do you think of everything I've picked? the lovely people over at FD Avenue also gave me a discount code that I can also share with my readers to get 30% off  any orders you make for a little bit. Make sure to enter the code 'VANESE30' to get money off your order.

                                                 Let me know if you order anything! :)


What's your opinion?

  1. I love the denim playsuit! Might have to put some money aside for that one :)
    Alex from These Folk x x

    1. Same here lovely, you don't really see much denim playsuits and this one is for a good price and I love how light the colour is! :)


  2. Love that playsuit and its such a bargain! xx


    1. I know right and the colour is so pretty! :)


  3. Hi vanz :) I like the denim playsuit, it be something i would wear on a really hot day!


    1. Same here Anna, definitely an outfit that you only need a small little bag with and no coat. ;)